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Lancelot Graham Bowser Cumpston

Lancelot Graham Bowser CUMPSTON, K. St. John  1902-1981.  Buried in Perth, Australia.


University of Melbourne

MB BS (Melb) 1928

MFA RACS (Foundation) 1952

DA (RCP&S) England 1954



Consultant Anaesthetist


Graham Cumpston was born in Perth in 1902, the son of Louis Bowser Cumpston, architect, and Amie Muriel (nee) Love.


He was educated at Perth Boys School and was a prominent Sea Scout, being the first to be awarded the Cornwell Badge for courage in 1920.  After graduating in Medicine at Melbourne University in 1928, he returned to Perth and was appointed Junior Resident Medical Officer at the Perth Hospital.  He practiced for a time in Leonora and Dwellingup and then returned to Perth in 1936.


In 1938 he was appointed Honorary Anaesthetist to the Perth Hospital, a position he held until his resignation in 1961. In 1976 the Board of Management, in recognition of his long service to the Hospital, appointed him Foundation Emeritus Consultant Anaesthetist.  He also held appointments as Honorary Anaesthetist at the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, the King Edward Memorial Hospital and the Perth Dental Hospital.


Graham was a lecturer in Anaesthesia for the Faculty of Dental Science at the University of W.A, and lecturer in Obstetric analgesia at the King Edward Memorial Hospital for the Nurses Registration Board.


He served as a Captain in the 13th Field Ambulance during the second World War and was a member of the St John's Brigade for many years, becoming Commissioner in 1966.  He was made a Knight of St John in 1976.


Graham Cumpston. was responsible for introducing the Foregger (Australian Midget) anaesthetic machine which used Cyclopropane to Perth and inaugurated the group anaesthetic practice.  He wrote a number of papers which were published in the medical press.


In 1931 he married Rosalie Jean (nee Goilan) and they had two children: Rosalie Janice and Graham Neil.  Neil studied medicine and was appointed Consultant Cardiologist to the Royal Perth Hospital in 1968.


Outside of medicine he was interested in aviculture, numismatics and philately.  He was also a keen gardener.


Graham Cumpston died in 1981 in the hospital he had served for so long; a few days after giving his last anaesthetic.


Source Royal Perth Hospital




Family reference:

Westmorland  WES 12


Dating to 1756 Lancelot Cumpston born in Brough, Westmorland.  Married Elizabeth Bowser.


Louis Philipe Cumpston married Catherine Annie Cowell.  The family left Liverpool for Australia in 1877.



25th October 2009

Received an email from Lesley

the  granddaughter of Thomas Bowser Cumpston who lived in Perth, Western  Australia.


Her mother (Thomas Bowser's daughter Constance F) made contact with her cousin (Elizabeth) in America many years ago and Lesley is now in contact with May  ( William Hudson's daughter) who is now in her nineties. Lesley has many

 photos, letters, diaries, etc from Sir Thomas Bowser [Cumpston.]  Her mother inherited much of his personal papers including a beautiful

 painting of an Indian Prince presented to him in honour of his work.



Relatives of Lesley on this website include the following:


Thomas Bowser Cumpston in Leeds.  

William Hudson


Lancelot Graham Bowser Cumpston  

Lancelot Cumpston and Elizabeth Bowser, who started this line.

Joseph Hodgson Cumpston in Carlisle

Kathleen Cumpston in Perth and the outline of the engraver's

business there.

Louis Philippe Cumpston b. Perth  

Louis Bowser Cumpston b Liverpool architect in Perth


There are also Australian trees taken from census