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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier

Thomas Bowser Cumpston 2nd and Annie Martha Carter

1847 CUL/1/2/3/1/ Leeds West ref West/24/262 Cumpston Thomas Bowser [2] birth Yorks free bmd (Married Annie Martha Carter )


1870 Thomas Bowser Cumpston, jun., to be Second Lieulenant, vice Hirst, resigned. Dated 6th July, 1870. The London Gazette Gazette Issue 23636 published on the 22 July 1870. Page 1


1st West Biding of Yorkshire Artillery Volunteer Corps. Second Lieutenant Thomas Bowser Cumpston, jun., to be First Lieutenant, vice F. W. Lawson, resigned. Dated 22nd June, 1871.

Gazette Issue 23757 published on the 21 July 1871. Page 4


1873 Ist West Riding of Yorkshire Artillery Volunteer Corps. First Lieutenant Thomas Bowser Cumpston resigns his Commission. Dated 1st February, 1873.


1879 Volunteers Gazette War office March 25 promoted Artillary Lieut. Thomas B Cumpston to be captain.


1891 1st West Riding of Yorkshire ( Western Division, Royal Artillery), Captain and Honorary Major T. B. Cumpston resigns his Commission; also is permitted to retain his rank, and to continue to wear the uniform of the Corps on his retirement Dated 21st February, 1891.   Gazette Issue 26136 published on the 20 February 1891. Page 3


1893 CUL/1/2/3/1/ Leeds 9b 395 CUMPSTON Thomas Bowser [2]  age 46 death free bmd Dec Q 1893 1847 Leeds


1891 Subsriber to the Thoresby Society residing at Bank Street, Leeds


1893 CU/1/2/3/1/ Chapel Allerton Cemetery Leeds Cumpston Thomas Bowser [2] age 46 buried Dec 9 1893 age 46 Grosvenor - road, Headingley, Leeds, Gazette Issue 26429 published on the 4 August 1893. Page 32


1911 2 September Anne Martha [Carter] Cumpston arrived America aged 50 (? should be 61) on board the Lusitania from Liverpool, presumably to visit her son Rev. William Hudson Cumpston.


1930 Annie M Cumpston Death Dec. 1930 Q Leeds North 9b 359 aged 80  



Thomas Bowser Cumpston the Second was the son of Thomas Bowser Cumpston and Mary Ann Robinson of Carlisle and Leeds

Children of Thomas Bowser CUMPSTON [2] and Annie Martha Carter


1875 CUL/1/2/3/1/1/ Leeds west 120/279 Cumpston Thomas Bowser [3] Twin birth yorks free bmd Oct Q 1875 9b 515


1875 CUL/1/2/3/1/1/ Leeds 9b 515 Cumpston Henry Bowser  Twin birth free bmd Dec Q 1875


1876 CUL/1/2/3/1/2/ Leeds West 126/327 9b 567 CUMPSTON Annie Constance   Mary birth free bmd Dec Q 1876


1935 CUL/1/2/3/1/2/ Chapel Allerton Cemetery Leeds Cumpston Annie Constance Mary 60 06-Nov-1935 Buried


1878 CUL/1/2/3/1/3 birth William Hudson Cumpston 16 April Leeds

Married Elizabeth A Washington [born Aug 31 1888 - died May 6 1980]

Elizabeth Alexander WASHINGTON, born 1888 Aug 31, Philadelphia, PA, died 1980 May 6, Mount Holly, NJ; married 1912 Jan 12, Riverton, NJ, Rev. William Hudson CUMPSTON (born 1878 Apr 16, Leeds, Yorks, died 1960 May 5, Riverton, NJ).


1912 Married 10 ? 12th January Riverton NJ


1919 Arrived in America aged 40. William Hudson Cumpston.


1949 Stones Clerical Directory of America.  Episcopal Church 247 Roseland Ave, Essex Fells New Jersey.  Asst, S Petch 1949


1960 Burkes Families of USA Rev. William Hudson Cumpston b Leeds 16 April 1878 Died Riveton 2 May 1960


1994 American Presidential Families Elizabeth Alexander Washington b Philadelphia 31 August 1888.  Married Riveton 10 January 1912 and of Mt Holly New Jersey.  

Children of William Hudson Cumpston and Elizabeth A Washington.


1. May Alexander Cumpston (Mrs. Howland Dudley Jr).  125 Providence Avenue Doylestown PA 18901 USA.  Born Riveton 23 July 1913 Married 20 September 1947.  St Mary's Hall Burlington and Moore Institute Inst. o f Design. Phil.  Married Howland Dudley Jr born Belmont Mass 6. 2 1910.  Died 5 Nov 1999 Doylestown PA)


2. George Steptoe Washington CUMPSTON, born 1918 Jul 25, Riverton, NJ; married 1952 Jun 7, Riverton, NJ, Eileen Marie BAGNALL (born 1920 Feb 4, died 2006 Jul 2).






William Hudson CUMPSTON, born 1957 Mar 26, Lima, Peru.