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Oxfordshire births

Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page 

Births Mar 1861   COMPSTON  Decima    Witney  3a 578



Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page 


Births Sep 1881  Crumpton  Emily    Oxford  3a 725

Compson Simon  1658 Birth  Oxfordshire  RG6_1332  Father: Simon Compson  Mother: Mary


Compson Constance  1661 Birth  Oxfordshire  RG6_1332  Father: Simon Compson Mother Mary Compson  



St Swithun's Church, The Avenue Kennington Oxfordshire OX1 5PL


Cumpston J 23/02/1920


Cumpston Thomas 06/08/1928 49

Marriages Jun 1918  Cumpston  Thomas  Horscroft  Abingdon  2c 675    

Deaths Sep 1928   Cumpston  Thomas  50  Abingdon  2c 276


Cumpston Martha 09/11/1926 78

Deaths Dec 1926  Cumpston  Martha  79  Abingdon  2c 342


Cumpston Mary 10/12/1954 79


St Swithun's Church has a detached churchyard, acessed from Sandford Lane, at the southern end of the village. Although the churchyard is surrounded by houses, it is a quiet and peaceful place, with several trees and bushes.


It is maintained through the combined efforts of the Parish Council and members of St Swithun's Church, and is always open.