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Marjorie Hester Compston UK

Sir Godfrey Russell Vick KC (24 December 1892 - 27 September 1958) was an English lawyer and judge who played a part in several important tribunals.  Vick was born West Hartlepool, the son of Richard William Vick JP and Emily née Oughtred. He was educated at The Leys School and Jesus College, Cambridge. He served in the Durham Light Infantry during World War I, being called to the bar at the Inner Temple in 1917, and practised successfully, largely as a criminal lawyer. He served variously as a recorder in Richmond (1930-1931), Halifax (1931-1939) and Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1939-1956). He was subsequently made a county court judge, and became a bencher of the Inner Temple.


His service on public enquiries included:

London County Council remand homes (1944);

The black market in petrol (1948);

Lynskey tribunal into political corruption (1948);

Ill-treatment of prisoners at HM Prison Liverpool (1958).


He married Marjorie Hester Compston and the couple had two daughters and two sons, the younger of whom, Arnold Russell, also became a barrister and judge. Vick's hobbies were hunting and golf.


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St Peter & St Paul, Seal. Graveyard Sevenoaks


NE Plot Plot Name Date of Burial Row 24  Plot 15


Burial Registers


Sir Godfrey Russell Vick 2 Oct 58

Cyril Hampton Wick 16 Jul 77

Majorie Hampton Wick 7 Jun 85

Clive Compston Russell Vick 10 Nov 90


Jesus College Cambridge



Sir Godfrey Russell Vick, Q.C. (1958)[died]


"Distinguished performance in any Part of the Law Tripos or in the LL.M., on the recommendation of the Fellows responsible for Law teaching."

Awarded £85 Prize

Marjorie Hester Compston's birth was registered Jun Q 1900   Wandsworth  1d 696    


She married Mar  Q 1920   Godfrey Russell Vick  St.Geo.H.Sq.  1a 906

She had a twin brother John Milton Compston.

St Peter and St Paul. Seal

Baptism Register (edited) 1938 -1964


Date of Birth and Baptism

Sept 21 1945 Nov 4 1945

Rosemary Russell Vick  father Officer Royal Air Force


Feb 28 1950 Mar 26 1950

Susan Russell Vick  father Solicitor


Nov 11 1956

Christabel Russell Vick father Solicitor


The Hawks' Club Cambridge

History of the Dinner


The first London Dinner was organised in July 1936 by John Tallent (Clare 1929-32, Hawks, Rugby), a former President of the English Rugby Union. Prior to that, in the early 1930’s, the Club used to hold a Ball in London on the third day of the Varsity Cricket Match – “in the days when a first class dance band cost 40 guineas and tickets were 17 shillings and sixpence”! However, numbers began to dwindle, and it was decided to experiment with a “stag” Dinner instead. The first was held at the Grosvenor House, when 120 members attended, including the late Duke of Gloucester. The Guest of Honour was the great English actor, Aubrey Smith, who introduced cricket to Hollywood.

In about 1954, the venue was changed to the Savoy, and the date to the eve of the Varsity Rugby match. Only twice since has the venue been other than at the Savoy, one of those occasions being in 1974, the Club’s centenary year, when the Dinner was held in the Guildhall to accommodate the 600 members who attended. The move to the Savoy produced a marked improvement in attendance figures, which in recent years have averaged around 300.


The London Dinner is organised by a committee of some 15 graduate Hawks, covering all age groups – as well as representatives from Cambridge in the form of the current President and a senior member, generally one of the Club Trustees. In practice, most of the work falls on the shoulders of the Secretary of this committee – John Tallent’s successors in this role have included Clive Russell Vick (Jesus 1941, Cricket & Hockey),



The "CAF Thiepval Project" was the working title of the British end of the Franco-British partnership that has created a visitor centre at Thiepval.


Phillip Russell Vick landscape architect of enplan (Tunbridge Wells) generously prepared plans and greatly assisted on the landscaping that has so successfully blended the French architects' superb design into the countryside surrounding the Lutyens memorial.



His Honour A.O. Russell Vick

Philip Russell Vick


Tuesday 6th February 2007

The public inquiry into the proposed SnOasis indoor snow centre development in Suffolk started last week.


Philip Russell-Vick, a witness appearing on behalf of SnOasis developers Onslow Suffolk told the inquiry that the ski-slope would be a “highly unusual, perhaps unique, structure”.


Drifting into the flowery language of architects he claimed that “its simple angled form is a clear expression of the building's function as an artificial skiing facility.”

Glanville Williams Society Reception 27 February 2002


The inaugural Reception of the Glanville Williams Society was held at 65 Fleet Street,

London on 27 February 2002, hosted by David Taylor (1977). Jesuans connected to the Law

and their guests made the most of this opportunity to renew old acquaintances and make

new ones. This recently formed society honours the memory of one of the College’s most

famous lawyers, Glanville Williams. The following accepted the invitation to this most

successful event:


 A.O. Russell Vick (1954),

JUDGE ARNOLD RUSSELL VICK Q.C. A Hundred Years of Golf at the Wildernesse 1890-1990

Wildernesse Club Ltd, 1989. (ISBN: 0951492004) Soft Cover , Landscape. Published to mark the centenary year of the golf club at Seal, nr Sevenoaks in Kent. 66 pages. Illustrated in b&w

Marjorie is part of the Lancashire 1 Tree