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Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Sep 1881 Cumpstone Burty Egerton Cleobury M 6a 601

Births Sep 1883 CUMPSTONE Beatrice Ellen Cleobury Mortimer 6a 572

Births Jun 1885 Cumpstone Gertrude Alice Tenbury 6c 264

Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page

Births Jun 1920
Cumpstone Wilfred B Mountain Upton 6c 336

Births Mar 1922 Cumpstone Bernard Mountain Upton 6c 283

Births Dec 1923 CUMPSTONE Harry Mountain Upton 6c 245

Worcestershire 2 births

CRUMPTON continued

Births Sep 1879 Crumpton George Kidderminster 6c 252

Births Mar 1881 CRUMPTON John Edward Kidderminster 6c 265

Births Jun 1881 Crumpton Frederick Bromsgrove 6c 408

Births Sep 1881
Crumpton Annie Kidderminster 6c 230
Crumpton William Henry Kidderminster 6c 228

Births Mar 1882 Crumpton Arthur Hereford 6a 514b

Births Sep 1883 CRUMPTON Alice Mary Kidderminster 6c 222

Births Jun 1884 Crumpton George Ernest Bromsgrove 6c 418

Births Dec 1884 CRUMPTON George Kidderminster 6c 267

Births Jun 1886
Crumpton Albert George Kidderminster 6c 246
Crumpton Henry Kidderminster 6c 247

Births Jun 1887 Crumpton Eliza Kidderminster 6c 212

Births Dec 1887 Crumpton Mary Kidderminster 6c 221

Births Mar 1888 CRUMPTON John Harold Kidderminster 6c 230

Births Mar 1889 Crumpton Albert Kidderminster 6c 233

Births Mar 1891 Crumpton Alice Mary Kidderminster 6c 240

Births Sep 1891 Crumpton Thomas Clement Bromsgrove 6c 377

Births Sep 1892 CRUMPTON Frederick John Kidderminster 6c 232

Births Mar 1893 Crumpton Harold Deeley Bromsgrove 6c 383

Births Dec 1893 Crumpton Charles Hereford 6a 460

Births Mar 1894 Crumpton Albert Edward Kidderminster 6c 255

Births Sep 1894
Crumpton Frederick William Worcester 6c 250
Crumpton Lousia May Bromsgrove 6c 345

Births Dec 1894 Crumpton Richard Kidderminster 6c 240

Births Mar 1895 Crumpton Gladys Winifred Bromsgrove 6c 396

Births Dec 1895 Crumpton Mary Jane Worcester 6c 286

Births Mar 1896 Crumpton William Kidderminster 6c 238

Births Sep 1896 Crumpton Beatrice Bromsgrove 6c 365

Births Mar 1897 Crumpton Florence May Kidderminster 6c 239

Births Jun 1897 Crumpton George Henry Worcester 6c 280

Births Mar 1898 Crumpton Harold Kidderminster 6c 233

Births Dec 1898 CRUMPTON Doris Ellen Kidderminster 6c 220a

Births Mar 1899
Crumpton Arthur Ernest Worcester 6c 301
Crumpton Harold Kidderminster 6c 258

Births Sep 1899 Crumpton Arthur Bromsgrove 6c 360

Births Dec 1899 Crumpton Elsie Kidderminster 6c 247

Births Jun 1900
Crumpton Dorothy Bromsgrove 6c 382
Crumpton Florence May Kidderminster 6c 229
Crumpton Lucy Worcester 6c 274

Births Mar 1901 Crumpton May Bromsgrove 6c 381

Births Dec 1901 CRUMPTON Doris Kidderminster 6c 231
CRUMPTON Leslie John Bromsgrove 6c 365

Births Mar 1902
CRUMPTON Florence Matilda Bromsgrove 6c 370

Births Dec 1902
CRUMPTON Caroline Mary Kington 6a 537
CRUMPTON Daisy Bromsgrove 6c 363

Births Jun 1903
CRUMPTON Arthur P Kidderminster 6c 248
CRUMPTON Richard Irvine Bromsgrove 6c 376

Births Sep 1903 Crumpton Frank Worcester 6c 262

Births Dec 1903 CRUMPTON Anstie Kidderminster 6c 230

Births Jun 1904 Crumpton Mildred Eva Bromsgrove 6c 353

Births Dec 1904 CRUMPTON Winnie Bromyard 6a 523

Births Mar 1905 Crumpton George Worcester 6c 288

Births Jun 1905
Crumpton Edith Kidderminster 6c 232
Crumpton Mabel Bromsgrove 6c 362


Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Mar 1882 Cumpson Sarah Jane Stourbridge 6c 204

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Sep 1838 CUMPSTY Ann Bromsgrove 18 207

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