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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier

News  - Page 1 - Mar. 2009 - Feb. 5 2010

This is a new website, started on 28th March 2009, using Sitemaker 4.0 at


This data has never been held on my website previously therefore it will take me some months to upload it.  I welcome any contributions, corrections or comments, and ask only for the reader's patience as I complete the initial pages.  Thereafter, it becomes a labour of love to update it regularly!  Check out this key page first.

12 June 2009

Message from Brenda Harris re her Grandma Lowe (Florence Webber, daughter of Emma Jane Cumpston).  She kindly sent me a photo of Florence carrying Brenda's father Arthur Lowe and one of his sisters, Evelyn standing alongside them.  This is a  most special photograh as it is the first I have of a CUMPSTON woman.  You can read more about her family by clicking on Emma Jane.



20 June 2009

[email protected]   I wrote to Rick in America 107 Industrial Blvd Cedar Park, TX 78613 512-579-9446 He replied to say he had forwarded my message to his father Russell who has been researching for some years.  DO GET IN TOUCH RUSSELL!

2668 hits have been made on the site in the first 3 months!

By 28th June 2009

8th July 2009

Today I have signed up with a genealogical social networking site   which will enable new CUMPSTON researchers to make contact, both with me and each other. So have a look and join in.

19th July.  A most exciting email and subsequent telephone call with Amy [Cumpston] McGrath, who is currently in London from Australia.  We have arranged to meet up in London on Thursday to swap family stories.  I am also back in touch with her nephew Michael, also in Australia, who has in the past been to stay with us in Yorkshire.

See my article on my trip to the Antarctic and Macquarie Island, following Dr J S Cumpston

4300 hits have been made on the site in 4 months.

By 28th July 2009

5553 hits have been made in 5 months. By 28th August.

6th August and a trip to London to meet with Amy McGrath.  We had a great time, sharing family anecdotes and enjoying hearing about the way in which each branch of the family has developed.

A CUMPSTON reunion will follow in Sydney.

28th August 2009 sent the first email round robin to Australian Cumpston relatives, giving them an update of all that had been happening here on the site, and asking for help on tracing other CUMPSTONs.


If you would like a copy of the update drop me an email by clicking on Contact me on the tab above.

COLUMN 1 CONTINUED  5th September 2009 Website updated with the following: 

  • California, Kentucky and Texas deaths

  • page 4 of USA obituaries

6000 hits made by 8th September 2009 in 5 months and 8 days.

11th September 2009


Major change today to make it easier to find the large amount of data from the USA.  It now has its own tab, and data organised under American States.  

15th September 2009.

I received in the post today from Australia a copy of Amy McGrath's latest book 'Satan's Kingdom' ISBN: 978-1-4349-0230-6

'An enthralling epic novel on the foundation years of Australia 1789- 1809 created in the upheaval of the French and Irish revolutions, by Amy McGrath. Author of the prior epic novels, Kublai  Khan and Opium Lords. Kublai Khan, “Enjoyable and readable.” Australian Book Review. Opium Lords, “The author is a born storyteller.” Canberra Times'.  You can read about it and Amy here :

Many thanks Amy for such generosity.  I shall look forward to reading it.

300 pages completed on 17th September 2009

17 September 2009

Received the family tree from Brenda Hill which can be found under the Staffordshire Tree Tab.  This contains useful data relating to a second brother of the Staffordshire main tree.  Thomas Cumpston of Ettingshall.

I also received a skype call from New Zealand from Marion Bell about her Staffordshire relatives and I look forward to hearing more from her.

23rd September 2009

More sustained activity this week with contact from Peter about his Staffordshire connections between the WONES and the CUMPSTONs who now have their own page.

Thanks to Peter I have found a family for Archie Compston the golfer.

Because of the data that Peter provided I have now started a new page on the C[R]UMPSTONE[e]s in Montgomery. 

Brenda Hill has provided lots more about her tree - thanks Brenda!

I've added a page on Richard CUMPSTON [1818] in Westmorland with his family.


Australian Census data has its own page now within family trees, and what is clear is that there were just two original CUMPSTON emigrant families from England - and these are the two that I am trying to make connections between.  


I have now finished uploading all my American and Canadian data and started on the English information.  I have been slightly disappointed however that after sending some researchers lots of information I hear no more from them, and I would like this process to be two - way.  Some of you have been first rate at supplying, adding to, or correcting the data, and the site is here for YOU, so please do contribute!  I am always happy to make special pages for you and if you want to design and write your own page just let me know.


Finally, I have been through my In Box and written to everyone who has been in contact over the last 8 years - some task that!  Sadly many of the email addresses have bounced, so if we have corresponded in the past do drop me a line with your new address - I plan to send out a CUMPSTON update in November to everyone on the list.


As our latest twiglet - a new grand-daughter was due last week and has yet to make an appearance, there may be a slight interlude in my web-work!

26th September

Dr. Hugh Compston PHd. Cardiff University, School of  European Studies Wales added

Michael J Cumpston Kentucky added together with his father's death Robert “Bob” Cumpston (1934-2007) and John Cumpston.

Prof. Juliet E Compston added with photo

26th September continued

Spoke with Brenda Hill and we clarified data on her Thomas of Ettingshall line.  It is always good to be able to make direct contact with researchers and I am grateful to Brenda and her husband John who has scanned all the photographs which they sent to me.

7,500 hits by 1st October

6 months since 28th March 2009

 30th September.  Email from Helen Fitzgerald a Cumpston descendant.  Her Grandmother was Maud Elizabeth Cumpston, born Co. Durham March 1901, married to Ebenezer Wilkie Hall.  Maud grew up in Spennymoor, Co. Durham, and lived later in life in Seaton Carew, Hartlepool.  Please contact me if you recognise these names.

13th October Update on horse thief convict John Cumpstone who was sent to Australia for 7 years.

15th September.  Links made with Facebook where Milo Cumpston has his own page.

17th October  I am delighted to add the personal record of Margaret [Cumpston] Spencer about her life and professional work, together with family photographs.

17th October.  Received an email from Jenny Edwards    in New Zealand

re her ancestor Francis Cumpstone m1/2/1768 Shrewsbury and I have added details to a new page for Francis.

I believe I have another connection for this family and am working on uploading that data.


18th October.  2 full pages completed on Francis Cumpston, with information provided by Jenny Edwards which has been matched to information I held from Fred.

20th October.  Substantial upload of Hopton Wafers Shropshire tree data,  general Shropshire  records, and William Crumpton, Lyndham

21st October.  3 pages added on Hopton Wafers including files from the National Archives and Shropshire Archives.

22nd October.  A new way of organising the data has been tried under the Shropshire tab, using the Latter Day Saints Batch number.  More information sent by Jenny Edwards and added to her page.

27th October 2009.  Contact made with Paul Judd, relative of Jenny Edwards and descendant of Francis and Martha.


8841 hits at 7 months old. Over 1,000 hits each month!  

1st November 2009.  Many new photos uploaded today for Welsh Cumpstones.

Idris Cumpstone updated and Fochriw developed.

4th November 2009.  Telephone call to Bert Cumpstone in Wales and subsequently sent him 4 pages of update.  James Compson of Vowchurch added under the strays button.

5th November 2009.  Joyous welcome to a new Cumpston descendent - Elodie McCargow born today to Rob [my nephew] and Emma.  Weight 9 lbs.

8th November 2009.  UK 1901 census added for CUMPSTON, CUMPSTONE, CUMSTON, CUMPTON  [2 PAGES]

16th November 2009 There will be no new pages this week or next as I am busy finishing my book on Watson Cumpston, Master Mariner.  Do contact me though if you have news that you want me to add.  Jenny contacted me to say that the computer she was using at college did not show the 'contact me' button.  To enable this I have moved the DNA pages under the 'Welcome' tab.  This frees up space for the 'contact me' button!

19th November.  Taken a break from the Cumpston book to explore the Google Timelines.  New entries from 1760 to 1780 added under New York, and Elizabeth Cumpston in Cayuna, 


12,600 Hits by December 1st.

1st December 2009.  Update Howard Bruce Cumpston and George William Cumpston (Australia) with the piece written by his sister Margaret [Cumpston] Spencer.

Grateful thanks also to Peter, who sent me dozens of photos for the site and Bert who did likewise!

9th Dec. 2009.  Still working hard to finish my CUMPSTON book but the end is now in sight!


Added today the obit for Donald Cumpston Aug. 2, 1932 - Nov. 30, 2009 YUTAN  77


My next web site task over the Christmas break is a new page on the site map to make it easier to negotiate.  There are now 352 pages uploaded with more to come.

15 December 2009 | by The New Lawyer    [Australian]


ATTORNEY-General, Robert McClelland, today announced the appointment of Professor Rosalind Croucher as the president of the Australian Law Reform Commission.

“I congratulate Professor Croucher on her appointment and look forward to her leading Australia's foremost law reform institution” McClelland said.


Many congratulations to Ros!

See full announcement

21 December 2009.  Contact from Alison in Wyming New South Wales Australia  the daughter of William (Bill) Compston (born 1931, son of Arthur) in Australia. She is willing to share information her brother Hugh has collected .


JANUARY 1 2010

15469 Hits

1 JANUARY 2010


5th January 2010


Two good pieces of news this week.

1.  I've made contact with Viv McGrath who is going to  update her page for me.


2.  My Cumpston Master Mariner Book is finally finished and is with my reviewer.

27th January 2010

2 new pages added on Thomas KNAGGS my 3 x great grandfather whose daughter Mary married Watson CUMPSTON

25th January 2010

An updated page submitted by Vivian McGrath.  Many thanks Viv!

28th January 2010

New page added. Check it out at UK Counties

30th January 2010.

New pages added on Cumbria Marriages

and Jenny Cumpstone


Lancashire Marriages updated.


There is a new page 2 for the Ambleside tree

31st January 2010

A new page added for the Rev. Edward Cumpston Rutland.

Does anyone recognise him?

[Added under USA Strays].


A new page added for Newspapers


I have changed the name 'Links' to 'External web links'

February 1 2010

18820 Hits

A record month with over 3,400 hits!  Thank you all for visiting the site.  Please tell me about your Cumpston interests!


Brilliant photo added of Rothwell CUMPSTON from Greene County Pennsylvania sent by his gggrandson Thomas.


Correspondence from Kirk Cumpston who kindly agreed I can add some information about him.  He also gave me contact details for his aunt.


 Many thanks Kirk!


A new page added of entries from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission