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Mike Cumpston author on revolvers


ISBN: 9780595802654 Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.  Year Published: 2005


In the early transition from the long-lived flintlock system, handgun development closely paralleled that of the long arms. With the advent of the revolving pistols, however; came patents that created monopolies in revolver production and the through-bored cylinder necessary for self-contained metallic cartridges. The caplock revolvers took on a separate evolution and remained state of the art long after the widespread appearance of cartridge firing rifles and shotguns. They rode in the holsters of of explorers and adventurers across the world and granted safe conduct in the back-alleys of the Industrial West right up until the last quarter of the 19th Century.


Handguns possess a mystique distinctly different from that of other firearms. They are tools of personal empowerment-chosen by their owners to provide independence and freedom of movement. In the ambitious, optimistic early years of western industrial civilization they were the emblem of liberty and equality and the bane of repressive governments and social movements. Largely because of the traditions that emerged in the time of the caplock pistols and revolvers, they remain so in the early years of the 21st Century.



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Percussion Pistols And Revolvers: History, Performance and Practical Use, by Mike Cumpston and Johnny Bates


'I had a lot of fun reading this book, as I know one of the authors by reputation. Mike Cumpston posts on a number of firearms sites and specializes in black powder shooting, particularly of revolvers, but also including pistols and long arms. Mike is past being recognized as an expert in this field and his expertise has helped a lot of his fellow shooters overcome various problems commonly encountered by black powder shooting enthusiasts.


As an avid shooter myself, I can say that Messrs. Cumpston and Bates know their material. I have a couple of Colt percussion revolvers myself, one over 140 years old, and it still works due to a little preservation and attention like that advocated and described in this helpful book. '


Born in 1947, Mike is a native of central Texas. He is a member of the National Rifle Association, the Texas State Rifle Association, and a certified Texas Concealed Handgun Licensing Instructor.


Mike is a freelance writer whose articles have appeared in American Handgunner, Guns Magazine, the TSRA Sportsman, and Front Sight. In addition, he has contributed articles to Internet publications such as The Centurion (Miles Fortis) and