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Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Dec 1847 CRUMPTON Eliza Anne Wrexham 27 246

Births Dec 1889 Crumpton Kate Gwladys M St Asaph 11b 292

Births Mar 1891 Crumpton Ernest Vincent C St. Asaph 11b 313

Births Dec 1895 Crumpton Florence St. Asaph 11b 296


Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Dec 1856 Crumpton Samuel Newtown 11b 198

Births Dec 1857 Crumpton Edward Clun 6a 477

Births Dec 1864 CRUMPTON George Clun 6a 540

Births Jun 1870 Crumpton John Clun 6a 573

Births Dec 1871 Crumpton Martha Clun 6a 578

Births Sep 1872 CRUMPTON Thomas Benjamin Atcham 6a 669

Births Jun 1874
Crumpton Jane Clun 6a 591
Crumpton Jane Clun 6a 691

Births Mar 1875 Crumpton William David Atcham 6a 721

Births Dec 1876 CRUMPTON Ann Clun 6a 607

Births Jun 1877 CRUMPTON Frank Hiram Atcham 6a 709

Births Jun 1879 Crumpton Mary Clun 6a 601

Births Dec 1879 CRUMPTON Edith Elizabeth Atcham 6a 679

Births Jun 1880 CRUMPTON Annie Letitia Atcham 6a 726

Births Dec 1880 CRUMPTON Alfred Clun 6a 556

Births Mar 1882 Crumpton Edith Alice Atcham 6a 704

Births Dec 1882 Crumpton William Clun 6a 577

Births Mar 1883 Crumpton Alfred Ernest Atcham 6a 686

Births Dec 1883 Crumpton James Atcham 6a 649

Births Jun 1886 Crumpton Richard Atcham 6a 685

Births Sep 1887 CRUMPTON Leonard Owen Atcham 6a 665

Births Dec 1888 CRUMPTON Alice Atcham 6a 634
CRUMPTON Edward Atcham 6a 630

Births Sep 1895 Crumpton Francis Atcham 6a 626

Births Dec 1895 Crumpton Mabel Forden 11b 153

Births Mar 1899 Crumpton Alice Violet L Atcham 6a 699

Births Dec 1899 Crumpton Ann Clun 6a 581

Births Jun 1900 Crumpton Beatrice Nellie Atcham 6a 683

Births Mar 1904 Crumpton Sarah Ann Atcham 6a 656

Births Dec 1905 Crumpton Edith Alice Atcham 6a 629

Births Jun 1907 Crumpton Gladys Irene Atcham 6a 651

Births Mar 1911 Crumpton Leonard A Atcham 6a 585

Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page 

Births Jun 1912 Crumpton John E Taylor Atcham 6a 1133

Births Jun 1915 Crumpton Margaret B Davies Atcham 6a 1100

Births Mar 1917 Crumpton Thomas W Davies Atcham 6a 937


Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Mar 1881 CRUMPTON Thomas Samuel Newport M. 11a 167

Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page

Births Sep 1916 Crumpton Maud H Coldrick Pontypool 11a 1043

Births Jun 1918 Crumpton Evelyn A M James Pontypool 11a 317

Births Dec 1920 Crumpton Frederick A Tarver Newport M 11a 671

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