Cumpston Research

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Dec 1855 Compston Sarah Dudley 6c 94

Births Mar 1860 COMPSTON John Dudley 6c 93

Births Dec 1861 COMPSTON Hannah Dudley 6c 90

Births Mar 1864 Compston Thomas William Dudley 6c 108

Births Jun 1865 Compston Edward Wones   Dudley 6c 85

Births Mar 1868 Compston William Henry Dudley 6c 66

Births Mar 1869 Compston Mary Elizabeth Dudley 6c 97

Births Mar 1872 COMPSTON Frank Dudley 6c 102

Births Jun 1873 Compston Alice Dudley 6c 103

Births Sep 1874 COMPSTON Alice Dudley 6c 107

Births Jun 1876 COMPSTON Annie Wonce [WONES?]   Dudley 6c 80

Births Jun 1884 Compston Sarah May Dudley 6c 73

Births Sep 1884 Compston John William H Dudley 6c 71

Births Mar 1886 COMPSTON Joseph Nayler Dudley 6c 76

Births Jun 1887 Compston Edward Leonard Dudley 6c 84

Births Dec 1888 COMPSTON Daisy Dudley 6c 61

Births Mar 1890 Compston Edith May Dudley 6c 102

Births Sep 1890 Compston William Dudley 6c 91

Births Dec 1890 Compston Joseph Wones  Dudley 6c 63

Births Dec 1891 Compston Hannah Wones  Dudley 6c 95

Births Sep 1893
Compston Edwin Howard Dudley 6c 79

Births Jun 1895
Compston Lilian May Dudley 6c 90
Compston Sidney Dudley 6c 80

Births Jun 1897 Compston Arthur John Dudley 6c 85

Births Dec 1897 Compston Mary Phyllis W Dudley 6c 74

Births Mar 1899 Compston Amelia Dudley 6c 94

Births Mar 1900 Compston William George Dudley 6c 99

Births Sep 1917 Compston Molly Parker Dudley 6b 1488

Births Mar 1919 Compston Sydney Parker Dudley 6b 1310

Births Dec 1920 Compston Mary Jeavons Dudley 6b 1896

Births Dec 1924 Compston Arthur R Jeavons Dudley 6b 1577

Births Sep 1926 Compston Joan Evans Dudley 6b 1551

Births Mar 1930 Compston Muriel A Fair Stratford 6d 1247

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