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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Dec 1845   CUMPSTON  Elizabeth Maria    E Retford  15 464    


Births Jun 1887   Cumpston  Sarah Jane     Shardlow  7b 495    


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Sep 1848  Crumpton  Eliza    Worksop  15 64*    


Births Dec 1851  Crumpton  Henry     Worksop  15 720    


Births Dec 1877  Crumpton  Minnie Emma     Shardlow  7b 439    


Births Jun 1879  Crumpton  Ann     Shardlow  7b 436    


Births Jun 1908  Crumpton  Mary Elizabeth     Nottingham  7b 395    


Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Mar 1917  Crumpton  Harry  Toseland  Mansfield  7b 185    


Births Dec 1918   Crumpton  John N  Day  Nottingham  7b 626    


Births Dec 1925   Crumpton  Dorothy B  Butler  Mansfield  7b 194    


Births Dec 1928  Crumpton  Lucy B  Tarver  Southwell  7b 713    


Births Mar 1930   CRUMPTON  Robert F  Tawer  Southwell  7b 732    


Nottinghamshire Archives: Hodgkinson and Beevor of Newark, solicitors [DD/H/1 - DD/H/148]


Hodgkinson and Beevor of Newark, solicitors


Catalogue Ref. DD/H

Creator(s): Hodgkinson and Beevor, Newark, solicitors


SCROOBY: also Lincs - ref. DD/H/121

Neale estate

FILE - Analysis of will of Wm. Hudson, esq., of Kirmington Vale Lincs - ref.  DD/H/121/3  - date: 18 Feb 1878 Trusts on Kirmington Vale and Thornton Hall estates for H.M. Neale, Pickering, Carter, Tetley, Cumpston and Hudson; other bequests.