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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier


L M Cumpston Death Date:Jan 1994 Birth Date:9 Apr 1974  

City Directories - St Louis Cumpston, Frederick (p. 2735)

Gladys V Cumpston Last Residence:Miami, FL Death Date:13 Apr 1996 Birth Date:10 Sep 1921  

 Frank Cumpston Zip Code (95361) Birth Date:17 Jun 1927 Death Date:Jul 1984  

Title/Collection: Page 18 Publication Number: M246 Publisher: NARA

These documents include muster rolls, payrolls, strength returns, and other miscellaneous personnel, pay, and supply records of American Army units, 1775-83.

State: Continental Troops Military Org: 15th Regiment Date Range: 1776 Folder: 91

Edwd Cumpston

Thelma Cumpston Birth Date:16 Sep 1914 Last Residence:Unknown Zip Code (15370) Death Date:May 1980

Charles Cumpston Birth Date:5 Feb 1924 Death Date:Jun 1972

Clarence Cumpston Birth Date:21 Aug 1898 Death Date:Apr 1964  


Harry Cumpston Death Date:Feb 1955 Birth Date:1 Feb 1902


Charles Cumpston Birth Date:5 Feb 1924 Death Date:Jun 1972


L M Cumpston Death Date:Jan 1994 Birth Date:9 Apr 1974


Thelma Cumpston Birth Date:16 Sep 1914 Last Residence:Unknown Zip Code (15370) Death Date:May 1980  


Charles Cumpston Birth Date:5 Feb 1924  Death Date:Jun 1972




Cumpston Eva Cumpston Last Residence:Canton, IL Birth Date:29 Jul 1907 Death Date:Sep 1986

Title/Collection: Page 3 Publication Number: M881  NARA Date: 1775-1785

NARA M881. Compiled service records of soldiers who served in the American Army during the Revolutionary War, 1775-1783. State: Continental Troops Regiment: Third Regiment, Artillery

Cumpston John


Charity Cumpston  

William Sams (Husband) b. 6 Mar 1811 in PA or OH  

Marriage: 11 NOV 1882


Mary Alma Sams b. 1870

Cloa B. Sams b. 1877

Belle Cumpston

Birth: Wft Est. 1839-1862

Death: Wft Est. 1884-1950

John T. Fowler (Husband) b. Wft Est. 1830-1859  

Marriage: WFT Est. 1856-1899

Child Joshua N. Fowler b. 1881 in Lawrence Co Ohio






Evoline Cumpston

Birth: Unknown in Illinois

Death: About. 1870 in Pettis Co., Missouri

Reuben Warbritton (Husband) b. 31 Aug 1835 in Montgomery Co., Indiana  






Todd Lewis Cumpston  

Christine Lacie Anna Rogers (Wife)







Myrtle Cumpston

Birth: Wft Est 1874-1902

Death: Wft Est 1890-1984

Father: John Quincy Cumpston b. 1855

Mother: Mary Margaret Stierwalt b. 1855

Rome Hand (Husband) b. Wft Est 1864-1900  

Marriage: WFT Est 1890-1935















James Rexall Cumpston  

Virginia Fern Nicholson (Wife)


Trannis Ann Cumpston

James Minter Cumpston

Edward Lee Cumpston

John David Cumpston






Russell Cumpston and  Freda Grandon (Wife)

Children:   George Randolph Crumpston






Ressie Almeda Boggs (William Miles , Luther Benjamin , Benjamin Franklin , Joseph G , Aaron ).

Ressie married John Casey Crumpton, son of Lucius Casey Crumpton and Ethel Mae Ferguson.


They had the following children:

+ 2189 M i John Anthony Crumpton.

  2190 M ii Benjamin Casey Crumpton.

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