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One of JHL's many books.

'This volume is dedicated to the memory of
and the many unknown or forgotten humble builders of our nation, who, after tragic
deaths, lie in lonely graves in the still silent places of our land.'

"Cumpston was undoubtedly the greatest figure in Australian public health in the 20th century, Cumpston helped to lay the foundations for the long lifespan Australians enjoy today, He foresaw the need for encouraging medical research, and Commonwealth-State cooperation in health matters. Both were very innovative for the time."

'In The People's Health: Public Health in Australia, covering 1788 to the present day', Dr Milton Lewis, senior fellow in the School of Public Health

UK Medical Register 1913
Name CUMPSTON, John Howard Lidgett

Dr. Cumpston to Return to Canberra Dr. J. H. L Cumpston, who has been advisor to the Ceylon Government on health matters is expected to return to Canberra at the end of March or early in April. Dr. Cumpston has booked a passage on a liner leaving for Australia on March 7.
He went to Ceylon five months
ago at the invitation of the Ceylon Government to advise on
health matters in that country.
He is a former Commonwealth
Director of Health.

The Canberra Times Saturday 28 January 1950

From October 1, cases of diabete
mollitus would receive maximum
extra butter allowance of 8 ozs a
week, said the Director-General of Health (Dr. Cumpston) on Saturday.
A special cream allowance of 13
pints a week would be given to persons suffering from duodenal or peptic ulcers, ulceratlve colitis, active pulmonary tuberculosis, and typhoid
Dr. Cumpston said where additional butter was granted cream would not be provided, but where cream was unobtainable an equivalent quantity of butter would be made available.

The Canberra Times Monday 27 September 1943


"Cheese-paring" Methods
Of Government
CANBERRA, February 27.
Conditions at the Canberra Hospital were uneconomical and unsatisfactory, the medical superintendent (Dr. Nott)
told the Hospital Advisory Board to-day. He said that nurses and doctors were working under grave disabilities which might at any time precipitate a crisis. Dr. Nott accused tbe Government of cheese-paring methods and severely criticised the Director-General of Health (Dr. J. H. Cumpston) and the Minister for Health (Mr. C. W. Marr) for "having ignored the urgent necessity for erecting an up-to
date hospital in Canberra." He described the suggested additions and alterations to the present building as sheer madness and a waste of money. It was decided to urge the Minister to give his immediate consideration to the erection of a new building, the
initial cost of which was estimated by one member of the board-at £50,

The Courier Mail Wednesday 28 February 1934

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