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James WILSON  of Lambrigg, husband of Jenny CUMPSTON of Ambleside

WDFCF 1/81702-1828

Minute book of Grayrigg (Men's) Preparative Meeting - starting with copy of recommendations sent by James Fell from the Quarterly Meeting in Kendal 1702 for coping with any tendencies towards "fullness, heveness and slepyness" of Friends at meeting.  WDFCF 1/8  1702-1828


These documents are held at Cumbria Record Office, Kendal



- Note of books belonging to Grayrigg Meeting

- Note of order from Meeting for Sufferings held at Kendal, 17th. 9mo. 1709

- Recommendations from Yearly Meeting in London, 2nd 4mo. 1710 to Quarterly Meeting at Kendal for dealing with poor, etc.

- Testimony against tithes made by Christopher Dixon, 24th. 4mo. 1709


- "Paper of uses" following upon will of Edward Wilson of Thackmoorhead, Lambrigg made 28th. 4mo. 1709 appointing James Wilson of Abbey, Lambrigg and Joseph Atkinson of Crakehall, New Hutton, joint executors and setting aside £40 "towards ye propagating of a School within Grayrigg Meeting for ye Educating of poor Frds. Children ..." Witnesses: James Thompson, Thos. Wharton Willson

- "Paper of uses" following upon will of Martin Simson, 15th. 8mo. 1709, giving legacies of 50s. to John Blaimer of Simgill, Grayrigg and 50s. to Gervis Dixon of Th[u]rsgill, [ ] to be paid to Grayrigg Meeting so that interest be converted "towards ye upholding of a School within ye Meett. for ye Education of Children".

Witness: Joseph Atkinson


- Further "paper" of Edward Wilson that at request of late wife Margrett, deceased, £2 be paid to Grayrigg Women's Meeting. Witness: Joseph Atkinson

- "Paper of uses" following upon will of John Dickinson of Beckhouses, Grayrigg, made 17th. 1mo. 1712/13, appointing James Wilson of Abbey and Joseph

Atkinson of New, Hutton, joint executors and requesting they secure £40 for standing stock for school in Grayrigg Meeting chiefly for poor Friends' children and £40 for standing stock for assistance of travelling Friends "who are Labourers in ye Gospell and approved by ye Meett. from whence they came ..." - half of yearly interest to be for "ye accommodating such Frds.... with Meat, Drink and Lodging att ye House of my now Tenant Christopher Dixon" if this seems proper, and half for accommodating such Friends' horses; £3 annuity given to Alice Wilson for life be paid to Thomas Wilson of Little Docker if he outlives his sister and also 40s. be paid to Thos. one year after testator's death, also to his 2 nieces Jane and Margrett Wilson of Little Docker 20s. each, to Thomas Robinson of Soulby £15, to John Close of Grisedale Meeting £4, to Mary Dover of Longdale £4, to children of James Wilson of Abbey 40s. each, to children of Joseph Atkinson of Crakehall 20s. each, to Robert Atkinson of Mosside, Cumberland 20s., to friends Brian Lancaster, Willm. Wilson and Jno. Blaimer, 20s. each if it happens that Christopher Dixon refuses estate at Beckhouses


- Certificate, 21st. 5mo. 1718 of Thomas Moor of Sunnibanke, Grayrigg ordering Isaac Simson of Castlebanke, Grayrigg, executor of will to pay £20 to James Wilson and Jno. Blamer of Grayrigg - half interest for maintenance of schoolmaster at Beckhouses, Lambrigg and half for use of poor. Witness: Edward Tarne

- Request of Mary Moser, 21st. 9mo. 1714, that James Wilson of The Abbey (given £2 in will of same date) should give £1 to Grayrigg Women/s Meeting and £1 to repairing of Friends' burial ground at Sunibanke, Grayrigg. Witness: Jno. Blaimer

- Memorandum, 24 October 1752, of Thomas Ayrey that he gives £10 to Thos. Farrer of Beck houses and Joseph Atkinson of Crack Hall to be kept as standing stock for use of poor

- Note, 28th. 2mo. 1779, of £10 given by Mary Alison to Thos. Farrer and Thos. Blamire for use of Grayrigg Meeting [all at front of volume]

- Testimonies against tithes made, 9th. 11mo. 1760, by John Tickonson, Winton and Ed. Wilson

- "A Record of Several Advices to Friends"

- To Kendal Quarterly Meeting from Yearly Meeting in London, 2nd. 4mo. 1710

- Advice of Kendal Quarterly Meeting, 1st. 11mo. 1713, that following ill accounts of young women employed in the silk and worsted business, none to take up that business without consent of their preparative meeting

- Advice of Kendal Quarterly Meeting, 7th. 11mo. 1714, about marriage

- Advice of Yearly Meeting in London 14th. 4mo. 1717 about mourning

- Advice of Kendal Quarterly Meeting, 2nd 2mo. 1707 about attending burials without delay

- Advice of Kendal Monthly Meeting, 2nd 9mo. 1722 appointing John Thompson, James Wilson, William Williamson, Daniel Stevenson, John Wilson, Thomas Braithwaite, William Wilson, Robert Chambers, John Warriner, Joseph Atkinson and John Skiring advisers in matters of law-suits

- List of books belonging to Friends of this meeting. Undated

- Brief account of poor money 1787-1788

- Note of appointment of Thos. Farrer to take care of school money 2nd. 3mo. 1788

- Note of appointment of John Farrer as cash keeper for school 18th. 12mo. 1796 and brief accounts 1797-1799. [all at end of volume].

[Note: the back cover of the minute book bears the inscription "To Tho. White Mercht. at Bridlington Key, Yorkshire."]



WD PW 3/12  1714


These documents are held at Cumbria Record Office, Kendal



Probate of will of Elizabeth Simson of Thursgill in Whinfell, Kendal, made 19 April 1712 and proved (Archdeaconry of Richmond), 16 June 1714.


Bequests:- small annuities or legacies to mother, Mary Clark; sister Mary Dixon; father-in-law Joseph Clark; aunt Elizabeth Beck; sister, brother-in-law and nephew, Margaret, Jeremy and Robert Whitwelll nephew Thomas Huetson; brother-in-law and his brother, Gervis and Jonathan Dixon; David Dixon; uncle George Dennison and cousins Isaac, Margaret, -, and Deborah Dennison; also to Rachel Ion, Samuel Newby, Elizabeth Roper, Isabell Towson (wife of John), and John Blamer.

Executors:- James Wilson of The Abbey, Lambrigg and niece Isabel Huetson.

Supervisors:- Joseph Atkinson of Craka, New Hutton and John Blaimer of Grayrigg.



The history and antiquities of the counties of Westmorland and Cumberland

, Volume 1 Joseph Nicolson, Richard Burn, William Nicolson, Daniel Scott, Henry Hornyold-Strickland = contains the following:


Cumpston james wilson quote kendal cumpston james wilson poll for knights kendal

The poll for knights of the shire to represent the county of Westmorland Candidates. John Upton, Esq. John Robinson, Esq. Thomas Fenwick, Esq (Google eBook) includes the following

WQ/SR/417/1  25 October 1779




Enrolment of deed of grant of annuity of 40s. by James Wilson of Lambrigg gent. to John Atkinson of Kendal innkeeper, issuing out of two closes called Lowmires, formerly Hubbestys, at Docker.

[This single item was found loose but appears to be all that survives of the Kendal Michaelmas roll].

WD AG/Box 117/T23  1791


These documents are held at Cumbria Record Office, Kendal




Release confirmation (copy), 26 November 1791.

1. Isaac Wilson of Kendal, tanner, nephew and heir at law of John Wilson, Master of Arts, Fellow and late Bursar of Trinity College, Cambridge, and late of Kendal deceased.

2. James Wilson of Kendal, esq.

Recitals:- will of said John Wilson made 22 December 1790, bequests:- to his nephew, Isaac Wilson, all his estates, messuages, lands and premises with appurts. in parish of Sedbergh, co. York, subject to yearly payment of £15 to his sister Isabella Rowlandson for life in lieu of what he pays her now; also all his closes called Bullmire and Stripes in Kendal Parks; also all his other lands etc. in parish of Kendal; also £100;

- To his brother James Wilson subject to payment of £24 yearly to his sister Jane Scales for life in lieu of present annuity and payment of £600 at her death to be divided among her children;

- To his nephew James Wilson and niece Jane Wilson £200 each;

- To Reverend Dr Watson, Bishop of Llandaff £100 as a mark of his esteem and regard;

- To his housekeeper, Margaret Wade, £100 for her care and attention during his long illness;

- To Reverend Richard Wilson, his curate at Gainford, £20.

Executor: James Wilson, his brother, with all his books, plate and furniture in Kendal and in county of Durham.

Witnesses: Joseph Asbridge, Thos. Burrow, Jno. Postlethwaite.

- Said John Wilson died soon after making said will and (1) has agreed to establish and confirm will.

Premises: all those two messuages and tenements with all lands and grounds called Crosshouses situate in Lambrigg in parish of Kendal; all those several messuages and tenements with all their lands called Deepslack, Mirleslack, Steel Gill, Pickthill and Harehow situate in Whinfell in parish of Kendal, with two parcels of land in Whinfell; also all those two closes of land formerly one inclosure called Heron Hill in Kendal Parks; also all that new built front dwelling house with backbuildings, yard, garden and appurts. on west side of Highgate; also all that garden with summer house at south end of Bowling Fell in Kendal; also all that barn on the Fell side formerly belonging to Alderman Wilson; also all that close called Holme Parrock situate on the Tenterfell in Kendal; also all that messuage and tenement with all lands, turbary and appurts. situate in Brigsteer in township of Levens and Helsington; also that parcel of peat moss called High Cringle Moss situate in said township of Levens; also all other parcel of peat moss situate in Underbarrow formerly belonging to William Wilson; also all that fishery within the Middle Cubble in Windermere Water formerly belonging to Thomas English, - all which premises were lately estate of said John Wilson and now in possession of said James Wilson.

Consideration: 5s.

Witnesses: Jas. Wilson, Jno. Barrow.