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Samuel Compston Kendal born Kendal c 1787  Death Jun Q 1850     Kendal  25 360




SIR, - On Saturday, the 2nd November, JONATHAN SAVAGE, a hardware manufacturer and able-bodied man, one not averse to calling with his wife, who is an able-bodied woman, at the alehouse, and there taking their cups freely, and who is scarcely ever without a bottle in his pocket, applied for a continuance of his pension.


He was supported by MR. SAMUEL COMPSTON and the REV. EDWARD HAWKES, [see mauve box <<] as a fit person to receive out-door relief.  MR. THOMAS WEBSTER, [>>>>} one of the other guardians, objected that the applicant was not one who ought to have relief out of doors, and that if he received it at all it should be in the workhouse.  He considered that if such men were to be relieved in this manner the rate-payers would soon be unable to pay the really deserving.


The CHAIRMAN put the question, when it was carried he should have no  out-door relief, MR. COMPSTON and his reverend supporter being in a glorious minority consisting of themselves alone.


A month ago the same MR. SAMUEL COMPSTON at a small board reversed the decision of the former week, and gave this man his pension for a month.


Well may the rate-payers grumble at the heavy rates.


So much for the defeat of these worthies, now for their vengeance.


THOMAS SPEIGHT, an umbrella maker by trade, a man near death's door, and unable to do any thing for himself to procure the necessaries of life, had a pension.  At the municipal election this man had a glass of wine given to him, on account of his weak state of health.  This was noticed by MR. HAWKES (a kind friend to the sick and needy pauper when it suits his own purpose), and no doubt galled SPEIGHT voting for the Conservatives, caused his pension to be discontinued.


Is this the way to spend the town's money?


All honest men will say no, and at the next election of guardians return men who will give relief to the helpless and deserving pauper, and not make a political job of the poor-rates of the town.




 The Westmorland Gazette - 09 Nov 1844 - 09 Nov 1844 Letters to the Editor


I have a number of Samuel entries for Kendal:


1816 Kendal Compston Samuel son of Samuel & Elizabeth christened IGI 9.6.1816


1829 Kendal Broughon St Compston Samuel Joiner directory 1829 Pigots


1838 Kendal C39262-7 Compston Samuel son of James Fell and Ann christened IGI 2.11.1838


1851 Kendal Westmorland Book Project Bellingham Chapel Parish Church Kendal Compston Samuel churchwarden 1851 - PRESUMABLY MENTIONED IN THE NEXT BOX?


1861 Kendal Highgate COMPSTON Samuel builder 1861






1851 England Census

Edward Hawkes  Age: 47

Estimated Birth Year:  abt 1804

Relation: Head

Where born: Manchester, Lancashire, England


Civil parish: Kendal Westmorland


Occupation: Unitarian Minister


Household Members: Name Age

Edward Hawkes 47

Louisa Hawkes 13

John Edward Hawkes 12

Hester Emily Hawkes 9

Henry W Hawkes 7

Agness Willan 22

Isabella Jenkinson 19


Registration district: Kendal

Sub-registration district:

Kendal ED 2j Household schedule number: 97 Piece: 2442 Folio:

246 Page Number: 21




1851 England Census

Thomas Webster Age: 47 Estimated Birth Year:  abt 1804

Relation: Head

Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Webster

Where born: Cumberland, England


Civil parish: Kendal Town: Kendal

Westmorland England Street Address: Stricklandgate


Occupation: wine merchant


Household Members: Name Age

Thomas Webster 47

William Webster 21 accountant

Robert Webster 16 clerk

Elizabeth Webster 55

Elizabeth Biggs 21


Registration district: Kendal

Sub-registration district: Kendal

ED, 2j Household schedule number:

10 Piece: 2442 Folio: 237 Page  number: 3


Samuel and Thomas Compston appear in Pigot's 1828 as joiners


Compston, Saml. Brougham street Compston, Thos. Stramon gate





Westmorland Directory 1834 page 649

Samuel Compston joiners and timber merchants

Samuel is working with Thomas as joiners and they are listed as also being timber merchants at Brougham street.


cont. below

compston samuel & thomas joiners pigots

Directory entries continued



Samuel and Thomas Compston at Captain French Lane Kendal 1855


Samuel and Thomas Compston are shown on this entry  at Captain French Lane. Note - Samuel died in 1850.

John Compston is at Highgate


Post Office Directory Kendal 1858

There is an entry in 1858 for John Compston at Highgate Kendal followed  by an entry for


Compston Samuel and Thomas carpenters, joiners and builders Captain French's Lane although Samuel died in 1850


compston samuel 1858 directory and thomas and john

1851 England Census Name: Samuel Compston Age: 35 Estimated Birth Year:  abt 1816 Relation: Head Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Compston

Where born: Kendal, Westmorland, England Civil parish: Kendal Town: Westmorland

Street Address: Highgate

Household Members: Name Age

Samuel Compston 35 carpenter joiner

Elizabeth Compston 28 born Hawkeshead wife


 Household schedule number: 73 Piece: 2442 Folio: 58 Page Number: 22





























1841 England Census Name: Thomas Compston Age: 25 estimated Birth Year:  abt 1816 Where born: Westmorland, England


Civil parish: Kendal Hundred: Kendal Westmorland Street Address: Highgate

Occupation: joiner

Household Members: Name Age

Thomas Compston 25

Isabella Compston 25

Jane Compston 6

Isabella Compston 3

Sarah Compston 1


 Registration district: Kendal Sub-registration district: Kendal Piece: 1163 Book: 4 Folio: 46

Page Number: 14