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Trevor Cumpston Australia

Trevor was born 1941 the son of Alan George Cumpston and Muriel Vaughan.

He married Noelene J Zeda born in 1945, who died in 1989.


In 1967 he was living in Darwin River, Northern Territory Australia, working as a radiographer screening for TB in remote Aboriginal communities.


In 1976 he returned to Thompson Manitoba after a brief stay in Australia.  He worked at the hospital base for the world's second largest nickelmine, in Thompson, Manitoba, located north of the 63rd parallel.


By 1978 he was back in Australia with his five children and working as a Hospital Administrator.



Trevor is my fifth cousin.

Children of Trevor and Noelene


Nicole, Jeremy Vaughan Cumpston, Zena, Amber and Olivia.



Trevor had four brothers:


Michael born 2 Feb. 1945 who visited me in Yorkshire.

Philip born 1 Aug 1950

Timothy Alan born 3 January 1953

Jeremy born 6 Jun 1955