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London births page 2



CRUMPTON  Edward William     Southwark  1d 16    


Births Jun 1897   Crumpton  Percy Stanley     W. Ham  4a 226    


Births Dec 1897   Crumpton  Rose     Lambeth  1d 331    


Births Mar 1898

Crumpton  Frederick Herbert     Poplar  1c 645    

Crumpton  George William J     W. Ham  4a 263    


Births Mar 1899   Crumpton  Alice Lilian     Poplar  1c 655    


Births Jun 1900  Crumpton  Charles Thomas F     W. Ham  4a 254    

Crumpton  Mary Ellen     Poplar  1c 626  


Births Sep 1900   Crumpton  Charlotte Eliza     Poplar  1c 584    


Births Sep 1901   Crumpton  Ernest William     Southwark  1d 91    


Births Jun 1902   Crumpton  Louisa Sarah     Poplar  1c 584    


Births Sep 1902   Crumpton  Herbert Alfred G     W.Ham  4a 95    


Births Dec 1902  Crumpton  Ann Charlotte     Poplar  1c 533    

CRUMPTON  Ann Charlotte     Poplar  1c 555    


Births Jun 1903  CRUMPTON  Rose Ellen     Wandsworth  1d 580    


Births Sep 1903   Crumpton  Edward John     Camberwell  1d 976    


Births Dec 1903  CRUMPTON  Arthur Frederick     Hackney  1b 498    

CRUMPTON  Mary Florence     Poplar  1c 574    


Births Sep 1904  CRUMPTON  Charles Joseph G     Poplar  1c 571    

CRUMPTON  Frederick     Kensington  1a 160    

CRUMPTON  Sydney     Croydon  2a 326    


Births Dec 1904   CRUMPTON  James John V     Poplar  1c 572    

CRUMPTON  John Frederick     Poplar  1c 614    


Births Mar 1905  

Crumpton  Henry Charles     Southwark  1d 15    

Crumpton  John James     Camberwell  1d 885    


Births Mar 1906   Crumpton  Lilian Maud     Poplar  1c 606    


Births Sep 1906   Crumpton  Alice Elizabeth     Camberwell  1d 866    

Crumpton  Mable Winifred     Bethnal G.  1c 177    


Births Dec 1906   Crumpton  Arthur William     Croydon  2a 302    


Births Mar 1907  Crumpton  Cyril Cornelius     Poplar  1c 598    

Crumpton  Mary Ellen     Southwark  1d 84  


Births Dec 1907  CRUMPTON  Frederick John     Poplar  1c 567    

CRUMPTON  Horace     Poplar  1c 512    


Births Mar 1908 Crumpton  Joseph Charles     Lambeth  1d 285


Births Jun 1908  Crumpton  Winifred Emily     Southwark  1d 100    


Births Sep 1908   CRUMPTON  George Edward     Camberwell  1d 820    


Births Mar 1909   Crumpton  Albert Charles     Lambeth  1d 258    

Crumpton  Mabel     Poplar  1c 514a    


Births Mar 1910   CRUMPTON  Nelly     Poplar  1c 511    


Births Jun 1911   Crumpton  Doris     Poplar  1c 495    


Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page


Births Sep 1911   CRUMPTON  Christopher  Gayler  Poplar  1c 944    

CRUMPTON  Florence I W  Napier  Camberwell  1d 1777    


Births Jun 1912   Crumpton  Henry  Scott  W.Ham  4a 303    

Crumpton  Mary A E  Larkin  W.Ham  4a 90    


Births Dec 1912   Crumpton  Grace M  Redfern  W.Ham  4a 263    


Births Sep 1913  CRUMPTON  Arthur H  Weedon  Pancras  1b 79    


Births Dec 1913   CRUMPTON  IRENE  BARHAM  Hackney  1b 849    


Births Mar 1914   CRUMPTON  Mary F  Bowdler  Poplar  1c 936    


Births Jun 1914  CRUMPTON  Lily  Scott  W.Ham  4a 391    


Births Mar 1915  Crumpton  Joseph  Gayler  Poplar  1c 981    


Births Jun 1915   Crumpton  Olive  Crumpton  Southwark  1d 162    


Births Dec 1915  CRUMPTON  Edith H  PALMER  Fulham  1a 272    

CRUMPTON  William E  BENTON  Southwark  1d 218  


Births Mar 1916   Crumpton  John  Crumpton  Poplar  1c 880    

Crumpton  Maurice F  Sarter  Croydon  2a 570    


Births Jun 1916  Crumpton  Irene  Gayler  Poplar  1c 861    

Crumpton  Leonard R  Mayne  Poplar  1c 802    


Births Dec 1916   Crumpton  Caroline A M  Morris  Southwark  1d 12    


Births Mar 1917  Crumpton  Joan M  Palmer  Fulham  1a 410    


Births Sep 1917  Crumpton  Eileen  Crumpton  Southwark  1d 112    


Births Sep 1918  

Crumpton  Dora  Palmer  Hammersmith  1a 308    

Crumpton  Ernest  Gayler  Poplar  1c 499    

Crumpton  Ivy  Palmer  Hammersmith  1a 308    


Births Mar 1919  Crumpton  Cecil W  Mayne  Camberwell  1d 938    


Births Jun 1919  Crumpton  Elizabeth H  Anstey  London C  1c 5    


Births Sep 1919  Crumpton  Hilda  Barham  Hackney  1b 709    


Births Dec 1919   Crumpton  Irene L  Crumpton  Poplar  1c 922    


Births Jun 1920  Crumpton  Margaret S  Palmer  Hammersmith  1a 502    


Births Jun 1923  Crumpton  Frederick L  Courtney  Poplar  1c 799    


Births Mar 1924  Crumpton  Albert E  Crumpton  Poplar  1c 682    


Births Jun 1924  Crumpton  Robert H  Bates  Hampstead  1a 897    


Births Dec 1924   Crumpton  Jeannie C  Courtney  Greenwich  1d 1323    

Crumpton  Peggy P  Johnson  W. Ham  4a 571    


Births Sep 1926  Crumpton  Diana E E  Perks  Croydon  2a 676    


Births Dec 1926  Crumpton  Patricia B  Courtney  Greenwich  1d 1257    


Births Sep 1927  Crumpton  Muriel B  Vaughan  Hackney  1b 654    


Births Dec 1927  Crumpton  Doris M  Johnson  W.Ham  4a 494    


Births Mar 1928  

Crumpton  Edward G W  Monksfield  Southwark  1d 12    

Crumpton  Peter S  Palmer  Hammersmith  1a 337    


Births Sep 1928  CRUMPTON  Iris L  Courtney  Paddington  1a 25    


Births Sep 1929  Crumpton  Diana  Crumpton  Wandsworth  1d 771    



Births Dec 1929  Crumpton  John C  Monksfield  Southwark  1d 55    


Births Dec 1930   Crumpton  Joan F  Stapleton  Stepney  1c 317    


Births Jun 1932  Crumpton  June  Choules  Islington  1b 284    


Births Sep 1933  CRUMPTON  John A H  Johnson  W.Ham  4a 405    


Births Sep 1934  Crumpton  Leonard  Crumpton  Paddington  1a 96    


Births Mar 1935   Crumpton  Barbara R M  White  W.Ham  4a 287    

Crumpton  Jean C  Harvey  Stepney  1c 293    

Crumpton  Peter G  [CG]odfrey  W.Ham  4a 369    


Births Mar 1936  CRUMPTON  Pamela M  Lawler  Kensington  1a 214    


Births Mar 1937  

Crumpton  Alan S  Bevis  Marylebone  1a 576    

Crumpton  John F W  White  E.Ham  4a 316    

Crumpton  Patricia V  Bevis  Paddington  1a 23

Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Mar 1919  Cumden  Walter  Jameson  W.Ham  4a 501    


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Sep 1910  

CUMPSTONE  Vivian J    Croydon  2a 322

RG4 are registers (authenticated by the Non-Parochial Registers Commissioners) of births, baptisms, deaths, burials and marriages. They cover dates from 1567 to 1858.


Compson James  1719 Burial  London  RG4_4330