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Nicholas Cumpston Australia


LTSF Review Country Consultation Meeting Pacific Region 12 July 2007, Koror, Palau


A consultation meeting on the review of ADB’s Long-term Strategic Framework

with Pacific developing member countries (DMCs) was held on 12 July 2007 in Koror,

the Republic of Palau. The meeting was chaired by VPO2 and was attended by senior

officials of the Pacific Developing Member Countries (PDMCs) on the occasion of the

Eleventh Forum of Economic Ministers Meeting (List of persons present in Attachment


List of Participants


Australia Mr. Nicholas Cumpston

Director, Pacific and Regional Section

Department of Foreign Affiars and Trade

(DFAT) Observer



Postal Address:PO Box 111, Port Vila, Vanuatu Location:Australian High Commission,

KPMG House, Port Vila, Vanuatu


Name: Mr Nick Cumpston Phone 0011 678 23341


Role: First Secretary (Development Assistance)

Location Australian High Commission, KPMG House, Port Vila, Vanuatu


Postal Address PO Box 111, Port Vila, Vanuatu

[email protected]

Nicholas gratuated in 1996 Hons in Economics University of Melbourne

Alumni Newsletter 1996





The National Economic and Fiscal Commission hosted a meeting of Provincial Governors in Mt Hagen in October. This conference was called to present Governors with the Commission’s proposals for reform of the present system of funding for Provinces and LLGs. CEO and Chairman, Dr Nao Badu, made a detailed and well-received presentation to the 16 Governors, highlighting the problems

of the current system and putting forward detailed proposals for its reform. These proposals are the product of significant research, deliberation and consultation into PNG’s intergovernmental

financial system system, undertaken over the past 2½ years.


Pictured at the the Governors’ Conference: Erue Morea, Nick Cumpston, Kathy Whimp, Francis Kore,

Jacob Ekinye, Idau Iairi and Jonathan Gouy.


The photo of Nick and the full write up can be seen at:

UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE Honours Theses 1990-1999  


Economics and Commerce honours theses are available on microfilm in the Baillieu Library (call number BA MIC/o 6377). Honours theses are listed here by year of completion. The microfilm roll and section number is given next to each title.



Year Last Name First Name Title of Thesis Microfilm Roll Microfilm Section


1996 Cumpston Nicholas Indirect Taxation in Australia: Comparing the Distributional Effects of Alternative Systems of Indirect Taxation Using the LES. 27 9

Vanuatu Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Final report

Client: European Commission Delegation Vanuatu

ECORYS Nederland BV

Carole Pretorius

Corina Certan

Rotterdam, July 2006


Objective of the PFM-PR

The overall objective of the report is to provide all stakeholders with an assessment of

Public Financial Management (PFM) in Vanuatu using the Public Expenditure and

Financial Accountability (PEFA) methodology. This methodology allows measurement

of country PFM performance over time and is an important element of the strengthened

approach to PFM, which recognises the need for strong government ownership.

This assignment is specifically designed to: (i) provide relevant information to orient

dialogue between the government and main donors on PFM and to help facilitate

improved donor co-ordination; and (ii) contribute to determining the eligibility of the

country to further budget support in line with article 61(2) of the Cotonou Agreement.

Detailed terms of reference are attached as Annex 1.


The report has been prepared by two external consultants from ECORYS appointed under

an EC framework contract. Mr N Cumpston from Australian Aid and Mr D Chandler

from the World Bank also participated in some of the interviews. The report could not

have been prepared without the significant assistance and co-operation of all Government

of Vanuatu (GOV) officials, particularly the Director of Finance Mr B Shing for coordinating

the whole process and to Mr L August for arranging interviews and facilitating

the collection of information.