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London marriages


RG6 is the Society of Friends' (Quakers) Registers, Notes and Certificates of Births, Marriages and Burials ranging from 1578-1841.


Registers of births, deaths, burials and marriages of congregations of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in England and Wales. A number of original birth and burial notes and original marriage certificates are included. The documents in the series are arranged by Quarterly or Monthly Meetings, which consisted of a county or combinations of counties.


Compson Mary        1677 Marriage  Surrey  RG6_1270  


Compson Elizabeth  1718 Marriage  London  RG7_034  


Compson Ann          1725 Marriage  London  RG7_032  


Compson William     1727 Marriage  London  RG7_090  


Compson James      1740 Marriage  London  RG7_184  


St Catherine's marriages 1856/Q1    Volume 2 a,b,c

Epsom   2 a  7  Cumpston       Eliza Elizabeth Ann