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William C[r]umpstone b. 1834 Montgomery d. 1911 Manitoba, Canada



Title The Cumpstone, Chambers ancestry

Stmnt.Resp. Eva Gooden (nee Patterson), Eleanor Seafoot (nee Patterson)


Authors Gooden, Eva Patterson (Main Author) Seafoot, Eleanor Patterson (Added Author)


William Crumpstone was born 9 December 1834 in Montgomeryshire, Wales. His father was John Crumpstone. He married Mary Poston 25 April 1867 in Shropshire. They had four children. They emigrated in 1880 and settled in Manitoba. He died 11 April 1911.


Their son, William (1869-1940), married Eva Matilda Chambers (1871-1918), daughter of Edmund Chambers and Sarah Elizabeth Miles, 8 August 1898. They had three children. Descendants and relatives lived mainly in Manitoba and British Columbia. Includes Patterson, Hammond and related families.


Call Number - Location - Status 929.271 C913g -  FHL FAM HIST Book -  Available

Publication Langley, British Columbia : Eva Gooden, 1987  Subject Class 929.271 C913

Also on microfilm. Salt Lake City : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1991. on 1 microfilm reel ; 35 mm. -  FHL US/CAN Film [1697437 Item 21 ]




1841 27 80      Cumpstone John            death free bmd Mar Q 1841

1841 27 80      Cumpstone Jonathan death free bmd Mar Q 1841


1841 vol 27 pg 115  Cumpston Joseph       marriage FREE BMD Mar Q 1841

1841 27 67       Cumpstone Joseph       death free bmd Jun Q 1841

1841 27 92       Cumpstone John            birth free bmd Sep Q 1841

1848 27 89       Cumpstone Edward        birth free bmd Mar Q 1848


1851  CENSUS  HO 107/2498 Aston Pigot Montgomery


Cumpston Francis 75 yrs  wife Mary farmer 200 acres born 1776 at Chirbury Shropshire

Cumpston Mary 75yrs husband Francis wife born 1776 Worthen Shropshire

Cumpston Edward 38 yrs son of Francis & Mary farmers son born 1815 Worthen

Cumpston Samuel 15yrs grandparents Francis & Mary waggoner's boy born  

                                     1836 Worthen Shropshire

Cumpston Eliza 13 yrs grandparents Francis & Mary house servant born 1838 Worthen

Cumpston Francis 48 yrs wife Elenor butcher born 1803 Worthen Shropshire

Cumpston Elenor  37 wife of Francis  born 1814 Worthen Shropshire

Cumpston John   13 yrs son of Francis & Elenor born 1838 Worthen Shropshire

Cumpston William  9 yrs son of Francis & Elenor  born 1842 Worthen Shropshire

Cumpston Elizabeth 5 yrs Francis Elenor born 1846 Worthen Shropshire

Cumpston  Elenor  3 yrs born 1848 Worthen Shropshire


1851      Montgomery    27 57    Cumpston Mary      death free bmd Sep Q

1851 Montgomery    27 130    Cumpstone Martha  marriage FREE BMD Sep Q

1853 Montgomery 11b 232 Cumpstone Mary      birth free bmd Jun Q

1853 Montgomery 11b 155 Cumpstone Francis  death free bmd Dec Q

1855 Montgomery 11b 243 Cumpstone Mary  birth free bmd Mar Q

1855 Montgomery 11b 236 Cumpstone John  birth free bmd Jun Q


1861 CENSUS  RG 9/4255 Aston Pigot Montgomery


Cumpston Edward  45 yrs wife Ellen  farmer 205  acres born 1816 Worthen Shropshire

Cumpston Ellen 38 yrs husband Edward wife born 1823 Montgomeryshire

Cumpston Mary      8 parents Edward  &   Ellen daughter  born 1853 Worthen

Cumpston John      5 yrs parents Edward   & Ellen son born 1856 Worthen

Cumpston Joseph    3 yrs   parents Edward  & Ellen son 1858 Worthen

Cumpston Ellen      2 yrs parents Edward &  Ellen daughter born 1859 Worthen

Cumpston Elizabeth 53 yrs widow corn  miller born 1808 Alberbury Shropshire

Cumpston John     19 yrs son born   1842 Worthen Shropshire

Cumpston William  10 son born 1851    Pontesbury Shropshire

Cumpston Emma    17 yrs    housemaid  1844 Pontesbury Shropshire


1863 Montgomery 11b 443 Montgomery Cumston Emma marriage FREE BMD Jun Q


1891 Glyntaff RG12/4410 3 Ivor Court Montgomery Cummston Ernest 2  yrs

           grandson census year 1891 born 1889 Merthyr

1911 Census of Canada

Home / 1911 / Manitoba / Souris / 42 Townships 1 /

Transcribed by: Lois East



4    18 Cumpstone William   M Head M May 1869 42 1901


5    18 Cumpstone Eva M.   F Wife M Mar 1871 40 1901


6    18 Cumpstone Edmund W.   M Son S Nov 1899 11 1901


7    18 Cumpstone Edith E.   F Daughter S Jul 1901 9 1901


8    18 Cumpstone Annie E.   F Daughter S Nov 1902 8 1901




17 OCTOBER 2009

136980  Boissevain and District (Manitoba).   Beckoning Hills; Pioneer Settlement Turtle Mountain Souris-Basin Areas.Boissevain: Boissevain Jubilee Committee,  [1956].


(Hardcover)  245pp. Good to very good, no dust jacket. Illustrated green cloth. Photographs, family histories, 2 folding maps.

Prairie Provinces; Turtle Mountain (Manitoba); Western Canada.  


It includes a chapter:

Patterson, Albert A.

Pioneer Days of William Cumpstone, Senior and Junior M202 35mm MG9 A87


 Lynn Lees wrote to a genealogy list about this family:


Sep 24, 2000


Query: My g uncles Ted  and Will Cumpstone settled in the Boisssevain area in the late 1800`s and I am trying to locate any information on them.  They may be connected to the Moise family.  





The Rootsweb Manitoba Archives mentions a copy of the book 'Patterson, Albert A.

Pioneer Days of William Cumpstone, Senior and Junior' [ M202 35mm MG9 A87]

The author of the original message included the following:


"This book tells of the pioneer settlement in the Turtle Mountain Souris-Basin area including Deloraine, Ninga, Old Wakopa (1877 LaRiviere)  and Fairfax. It was in the Winnipeg library some time ago and you could probably get it through inter library loan.

Here are some of the names I jotted down in the hopes that someone is looking for them.


Charley SANKEY; Neil BELL; Charley DAW; Walter GORDON; W.H. ASHLEY(Ont);

Jas. HENDERSON; Geo. DURSTON (England); Samuel HALL (England); Jim BURNS

George C. WRIGHT; Wm. and Margaret LATIMER; Wm. CUMPSTONE (Wales)

A.J. VENABLES (England); Duncan HENDERSON (Ont); Jas. Geo. WASHINGTON (ONT)

Thos. CODE (Ont); John A. MUSGROVE (Ont); Thos. Ron. ROBERTSON

J.H. Nelin (Ont); Peter HENDERSON (Scotland); Jas. GRAHAM (Ont); W.V. UDALL

Jas. MUSGROVE (Ireland); Robert RICHARDSON (Ont); Robert JOHNSTONE (Scotland)

Peter Joseph CANTELON (Ont); Thos. JOHNSTONE; Harry DUNCAN (Ont)

Wm. PLUNKETT; Ben. DICKSON (Ont); Wm. STOVIN (England); Robert KING (Scotland)

Michail FOX (Ireland)married Elizabeth STANLEY; Jas. DOUGALL (Ont)

I.R.F. CHAPMAN (England); Jas. J. MUSGROVE (Ont); Samuel GREAVES (England)

Wm. WILLSON (Ont); H.A. HARRIS (England) married Margaret DICKSON

John Huggard THOMPSON (Ireland); John PEACOCK (Ont) married Margaret Jane ROBB

Gabriel ORRISS (England); Thos. PATTERSON (Ont); Ferdinand COUTURE (Que)

Henry Jas. WOOD (ont) married Eliza BIRBECK; Jas. BURGESS (Ont); Joe MCKEE

Wm. John MCKINNEY (Ont); Robt. BASKERVILLE; Robt. HURT; Francis W. LATIMER

Wm. TAYLOR (Que); John Andrew HARRISON; Frank HOWELL; Walter MILLIONS (Ont)

R.J. LUDGATE; Wallace HILL; Neil MUNROE; A.J. FACEY; Henry Chas. BIRBECK (Ont)

Jas. PATTERSON (Ireland) married Eleanor PARKER; John LINKLATER; Wm. LINKLATER

Jas. MURTON; Chas. H. MCGUINESS (Que) married Edna MURTON'

Christine Amsden in Canada most generously visited a local archive for me and scanned the 4 pages of the Patterson chapter.  I am currently transcribing them.  She also discovered that William is buried at Boissevain.


It seems John Harrison originally worked for Wm Cumpstone and in 1896 he married Emily Cumpstone, who was William's daughter. They had 5 boys and 2 girls....James, Ted, Sidney, Will, Joe, Bessie & Mary.


Christine also mentions that there is a Cumpston Lake nearby.


Thanks Christine!