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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Mar 1874    CUMPSTON  Ellen    Brixworth  3b 133    


Births Dec 1875   CUMPSTON  Henry Edward     Brixworth  3b 126    


Births Sep 1878   Cumpston  Economy Joseph     Brixworth  3b 131    


Births Jun 1883   CUMPSTON  Mary     Brixworth  3b 144    


Births Sep 1901   CUMPSTON  Mary Georgiana H     Mt. Harbro'  7a 15    




Births Dec 1843   Campston  William    Peterbro'  15 332

Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Dec 1924   Crumpton  Marjorie  Sands  Kettering  3b 222

Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Dec 1884  CUMPSTONE  William    Brixworth  3b 128

St Sepulchre, Northampton

1707 Dec 17

John CRUMPTON of Desborow married to Mary LOAKE of the same by lic.


This is an entry which is very early in the Northampton area and I would love to have more information.  Please contact me if you recognise either John or Mary


Entry kindly provided by Derek Allen

Derek (GOON#216)