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Wales births page 2



Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Jun 1853  Crumpton  William    Hay  11b *    


Births Sep 1854  Crumpton  Mary     Hay  11b 148    


Births Dec 1855  Crumpton  Charles     Hay  11b 134    


Births Dec 1856  Crumpton  Samuel     Newtown  11b 198    


Births Sep 1857   Crumpton  George     Hay  11b 143    


Births Mar 1858  Crumpton  James     Hay  11b 148    


Births Mar 1860   CRUMPTON  Charles     Hay  11b 154  


Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Mar 1915   Crumpton  Gwendoline A R  Jones  Hay  11b 195  





Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Mar 1840  Crumpton  Caroline    Knighton  26 212    


Births Mar 1842   Crumpton  Joseph     Knighton  26 222    


Births Jun 1860  CRUMPTON  Elizabeth     Presteigne  11b 154    


Births Dec 1862   CRUMPTON  Sarah     Presteigne  11b 146    


Births Mar 1863  CRUMPTON  Ann Maria     Presteigne  11b 149    


Births Sep 1867   Crumpton  Philip     Presteigne  11b 156    


Births Sep 1871  Crumpton  Roseanna     Presteigne  11b 153    


Births Dec 1902  CRUMPTON  Caroline Mary     Kington  6a 537    








Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Mar 1859  

CRUMPTON  Thomas John    Swansea  11a 520    

CRUMPTON  Thomas John     Swansea  11a 530    


Births Mar 1907  Crumpton  Kenneth Leslie     Swansea  11a 1094    


Births Mar 1909   Crumpton  Florence Beatrice     Swansea  11a 1181    


Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Mar 1912   Crumpton  Doris E  Pollard  Swansea  11a 2343    


Births Dec 1913  CRUMPTON  EMILY L  BARNSLEY  Swansea  11a 2314




Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Jun 1874   Cumpstone  Joseph    Oswestry  6a 713

GLAMORGAN  There are a number of pages refer to these people's tree:


Francis Cumpstone

Edith May Cumpstone of Buildwas

Fochriw, Wales

Doug Cumpstone

Idris Cumpstone

William Cumpstone policeman


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Jun 1898  Cumpstone  Ernest Idris    Pontypridd  11a 568    


Births Sep 1901  CUMPSTONE  Nicholas William     Merthyr T.  11a 719    


Births Sep 1903  Cumpstone  Bertie     Merthyr T.  11a 742    


Births Jun 1905  Cumpstone  Lydia Mary     Merthyr T.  11a 755    


Births Sep 1908  Cumpstone  Arthur     Merthyr T.  11a 782    


Births Dec 1910  CUMPSTONE  Margaret A     Merthyr T.  11a 736    


Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Jun 1912   Cumpstone  Tegwedd  Ballard  Merthyr T.  11a 1493    


Births Mar 1915   Cumpstone  Brinley  Lewis  Merthyr T.  11a 1679    


Births Mar 1918   Cumpstone  Cadfan  Ballard  Merthyr T.  11a 1361    


Births Dec 1925  Cumpstone  Graham  Lewis  Merthyr T.  11a 1242    


Births Jun 1926  Cumpstone  Elizabeth  Matthews  Merthyr T.  11a 1317    


Births Dec 1926   Cumpstone  Mair  Griffiths  Merthyr T.  11a 1147    


Births Dec 1927  Cumpstone  Douglas  Matthews  Merthyr T.  11a 1020    


Births Dec 1928   Cumpstone  Evelyn  Owen  Merthyr T.  11a 1012    


Births Mar 1930  Cumpstone  William  Matthews  Merthyr T.  11a 1025    


Births Sep 1931   Cumpstone  Enid  Griffiths  Merthyr T.  11a 1060


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Sep 1841  Cumpstone  John    Montgomery  27 92    


Births Mar 1848   CUMPSTONE  Edward     Montgomery  27 89    


Births Jun 1853   Cumpstone  Mary     Montgomery  11b 232    


Births Mar 1855  Cumpstone  Mary     Montgomery  11b 243    


Births Jun 1855   Cumpstone  John     Montgomery  11b 236    


Births Jun 1857   CUMPSTONE  Joseph     Montgomery  11b 238    


Births Jun 1858   Cumpstone  Catharine     Montgomery  11b 226    


Births Jun 1859   CUMPSTONE  Ellen     Montgomery  11b 252    


Births Jun 1869   Cumpstone  William     Montgomery  11b 224    

Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Dec 1911   Cumpsty  Muriel  Owen  Oswestry  6a 1092    


Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Dec 1915  CUMPSTY  John  OWEN  Oswestry  6a 992    


Births Mar 1918  

Cumpsty  Dorothy  Derbyshire  Oswestry  6a 869    


Births Dec 1920  Cumpsty  Freda G  Owen  Oswestry  6a 1158    


Births Dec 1927  Cumpsty  Wilmer L  Owen  Oswestry  6a 862