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Thomas Cumpston Ettingshall son of John & Ann

I am grateful for the donation of the following Tree and photos provided by Brenda Hill  whose line is through Frederick Roland Cumpston.  I have added other bmd data.

Child 8 Frederick Roland  Cumpston

Birth Sep 1897  Walsall  6b 695 . Marriage Dec 1921 to Hilda Daisy Kempson  Walsall  6b 1603.  Fred worked for Rubery Owen and prior to his death while still in service was Chief planning engineer in the Motor Frame Department tool room.  Frederick joined the Royal Regiment of Artillery in 1915 and served in Egypt, Salonika and Palestine, demobbed 1919.  


Margaret Jeanne Cumpston Birth Jun Q 1923 Walsall  6b 1253 m  (1943)  Ronald Haywood  b 1920

Judith Anne Haywood b 1947 m David Moreton b 1943

Elizabeth Anne Haywood b 1971  =  Ian Jones b

Molly Anne Haywood b 2007

Claire Louise b 1973  m  Keith Fitzsymmons b

Gareth John  b 1950  m (1) Christine Birkett  b 1949 (Marriage ended in divorce)

                                          m (2) Kathleen Cunningham     (no offspring)    

Ian Stuart b 1970  m Sarah ?

Isobel b

George  b

Sarah Elizabeth b 1973   m   Michael Thompson b   (Marriage ended in divorce)

Charlotte  b 1995

Chloe  b 1999

Matthew b 1974  m  Melanie b   Matthew Haywood, great grandson of Fred,

             currently lives with his family in New Zealand.  

Gracie Isabella b

Amber Rose b

Olive Macey b

m (2)  


Gillian Margaret b 1953  m  Adrian John Clapton b 1950

Jennifer Bernice b 1977 m  Richard Austin b  (Daughter Caitlin from a previous


Edward b 2007

Richard} b 2008(twins)


Heather Kate b 1979

Megan Elspeth b 1985


Ronald Frederick b 1926 died June 15th 2010; buried Chelternahm 25th June 2010.   m (1)Joyce Elt b  (Marriage ended in divorce – no

           offspring) Ronald trained in agriculture and worked for the British Colonial

           Service in Africa.

m  (2)Florence May Kenyon  (Son  Neil St. Clair from a previous marriage)

Neil St. Clair b 1947

Mark Ronald b 1956  m  Elspeth b

Hannah May b 1994

 m  (3)Sheila Lavalin b

Olive Mary b 1931 m 1952  Alan Thorpe b 1928

Alison Jane b 1967  (by adoption)

Evangeline Kate b 1993

Peter Richard b 1970  (by adoption)

Miah Wing b 1998


Brenda Winifred b 1942 m 1964  John Michael Hill b 1939 - my colleague


Christopher John b 1968

Catherine Sarah b 1970  m  John Lawrence b 1969

Hannah Kate b 1994

Emily Catherine b1997









DOUBLE CLICK ON PHOTOS TO ENLARGE AND TO READ TITLE.  All photos owned by Brenda Hill and are her copyright.


Ettingshall is an area of Wolverhampton, West Midlands, England, and is a ward of Wolverhampton City Council.


Ettingshall was mentioned as an ancient manor in the Domesday Book of 1086. The surrounding areas of Priestfield, Parkfield, Lanesfield and Millfields are believed to have been property of the manor.


From the 18th century onwards, Ettingshall became heavily industrialised as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Until 1980, an area of wasteland on the southside of Millfields Road was the location of the Bilston Steelworks and old Bilston quarries. Ettingshall Road was the location for Cables and Instruments, Dixon's Wallcoverings and Tools and Machines. Spring Road is the location of Tarmac Roadstone and NET Thompson. Ettingshall was the location for the manufacture of the 240 ton boiler drum with a length of 122 feet in 1965. This was the heaviest load carried by British Rail. It was transported to Eggborough in Yorkshire.


Known descendants of Thomas Leonard Cumpston of Ettingshall [was this his Birth Mar 1857 ?]

CUMPSTON  Thomas    Dudley  6c 102] Married Ada Matilda CORNS 9/1883  see photo 1 (Wolverhampton 6b 833).  Methodist Local Preacher


Child 1 George Harry CUMPSTON Birth Jun 1884  W. Bromwich  6b 893

Marriage Sep 1915   Cumpston  George H   to Tabner  Wolverhampton  6b 1501  Annie ?  


His children:

Joan CUMPSTON Birth Mar 1919  mother Tabner  Wolverhampton  6b 775  m.   South African sailor (no details  known)


Marjorie [Pearl] CUMPSTON birth Dec 1920  Marjorie F [note this F and not P] mother Tabner  Wolverhampton  6b 1159


Dolly Birth Jun 1922  Cumpston  Dorothy  mother Tabner  Wolverhampton  6b

                  1139  Was this her Marriage Mar 1946   Cumpston  Dorothy M  Merrett

                  Manchester  8d 103?

Lily  (no details known)

Child 2 Olive CUMPSTON  Birth Sep 1885   Cumpston  Olive   Wolverhampton  6b 630    

Marriage Sep 1916  Hesling  Wolverhampton  6b 1077 to John Hughie Mealing  (Marriage ended in divorce – no known children)

m     Harold Wilcox  (Son Donald from a previous marriage)

Child 3 Sarah Jane CUMPSTON  (Dot) Birth Jun 1887  Cumpston  Sarah Jane    Shardlow  7b 495  (Spinster)

Child 4 William John CUMPSTON  Birth Dec 1888  W.Bromwich  6b 773 m  Nellie ? (surname not known)


     Glyndwr  (Glyn)  Birth Jun 1919   Cumpston  Glyndor T  mother Hayward  Prestwich

     8d 430

    This was HC's father who died in 2000.  He was born in Manchester, moved to Moston

     and settled in Chorlton - cum -Hardy.

William  Birth Mar 1918   Cumpston  William J  mother Hayward  Prestwich  8d


Dorothy  Birth Mar 1921   Cumpston  Dorothy M  mother Hayward  Prestwich

                  8d 641    


                      Eileen  Birth Dec 1928  Cumpston  Eileen H  mother Hayward  Manchester

                     S.  8d 269

Edna  Birth Jun 1926   Cumpston  Edna M  Hayward  Manchester N.

                              8d 832

Child 5 Births Dec 1891 Cumpston Thomas Leonard   Wolverhampton  6b 637   Mar 1913 married Alice  Cross  Walsall  6b 1113  He died 1993 in Warwickshire.  A Methodist Local Preacher who worked for Rubery Owen Darlaston.  His children were:

Thomas was a policeman and known as 'Copper Cumpston' - see Tree 1 and Thomas


Daughter (no details known)

Ada  G C Birth Dec 1919   Walsall  6b 1377.   Marriage Jun 1942 to  Knight

            Wolverhampton  6b 1767


Daughter (no details known)

Daughter (no details known)

Kenneth m Poppy ? (no details known)

Child 6 Ada Mary Birth Jun 1893   Cumpston  Ada Mary     Wolverhampton  6b 736  

marriage Sep 1915  to Jukes  Walsall  6b 1708.  Ada Mary Jukes kept the confectionery shop in Wednesbury Road next door to Pleck Methodist Church.

Child 7 Samuel Albert Birth Dec 1895  Cumpston Samuel Albert    Walsall  6b 670

 b 1895  Marriage Jun 1920 Mirriam  Maddox  Wolverhampton  6b 1839.  Sam worked for Rubery Owen, Darlaston and was manager of the Meeting Street, Wednesbury, department at the time of his retirement.  Were living at 225 Wolverhampton Road West, Bentley, Walsall.  Only child Jim (R James ) (who pre-deceased his elderly mother who had been widowed some years earlier). Sam fought in WW1

                         James b  

Child 9 Hannah Leah (Nancy) Birth Sep 1898   Cumpston  Hannah Leah  Walsall  6b 719    

Marriage Jun 1928  Cumpston  Hannah L married Kendrick  Walsall  6b 1662



Freda b  m David ? (no details known)

Child 10 Winifred Elizabeth b 1901 Marriage Sep 1927   Cumpston  Winifred E  married Grant  Walsall  

6b 1751


Alan b  m Elizabeth Clift b

Stuart b

Simon b

Fiona b

Mary b  m  Brian Harper b

Jane b  m  Philip Bradney b (Marriage ended in divorce)

Emma b

Jonathon b


Andrew  b            

Child 11 Joel (Jo) Births Mar 1903  

Cumpston  Joel Ashcroft    Walsall  6b 715   Marriage Sep 1928   CUMPSTON  Joel A Olive Vass  Walsall  6b 1702  

John b  m  Phylis ? (no details known)

Maria b  m  Robert ?

Daughter}    (twins)



David b  m  Patricia Ann b  (deceased [daughter Jane from a previous marriage])

Mark b  (deceased)


which outlines the grandparents of Thomas of Ettingshall as John and Ann.


Child 1 Son of John and Ann

Richard b 1827, married Sarah b abt 1828.

They had two sons:-


Thomas born 1857 Ettingshall Staffs. Married Ada Matilda Corns 9/1883 (Wolverhampton 6b 833).


[Thomas is HC's  2 x  grandfather and she supplied the original data in this box which has been updated by Brenda.]


They had 11 children

1.  George Harry 6/1884,

2. Olive 9/1885,

3. Sarah J 1887,

4. William John 5. 10/1888,

5. Thomas Leonard 12/1891,

6. Ada Mary 6/1893,

7. Samuel Albert 12/1895,

8. Frederick Roland 9/1897,

9. Hannah Leah 9/1898 [Aunt

   Nancy to Brenda]

10. Winifred Elizabeth

11. Joel Ashcroft 3/1903.





John Hill, Brenda's husband notified me of Ronald Frederick's death and funeral.  

They met with Neil and Mark and Mark's family together with Ron's widow Sheila Lavalin.