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Julia A (Cumpston) Sullivan, Ward died Morton County (Rollo) Kansas c 1960


2010-08-24 Mike L Sullivan wrote to me about his great grandmother


Mike wrote 'Julia A. Cumpston was my Great Grandmother.  She died in Morton County (Rolla) Kansas, where I grew up, I'm thinking circa 1960.  She had been married to T. S. Ward.  They are both buried beside her father, William H. Cumpston (1844-1921).  I think Julia was born in Missouri.


My Father was Conred Earl Sullivan, son of Conred (not Conrad) Denham Sullivan who were decendants of Willis S. & Julia A. (Cumpston) Sullivan.  There is debate whether his middle name was Strabach or Strawberry.'


Mike L. Sullivan Jefferson City, MO

Mike sent me a photo of Julia A (Cumpston) Sullivan, Ward and her 3 sons.  

L to R William Henry and Conred Denham (my grandfather) are standing and Orville E. is seated beside Julia.  

Also attached is a scan of the back of the photo.  It looks to be in the hand of my grandmother Bertha (Gann) Sullivan.  It says: Mrs. T.S. Ward and her 3 boys, Conred D. Sullivan, Orval E. Sullivan, William H. Sullivan, taken at Pryor 1900.


Mike has a faint copy of a court transcript from September 20, 1900.   Julia testifies that the boy's ages are Conred D.13yrs,  Orville E.  11yrs & William H. 8yrs, on that day.  They appear to be older than that in this photo.  Mike would like to know more details about her birthplace, said to be in Missouri.  Can anyone help trace her birth?