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Pennsylvania Births & possible trees

Alleen Cumpston


Birth: 1816 in Pennsylvania  

Death: 3 May 1872  

Father: James L Cumpston  

Mother: Hester Swoap  

Marriage: Wesley Canaan

14 Feb 1838 in Hardin, Ohio  

Children: George W Canaan

John H Canaan

Mary A Canaan

James Riley Canaan  




Ruth Cumpston


Birth: 1784 in Pennsylvania  

Father: John Cumpston  

Mother: Sarah Knotts  

Marriage: John W Canaan


Children: Polly Canaan

Isaac Canaan

William H Canaan

Emerita "Miritta" Canaan

John W Jr Canaan

George Washington Canaan

Wesley Canaan

Eli Canaan

Hannah Canaan

Jehu Canaan

Israel Canaan  


Philorace B. Cumpston


Birth: 1832 in Pennsylvania  

Father: John Cumpston  

Mother: Mary Lewis  

Marriage: Harriet

Abt 1862


Minnie M. Cumpston

Frank Byron Cumpston

William G. Cumpston

Horace R. Cumpston  



John Cumpston


Birth: 1805 in Pennsylvania  

Death: Abt 1855  

Marriage: Mary Lewis

Abt 1825  


Henry Cumpston

Philorace B. Cumpston

Margaret Cumpston

Mary Cumpston  




I normally colour 'birth boxes' in yellow, but for these individuals I often have more data than just a birth.  Where there is a distinct relationship between individuals they have their own family colour.

Margaret Cumpston


Birth: 1833 in Pennsylvania  

Death: 1918

Father: John Cumpston  

Mother: Mary Lewis  

Marriage: Joseph Livingston Spicer Abt 1861