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Staffordshire births


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Sep 1838   Cumpston  Hannah    Dudley  18 287    


Births Jun 1851   Cumpston John         Dudley  18 343    


Births Sep 1854  Cumpston  John        Dudley  6c 76    


Births Dec 1854   Cumpston  Ann        Dudley  6c 64    


Births Dec 1855   Cumpston  John       Dudley  6c 62    


Births Mar 1857  Cumpston Thomas     Dudley  6c 102    


Births Jun 1857   Cumpston  Mary       Dudley  6c 63    


Births Dec 1857   Cumpston  Joseph    Dudley  6c 76    


Births Jun 1884   Cumpston  George Harry  W. Bromwich  6b 893    


Births Sep 1885   Cumpston Olive Wolverhampton  6b 630    


Births Dec 1888  Cumpston William John  W.Bromwich  6b 773    


Births Dec 1891   Cumpston  Thomas Leonard Wolverhampton  6b 637    


Births Jun 1893  Cumpston  Ada Mary Wolverhampton  6b 736    


Births Dec 1895   Cumpston  Samuel Albert Walsall  6b 670    


Births Sep 1897  Cumpston  Frederick Roland Walsall  6b 695    


Births Sep 1898   Cumpston  Hannah Leah Walsall  6b 719    


Births Mar 1903  Cumpston  Joel Ashcroft Walsall  6b 715    


Births Dec 1913   Cumpston  Thomas L Cross  Walsall  6b 1285    


Births Dec 1915  Cumpston  John A  Cross  Walsall  6b 1086    


Births Mar 1919  Cumpston  Joan  Tabner  Wolverhampton  6b 775    


Births Dec 1919   Cumpston  Ada G C  Cross  Walsall  6b 1377    


Births Dec 1920 Cumpston  Marjorie F  Tabner  Wolverhampton  6b 1159    


Births Jun 1922   Cumpston  Dorothy  Tabner  Wolverhampton  6b 1139    


Births Jun 1923  Cumpston  Margaret J  Kempson  Walsall  6b 1253    


Births Dec 1925   Cumpston  Kenneth S  Cross  Walsall  6b 1057    


Births Mar 1926  Cumpston  Robert J  Maddox  Wolverhampton  6b 969    


Births Sep 1926   Cumpston  Ronald F  Kempson  Walsall  6b 1198    


Births Mar 1929   Cumpston  Lilian M  Tabner  Wolverhampton  6b 879    


Births Jun 1929   Cumpston  John A  Vass  W. Bromwich  6b 1419    


Births Sep 1931  Cumpston  Olive M  Kempson  Walsall  6b 1084    


Births Mar 1936   Cumpston  Frederick D  Vass  Walsall  6b 875    


Surname(s) Forename(s) Relation Year of Event  Event Type  Place


Cumpston Joseph  1833 Birth  Staffordshire  RG4_2719  


Cumpston Joseph  1833 Birth  Staffordshire  RG4_2719  


Cumpston Joseph Father: John Cumpston  1833 Birth  Staffordshire  RG4_2719  


Cumpston Joseph Father: John Cumpston  1833 Birth  Staffordshire  RG4_2719


Cumpston Joseph Mother: Ann Cumpston  1833 Birth  Staffordshire  RG4_2719  


Cumpston Naomi  1836 Birth  Staffordshire  RG4_2719  


Cumpston Naomi Father: John Cumpston  1836 Birth  Staffordshire  RG4_2719  


Cumpston Naomi Mother: Ann Cumpston  1836 Birth  Staffordshire  RG4_2719  

Non-Conformist Records


Methodists, Wesleyans, Baptists, Independents, Protestant Dissenters, Congregationalist, Presbyterians, Unitarians, Quakers (Society of Friends), Dissenters and Russian Orthodox. Maternity Records


New as at April 2009


Births Dec 1889  Compston  Florence E M    Wolverhampton  6b 531 dau of Edward Wones COMPSTON and Rachel


Births Sep 1891  Compston  Sarah Alice     Wolverhampton  6b 555    


Births Dec 1892   Compston  Elizabeth [HM]     Wolverhampton  6b 547    


Births Jun 1904  Compston  Rosina Maria     Wolverhampton  6b 595    


Births Jun 1906   Compston  Frederick E     Wolverhampton  6b 583    


Births Sep 1928   Compston  Sheila  Evans  Wolverhampton  6b 801    


Births Jun 1932  Compston  Anne  Evans  Wolverhampton  6b 727    


Births Sep 1934  Compston  Sidney G  Evans  Wolverhampton  6b 683



Births Sep 1868  

COMSTON  John Dorricutt     Walsall  6b 610


Births Sep 1901  

Crumpston  Winifred Elizabeth     Walsall  6b 700



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Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Sep 1855   Cumpson  Mary Ann Dowley    Dudley  6c 100    


Births Mar 1882  Cumpson  Sarah Jane     Stourbridge  6c 204    


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Jun 1874  Cumpstone  Ernest Edward    Shiffnal  6a 632    


Births Sep 1876   Cumpstone  John Percival     Shiffnal  6a 632    


Births Jun 1878  Cumpstone  Percy Herbert     Shiffnal  6a 652    


Births Sep 1894   Cumpstone  Harold James     Burton  6b 434    


Births Jun 1896  Cumpstone  Frederick John     Burton  6b 429    


Births Sep 1897  Cumpstone  Ruth Eleanor     Burton  6b 438


Births Jun 1900  CUMPSTONE  Edwin     Burton  6b 435    


Births Jun 1906  Cumpstone  Gertrude     Burton  6b 435    


Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Jun 1925   Cumpstone  Frederick J  Peplow  Burton  6b 691    



Cumpston William  Appointed 1863

Staffordshire Police Index



Series  Apprentice Indentures  

Document Ref P68/L/11/320/1-3


Date Mar 1829


Title Watkin Williams, aged 9, to John Perry, wheelwright - a wheelwright (with JPs directive and a notification of subsequent reassignment to Thomas Crumpton of Bilston, Staffs, Blacksmith)



Willenhall baptisms


19 Apr 1772 COMPSON John son of James & Sarah

28 Apr 1774 COMPSON Thomas son of James & Sarah

15 Sep 1776 COMPSON Edward son of James & Sarah

29 Jul 1784 COMPSON Joseph son of James & Sarah



17 Aug 1798 COMPSON Susanna daughter of James & Elizabeth

16 Mar 1800 COMPSON Edward son of James & Elizabeth

3 Jul 1803 COMPSON Sarah daughter of James & Elizabeth born 29th April last

23 Jun 1805 COMPSON Mary Ann daughter of James & Elizabeth

23 Aug 1807 COMPSON Maria daughter of James & Elizabeth

17 Sep 1809 COMPSON James son of James & Elizabeth

25 Dec 1810 COMPSON Sarah daughter of James & Ann born 22nd Sept.

2 Feb 1812 COMPSON Elizabeth daughter of James & Elizabeth


3 Oct 1808 COMPSON William son of John & Ann


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Bilston baptisms


1 Apr 1733 COMPSON Anne daughter of James & Anne


4 Aug 1759 COMPSON Sarah daughter of James & Pety Penelope


13 May 1761 COMPSON Nancy daughter of James & Penelope


29 Jan 1763 COMPSON Susannah daughter of James & Pety Penelope