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Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Date County Sex Marriage Status

Cumpston Curtis Henry    02-18-1983 DALLAS M
Cumpston David Glenn   04-28-1994 HARRIS M
Cumpston Eldred Franklin   04-09-1966 HARRIS M WIDOWED
Cumpston Eloise   07-17-1995 DALLAS F
Cumpston Florence Mary   09-14-1998 DALLAS F
Cumpston Glen W   01-09-1982 POTTER M
Cumpston Harry B   12-20-1973 HARRIS M SINGLE
Cumpston Julia H  01-07-1977 HARRIS F
Cumpston Kermit B   08-21-1978 NAVARRO M
Cumpston Lois Carrie   03-17-1993 SAN JACINTO F
Cumpston Mary Ruth  08-14-1997 MC LENNAN F
Cumpston Mike   06-18-1986 MC LENNAN M
Cumpston Nettie Maxine   02-05-1989 NAVARRO F
Cumpston Vesta Irene   03-18-1969 GREGG F MARRIED


Father Henry Cumpson
Birth 1830 Ireland
Mother Ellen McLockland
Birth 1850 Ireland
James Henry Cumpston
Birth 23 Feb 1875 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
Daniel George Cumpston
Birth 8 May 1877 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
Frederick B Cumpston see below 
Birth 25 Feb 1879 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
Died 7 Sep 1962 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
Buried 9 Sep 1962 Rose Hill Cemetery, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas

Mary Honerdell Cumpston
Birth 30 Dec 1880 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
Died 17 Apr 1969 Navarro Co., Texas Buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas Spouse Charles Finis Lewis

William Frank Cumpston 
Birth 24 Dec 1888 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
 Died 28 Sep 1963 Navarro Co., Texas Buried Rose Hill Cemetery, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas Spouse Addie Pearl Griffin Spouse Carrie Nell Balentine
See below:


Birth 25 Feb 1879 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
Died 7 Sep 1962 Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
Buried 9 Sep 1962 Rose Hill Cemetery, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
 Cumpston, Frederick B. & Flora May Campbell - Headstone

Father Henry Cumpson, b. 1830, Ireland
Mother Ellen McLockland, b. 1850, Ireland
Family Flora May Campbell, b. 14 Jul 1882, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
 1. Curtis Henry Cumpston, b. 14 Jun 1904, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
2. Nellie May Cumpston, b. 14 Aug 1907, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
3. Kermit B. Cumpston, b. 12 Oct 1909, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas
4. M. Cumpston
5. Mike Cumpston, b. 11 Nov 1911, Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., Texas

Wichita Co. TX - Births, 1933

Cumpston Richard Scott 9-20-1933

 Information from the Texas Department of Health.

Texas deaths

Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Date County Sex Marriage Status

Crumpton Abb Marion 12-28-1996 ELLIS M
Crumpton Albert 10-14-1967 HARRIS M SEPAR/DIVORCED
Crumpton Alec Darrell 05-19-1992 MC LENNAN M
Crumpton Alfred Thomas 05-31-1984 JEFFERSON M
Crumpton Alfred Thomas III 05-26-1986 JEFFERSON M A
Crumpton Allison 09-29-1996 LUBBOCK M
Crumpton Alvin Vernon 02-26-1966 WICHITA M SINGLE
Crumpton Alvis Edward SR 01-22-1997 HARRIS M
Crumpton Annie Pearl 02-13-1981 LIBERTY F
Crumpton Archie B 12-30-1971 TARRANT M SINGLE
Crumpton Archie Victor 03-04-1997 DALLAM M
Crumpton Arnold C 04-13-1975 WICHITA M
Crumpton Arthur Leroy 03-02-1982 HALE M
Crumpton Arthur Lonia SR 03-04-1996 BELL M
Crumpton Audrey M 10-29-1976 BOWIE F
Crumpton Bernice Lewis 11-06-1965 HARRIS F SINGLE
Crumpton Berniece Lewis 11-06-1965 HARRIS F SINGLE
Crumpton Bertha Lucille 04-11-1983 DALLAS F
Crumpton Bertha O 10-11-1977 HARDEMAN F
Crumpton Beryl Chesney 02-28-1979 PECOS F
Crumpton Billie Noil 10-16-1987 HILL F
Crumpton Billy L 01-04-1974 BOWIE M SINGLE
Crumpton Brady Lewis 04-19-1996 COLLIN M
Crumpton Bryan Augusta 02-24-1991 WARD M
Crumpton Bryan K 07-20-1976 DALLAS M
Crumpton Cecil Charles 07-26-1988 RAINS M
Crumpton Charles 02-10-1984 DALLAS M
Crumpton Charles David 08-25-1980 ELLIS M
Crumpton Cora Ruth 04-18-1967 TARRANT F WIDOWED
Crumpton Daniel Ray 02-05-1986 DALLAS M
Crumpton David Jesse 04-25-1996 KERR M
Crumpton Della 09-25-1971 YOUNG F WIDOWED
Crumpton Derek Edmund 03-28-1998 BELL M
Crumpton Dollis Doyle 12-02-1985 DALLAS M
Crumpton Donna L 07-19-1975 DALLAS F
Crumpton Dora Edna 09-27-1968 HARRIS F SINGLE
Crumpton Dorothy Mae 08-25-1996 WARD F
Crumpton Edith P 07-01-1973 TARRANT F WIDOWED
Crumpton Eileen G 12-23-1978 TARRANT F
Crumpton Eleanor Odessa 07-18-1988 HARDEMAN F
Crumpton Eler Essie 12-04-1982 HILL F
Crumpton Elton C 03-27-1990 TARRANT M
Crumpton Emilie 04-10-1994 HARRIS F
Crumpton Enoch Melton 09-02-1990 HARRIS M
Crumpton Erice Sebastian 11-06-1967 HARRIS M MARRIED
Crumpton Esther J 08-13-1997 HARRIS F
Crumpton Eugene 07-21-1965 DALLAS M SEPAR/DIVORCED
Crumpton Everett E 02-14-1975 HARRIS M
Crumpton Fannie Catherine 10-10-1983 WICHITA F
Crumpton Florene 10-20-1973 DALLAS F SINGLE
Crumpton Frances Alma 11-08-1987 LAMAR F
Crumpton Fredie Monroe 09-26-1995 BOWIE M
Crumpton George Ann 09-14-1993 BOWIE F
Crumpton Gertude 07-24-1973 WALLER F WIDOWED
Crumpton Gladys Eugene 10-24-1993 DALLAM F
Crumpton Grace O 02-22-1987 DENTON F
Crumpton Guy Lester 05-07-1997 WICHITA M
Crumpton Hallie Mae 10-09-1984 KERR F
Crumpton Hally Clifton 10-02-1966 KENDALL M SINGLE
Crumpton Harold Morgan 02-28-1981 HARRIS M
Crumpton Harold W 04-24-1977 YOUNG M
Crumpton Harry Eddie 07-07-1981 HARDEMAN M
Crumpton Henry Scott 05-01-1983 COLLIN M
Crumpton Hubert L 12-20-1976 MARION M
Crumpton Inez 12-27-1997 WICHITA F
Crumpton J C 08-31-1998 ELLIS M
Crumpton J T 11-23-1987 DALLAS M
Crumpton Jack 02-07-1991 HASKELL M
Crumpton James Noel 12-24-1980 HIDALGO M
Crumpton Jane Ann 03-16-1987 HOOD F
Crumpton Jeff 07-21-1996 SMITH M
Crumpton Jerry 05-07-1981 DALLAS M
Crumpton Jerry Lynn 06-10-1998 HARRIS M
Crumpton Jerry V 10-20-1975 DALLAS M
Crumpton Jimmy Rogers 02-19-1994 ELLIS M
Crumpton Joe 04-09-1996 NUECES M
Crumpton John Hartford 09-14-1979 HARRIS M
Crumpton John Pershing 03-03-1992 DALLAS M
Crumpton Joseph Buford 12-21-1967 TARRANT M SINGLE
Crumpton Joseph Martin JR 12-23-1980 TARRANT M
Crumpton Joyce Lee 09-03-1995 TARRANT F
Crumpton Katie 01-17-1967 DALLAS F WIDOWED
Crumpton Kelly June 02-22-1984 TARRANT F
Crumpton Kenneth Earl 02-10-1982 HARRIS M
Crumpton Lena Elizabeth 03-08-1988 DALLAS F
Crumpton Lester Washington 08-11-1993 BELL M
Crumpton Levicesa 01-19-1993 SMITH F
Crumpton Lillie Lee 12-06-1990 HARRIS F
Crumpton Lois May 03-28-1984 GREGG F
Crumpton Lowell Ray 06-05-1986 ECTOR
Crumpton Lucy 09-24-1971 GRAYSON F WIDOWED
Crumpton Margaret Olene Ash 03-05-1986 DALLAS F
Crumpton Marie 07-30-1997 MIDLAND F
Crumpton Mary Elizabeth 10-01-1967 HILL F WIDOWED
Crumpton Mary T 10-26-1966 RED RIVER F WIDOWED
Crumpton Maryellen Nell 07-24-1986 TARRANT F
Crumpton Mattie M 03-02-1998 TARRANT F
Crumpton Maudie Lee 12-22-1989 TARRANT F
Crumpton Maurice 12-13-1985 TITUS M
Crumpton Mayme L 03-07-1980 DALLAS F
Crumpton Melissa 01-23-1967 DALLAS F WIDOWED
Crumpton Mildred 04-15-1980 DALLAS F
Crumpton Mitchell 04-16-1989 BOWIE M
Crumpton Morris Dalton SR 07-05-1984 TARRANT M
Crumpton Morris Oneal 05-14-1988 BOWIE M
Crumpton Moses Monroe 01-02-1990 LIBERTY M
Crumpton Murray A 02-12-1997 HOPKINS M
Crumpton Myrtle 12-12-1996 HARRIS F
Crumpton Nancy Jane 01-22-1966 YOUNG F WIDOWED
Crumpton Norris Edward 09-21-1981 HARRIS M
Crumpton O G 07-07-1993 WICHITA M
Crumpton Opal Dee 11-02-1989 BRAZORIA F
Crumpton Opal Faye 11-22-1994 WICHITA F
Crumpton Ora Dessie 11-15-1991 HOOD F
Crumpton Ottis V 07-19-1996 DALLAS M
Crumpton Prince 05-25-1981 TAYLOR M
Crumpton Ralph Carl 04-10-1991 BEXAR M
Crumpton Ralph John 02-03-1984 DALLAS M
Crumpton Ralph John JR 10-07-1982 DALLAS M
Crumpton Richmond 06-01-1992 SMITH M
Crumpton Ricie 10-11-1993 LUBBOCK F A
Crumpton Robert C 10-25-1976 DALLAS M
Crumpton Robert Edward 10-09-1991 TRAVIS M
Crumpton Ronnie Lee H 04-02-1967 RANDALL M MARRIED
Crumpton Rosie 03-05-1968 DALLAS F MARRIED
Crumpton Rosie Lee 07-22-1986 TAYLOR F
Crumpton Roy 05-22-1987 M
Crumpton Roy Lee 10-30-1993 TARRANT M
Crumpton Ruby Elizabeth 11-30-1986 HARRIS F
Crumpton S R 0 4-09-1964 TARRANT M SINGLE
Crumpton Sarah E 01-19-1970 SAN PATRICIO F WIDOWED
Crumpton Shonia Denise 06-02-1981 TARRANT F
Crumpton Sidney Jerome 08-09-1989 HARRIS M
Crumpton Thelma M 06-14-1977 TARRANT F
Crumpton Thelma R 07-25-1978 DALLAS F
Crumpton Thomas L 08-23-1970 SMITH M WIDOWED


Crumpton Thomas L 08-23-1970 SMITH M WIDOWED
Crumpton Thomas William 04-26-1991 DALLAS M
Crumpton Titus B 11-13-1978 DALLAS M
Crumpton Todd David 07-27-1996 LUBBOCK M
Crumpton Una Howe 06-23-1998 BOWIE F
Crumpton Vanearl 08-27-1984 BOWIE M
Crumpton Vera Arco 01-05-1987 HUNT F
Crumpton Virgle E 11-08-1976 VAN ZANDT M
Crumpton William M 03-13-1971 DALLAS M MARRIED
Crumpton William M 05-22-1984 VAN ZANDT M
Crumpton Willie 08-24-1967 TAYLOR M SEPAR/DIVORCED
Crumpton Willie 02-11-1993 HARRIS M
Crumpton Willie JR 09-01-1987 TAYLOR M
Crumpton Willie C 04-20-1975 HUNT F
Crumpton Willie Evelyn 01-13-1992 TOM GREEN F
Crumpton Willy J 03-16-1965 COLEMAN F SEPAR/DIVORCED
Crumpton Wilmoth W 11-12-1972 HILL M SEPAR/DIVORCED
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Crumpton Zana Lee 09-27-1993 HILL F

Compston Addie Pearl 08-30-1987 NAVARRO F
Compston Gary 06-20-1992 GALVESTON M
Compston Grace Geneva 01-05-1996 HARRIS F
Compston Harvey Fred 05-24-1986 LIBERTY M
Compston Janet Carol 04-24-1980 HARRIS F

Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Date County Sex Marriage Status

Compson Robert Henry   03-05-1997 HARRIS M

Cumpsten Harry Palmer  01-09-1994 DALLAS M

Nettie Maxine Cumpston

Apr 3, 1911 - Feb 5, 1989

Nettie Maxine Cumpston
Nettie Maxine Cumpston, 77, of Blooming Grove died Feb. 5, 1989 at Navarro Regional Hospital.
Services will be 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Griffin-Roughton Funeral Home in Blooming Grove with the Rev. Don Elrod officiating. Burial will be at Rosehill Cemetery.
Survivors include her mother, Mamie Hollabaugh of Corsicana; one brother, Houston D. Duncan of San Antonio; and a neice, Sharon Pike of San Antonio.
Pallbearers will be James Williams, Dr. Fred Williams, Mike Cumpston, Doug MaGee, Phil Gordon, and James Page.

Corsicana Daily Sun - Feb 6, 1989
Cemetery Marker Photo
From the collection of Pat Bunch, posted by Edward L. Williams

 CUMPTON, Bertha Evelyn

Dec 16 2003 Wichita Falls (TX) Times Record News, December 2003 Wichita TX

Pearl Cumpston Birth Date:16 Sep 1897 Last Residence Blooming Grove, TX Death Date:Aug 1987

Glen Cumpston Last Residence:Pampa, TX Death Date:Jan 1982 Birth Date:16 Aug 1930

Harry Cumpston Last Residence:Houston, TX Death Date:Dec 1973 Birth Date:3 Dec 1898

Mike Cumpston wrote to tell me about his branch of Cumpstons who came either from Donegal or Belfast. Henry Cumpston was the son of James Cumpston and may have been raised as an orphan by a London physician. He was born about 1830 and came to Texas in 1871 from the Chicago area. He met and married Ellen Mclockland in NY City and died in Navarro county Texas in 1916.

Please contact me if you have further information about this line.

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