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Joseph Cumpstone of Grasmere in 1737

David Leverton wrote to say that when he was in Salt Lake City he found the will of Thomas Shacklock of How, in Loughrigg, parish of Grasmere, will written 1737.


David has an interest in Ambleside and Richard Cumstone.


He also has the will of Henry Bateman of Little Langdale, parish of Grasmere dated first of November 1723.  He leaves legacies to his 'daughter Jane and to "Richard Cumstone  her husband my son in law"; other legacies to his son John, daughter Margaret and Arthur Mackereth'



David asks 'who is the Richard Cumstone who married a daughter (or possibly stepdaughter) of Henry Bateman?  Henry Bateman was married to Elizabeth, but I do not have her maiden name.'


Will of Thomas Shacklock of How, Parish of Grasmere Film: 98660 SHK-1.1

[Photo number 1]

Will made: 14-March1737

Executors: Agnes Gascarth and Elizabeth Shacklock

Supervisors: Richard Shacklock and William Barrow

Witnesses: Geo: Briggs, Edward Benson, John Sawrey


Will of Thomas Shacklock of How in parish of Grasmere, County of Westmorland, turner


To my two well beloved kinsmen Richard Shacklock of Rydal, miller and William Barrow of the Oaks, Loughrigg, my neighbour - messuages, tenements and closes at How and elsewhere within Loughrigg parcel of the lands of the Right Honorable Henry Lord Viscount Lonsdale called the Richmond Fee, yearly customary rent of 7 shillings 7 pence; and all my customary messuage and tenements at Oxenfell in the bayliffwick of Hawkshead in the County Palatine of Lancaster of the year customary rent of one shilling; and also one part of peat moss at Oxenfell commonly called Wilson Moss, customary rent of one penny.  In trust to sell the same as timely as may be reasonable after my decease and pay the more therefrom arising as is hereafter declared.


First, payment of my just debts where my goods fall short.


To John Atkinson, my son in law two shillings and six pence.

To Joseph Cumpstone my brother in law eight pounds.

To Elizabeth Shacklock, my daughter, ten pounds.

To Thomas Atkinson my grandson 40 shillings over and besides his legacy of five pounds which was given him by the last will and testament of Thomas Shacklock my son.

To Anne Atkinson my granddaughter four pounds over and besides her legacy of twenty shillings  given her by the said Thomas Shacklock my son.

To Agnes Atkinson my granddaughter five pounds.

To Margaret Atkinson my granddaughter five pounds

To Andrew Atkinson my grandson five pounds

To Thomas Gascath my grandson five pounds

To John Gascath my grandson three pounds over and besides his legacy of forty shillings  given him by the said Thomas Shacklock my son.

To Mary Gascath my granddaughter five pounds


Legacies to grandchildren to be pais as they attain 21 years.


If any grandchildren should die before reading 21 then such legacy or legacies to be paid to my daughter Agnes Gascath and to the said Elizabeth Shacklock to be divided evenly between them.


The rest of the money arising from the sale to the said Agnes Gascath and Elizabeth Shacklock equally between them, trustees taking any reasonable costs and expenses.


All the rest of my goods and chattels to the said Agnes Gascath and Elizabeth Shacklock who I make joint executrixes, they paying debts and personal expenses so far as my personal estate will extend.


The said Richard Shacklock and William Barrow to be supervisors and I give them ten shilling apiece

Witnesses: Geo: Briggs, Edward Benson, John Sawrey


Probate Film 99951 Deanery of Kendal Calendar of Wills

18-Aug-1740 last will of Thomas Shacklock late of How, Loughrigg parish of Grasmere, turner, deceased proved and execution committed to Agnes Gascath (wife of Isaac Gascath) and Elizabeth Shacklock otherwise Mackereth (now wife of John Mackereth) joint executors .  Inventory £96.09.03 [[photo 3]


See photo 2 for the inventory.

Historical worth of £8 in 1737


An excellent website for working out the worth of UK pounds [£]


Current data is only available till 2008. In 2008, £8 0s 0d from 1737 is worth:


 £1,169.63 using the retail price index.

 £12,176.65 using average earnings.



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David most kindly donated the will, inventory and bond for Henry Bateman which I shall be transcribing shortly.