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The British Isles and Ireland Collection from ProQuest


The British Isles and Ireland online historical newspapers collection from ProQuest is designed to help you discover the multiple perspectives needed to understand the historical complexity of British history, from the 18th century on.


The Guardian (1821-2003) and The Observer (1791-2003). The Guardian was first published in response to the Peterloo Massacre. Originally known as the Manchester Guardian, it was a Saturday-only paper until the newspaper stamp duty was repealed in 1855. Businessmen who hated its progressive opinions would tear the paper in half, throw the commentary out the train window, and only read the portion containing stock prices.


The Observer is the world’s oldest Sunday paper. Thought-provoking writers such as George Orwell, Vita Sackville-West, Clive James, Philip Toynbee, and others were contributors, continuing a tradition of freedom of the press, as well as serious coverage of politics and literature.


The Scotsman (1817-1950) was so radical when founded that it was considered “incendiary.” Today, it continues to provide an independent voice and uniquely Scottish analysis of local and global events. From the death of Sir Walter Scott to the death of Abraham Lincoln, from the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein to the fashion for tea salons in Victorian Glasgow, and from the Catholic Emancipation Bill to the crash of the U.S. stock market, The Scotsman captured the unprecedented turmoil and change occurring on both sides of the Atlantic during the 19th and 20th centuries.


The Irish Times (1859-2007) and Weekly Irish Times (1876-1958) let researchers explore nearly 150 years of the Emerald Isle’s turbulent history, rich culture, and complex political climate. From the aftermath of The Great Famine, the launch of the Titanic, and the Easter Rising of 1916, to the World Wars, the Troubles, and today’s most pressing global social issues, Ireland’s “only independent newspaper” lends its authoritative voice to local and international events alike.


Librarians are invited to request a free trial of the British Isles and Ireland collection from ProQuest.


The Guardian and The Observer are delivered on the ProQuest Historical Newspapers platform and are cross-searchable with the American Periodicals Series Online, ProQuest Civil War Era, and the following historical newspapers:


The New York Times (1851-2004)

The Wall Street Journal (1889-1990)

Washington Post (1877-1991)

Los Angeles Times (1881-1986)

Chicago Tribune (1849-1986)

The Christian Science Monitor (1908-1994)

The Atlanta Constitution (1868-1939)

The Boston Globe (1872-1924)

Hartford Courant (1764-1984)

New York Tribune (1900-1910)

Chicago Defender (1909-1975)

New York Amsterdam News (1922-1993)

Pittsburgh Courier (1911-2002)

Los Angeles Sentinel (1934-2005)

Atlanta Daily World (1931-2003)


ProQuest continues to add U.S. and international titles to its Historical Newspapers

program, developing an online primary source that not only provides the news, but also advertisements, obituaries, marriage announcements, editorials, classifieds, comics, cartoons, and more.


Newspapers are a key contributor to what we glean about our ancestors, and I shall be adding to this page those which I have found useful.

The following site is free for the 4 Newspapers it contains.


The Victoria Government Gazette 1836-1997 are all now available on-line through the State Library of Victoria at