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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier



Cumpston, Rutherford B; Page 2; 31-May-1939; Report of Changes; 1939; Oklahoma (BB-37); Pearl Harbor Muster Rolls

NARA (Bureau of Navy Personnel) Ship Name: Oklahoma Ship Type: BB Hull Number: 37 Ship Type Full: Battleship Year: 1939 Document Type: Report of Changes Month: May Day: 31 Page Number: 2 Enlistment Year: 1938 Enlistment Place: Des Moines, Ia



Place: Oklahoma Date Range: 1898-1914  RG: 75 Nara Publication Year: No Date

Language: English

NARA M1301. The Dawes Commission was appointed by President Cleveland to negotiate with five tribes whose members received common property in return for abolishing their tribal governments.

Tribe: Cherokee Group: Cherokee by Blood Card Range: 4471 - 4608 Case Number: 4489

Cumpston  Mary Frances



A researcher wrote about her great grandfather Willis S. Sullivan, born  March 26, b 1860 at Prior Creek, Cherokee Nation, Indian territory, now Oklahoma.


Her great grandmother was his first wife, Julia (Cumpston) Sullivan - she was not Cherokee.  


He had a son with his second wife Susan V. (Orndorf) Sullivan named Willis S. Jr. born circa 1892.  She understood that Jr.'s middle name was Straback.  Willis S. Sullivan Sr. was Cherokee and the 6 sons that he had in 1896 were listed on the Cherokee Roll because of his blood.  Both of his wives are listed as non citizens.



Julia Cumpston

Birth: 1 Aug 1868

Death: 1947

William S. Sullivan (Husband) b. 26 Mar 1860 in Pryor Creek, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory  


Marriage: 1884 in Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory


Conrad Denham Sullivan b. 30 Mar 1887 in Pryor Creek, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory

Orval E. Sullivan b. About 1890

William Henry Sullivan b. About 1890 Published on: 3/1/2006  


Christine Compston came aboard as director of NHEN and HTA in June 1993.She had had five years' experience teaching in secondary schools, a Ph.D. in history, and about ten years of widely ranging experience combining university teaching and directing humanities projects in Maine and New Hampshire. In her two years at NHEN she has a remarkable record of achievement. She has disseminated a quarterly newsletter since October 1993, and in January 1995 supplemented it with an electronic network to share information regarding history education, policies, and legislative action.In 1994-1995 she published a directory and resource guide to the educational activities of member organizations. Beginning last fall, she began a series of mailings informing member organizations about the debate over the National History Standards and about legislative action threatening NEH and the Department of Education.


Under Compston's direction, NHEN conducted a survey of the state social studies specialists to gather information on teacher certification, graduation requirements, and history content requirements, with results so far from 36 states. She has participated in numerous panels on history education at national conferences of member organizations, including OAH and AHA.At the state level, she is currently working on amending an Oklahoma bill that would otherwise exclude all of the social studies from an examination required for high school graduation.

Boudinot Crumpton, aka: Bood Burris (18??-1891) - Convicted of killilng his traveling companion, Sam Morgan in Oklahoma, Crumpton maintained his innocence to the end. He was hanged at Fort Smith, Arkansas on June 30, 1891.


Latimer County Obituary Index


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Crumpton, Fannie E. (Sharp)  March 05, 1865  November 29, 1912  William A. Crumpton