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Year of Marriage  Groom  Bride  Civil District  County


1849 James     Margaret  COMPSTON    Armagh        


1850 William   Mary  COMPSTON    Armagh        


1850 John     Mary Anne COMPSTON    Tyrone        


1851 George  COMPSTON   Martha      Armagh        


1851 William   Emily  COMPSTON    Antrim        


1852 Felix    Eliza  COMPSTON    Tyrone        


1852 William     Charlotte  COMPSTON    Tyrone        


1853 Arthur  COMPSTON   Anne Eliza      Armagh        


1853 Joseph    Ellen  COMPSTON    Tyrone        


1857 Adam     Mary COMPSTON Armagh  see Marriage Register First Markethill 1845 -1919


1859 Robert  COMPSTON   Martha      Armagh


1865 Robert  COMPSTON  Olivia  Armagh  Marriage Register First Markethill 1845 -1919


1865 Robert  COMPSTON   Susan      Armagh    


1866 William John  COMPSTON   Ellen      Tyrone        


1867 William  Compston  Anne Jane      Tyrone        


1868 Samuel John COMPSTON Ann Eliza Armagh  Marriage Register First Markethill 1845 -1919    


1869 Thomas  COMPSTON   Mary      Antrim        


1871 William George  COMPSTON   Sarah      Tyrone        


1876 James     Jane  COMPSTON    Armagh        


1876 Robert  COMPSTON   Eliza Jane      Armagh        


1883 William John     Sarah Margaret  COMPSTON    Armagh        


1885 Robert  COMPSTON   Esther      Armagh        


1887 Thomas     Mary  COMPSTON    Antrim        


1894 Thomas     Agnes  COMPSTON    Armagh        


1894 Francis     Sarah  COMPSTON    Armagh        


1898 James  COMPSTON   Barbara      Tyrone        


1899 Thomas James     Anne Jane  COMPSTON    Antrim        


1899 William     Sarah  COMPSTON    Armagh        


1900 John Alexander  COMPSTON   Anna Bella      Armagh        


1902 James  COMPSTON   Elizabeth      Antrim        


1902 William  COMPSTON   Rachel      Antrim        


1903 Abraham     Hannah Jane  COMPSTON    Armagh        


1903 Samuel  COMPSTON  Elizabeth      Armagh        


1904 Robert  COMPSTON   Jane      Armagh        


1904 William J  COMPSTON   Theresa E      Antrim        


1904 Henry     Elizabeth  COMPSTON    Antrim        


1905 John Edward     Eliza  COMPSTON    Antrim        


1908 James  COMPSTON   Mary      Antrim        


1912 Alexander    Elizabeth  COMPSTON    Armagh        


1912 Joseph  COMPSTON  Emma      Down        


1913 Rupert    Christina  COMPSTON    Antrim        


1918 John     Ellen  COMPSTON    Antrim        


1921 George  COMPSTON   Jane Elizabeth      Armagh        


1921 Winfield    Olivia  COMPSTON    Armagh      

The Home Rule Act of 1914, also known as the (Irish) Third Home Rule Bill, and formally known as the Government of Ireland Act 1914 (4 & 5 Geo. 5 c. 90), was an Act of Parliament passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom intended to provide self-government ("Home Rule") for Ireland within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


The Act was the first law ever passed by the Parliament of the United Kingdom that sought to establish devolved government in a part of the United Kingdom. However, the implementation of both it and the equally controversial Welsh Church Act 1914 was formally postponed for a minimum of twelve months with the outbreak of the First World War. Subsequent developments in Ireland led to further postponements, meaning that the Act never took effect; it was finally superseded by a fourth home rule bill (enacted as the Government of Ireland Act 1920).


Instead of home rule as envisioned in the 1914 Act, most of Ireland was to achieve independence in 1922 as the Irish Free State; however, the six north-eastern counties that remained within the United Kingdom as Northern Ireland did obtain home rule in the previous year.


To enable easier searching I have placed all marriages on one page for all counties.

Northern Ireland consists of six of the traditional nine counties of the historic Irish province of Ulster. It was created as a distinct division of the United Kingdom on 3 May 1921 under the Government of Ireland Act 1920,[6] though its constitutional roots lie in the 1800 Act of Union between Great Britain and Ireland.


1 Counties

1.1 County Antrim

1.2 County Armagh

1.3 County Down

1.4 County Fermanagh

1.5 County Londonderry

1.6 County Tyrone

The following MARRIAGE entries have been abstracted from the IGI.  They do not include those entries submitted by LDS Members:


 1. ELIZABETH COMPSTON Marriage: 04 APR 1905 Belfast, Antrim, Ireland  to JOHN EDWARD BARRETT.  Her parents were   Father:  WILLIAM COMPSTON  Mother:  ANN JANE CLEMENTS  


 2. SAMUEL I. COMPSON Marriage: 07 FEB 1868 2nd Monkettile, Mullaghbrack, Armagh, Ireland

 to ANN ELIZA JAMISON.  His father was George COMPSTON


 3. JAMES CUMPSON Marriage: 24 JAN 1846 0031, Knockbreda, Down, Ireland to ANNE JANE GEDDES


 4. MARY COMPSTON Marriage: 13 DEC 1850 , , Ireland to WILLIAM FERGUSON


 5. Margaret Compston Marriage: 1739 Diocese Of Clogher, Ulster Province, Ireland to Felix Boyd




Year of Marriage  Groom  Bride  County COMPSON


 1890 Joseph      Maria Jane  COMPSON    Tyrone


Year of Marriage Groom Bride County CAMPSON


1846 James  CAMPSON   Ann Jane    Down


Further details are available at:

Marriage Register First Markethill 1845 -1919 COMPSTON


When Married Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname


11 June 1857 Adam Allen Full age Batchelor Farmer Derryrain William Allen Farmer witness Robert  Compston Rev Robert Morrison

Mary Compston Full age Spinster Drumachee George Compston Farmer William Hooks


4 August 1865 Robert Compston Full age Widower Mechanic Crumlin George Compston Olivia Hanna Full age Spinster Drumahee John Hanna

Witnesses Samuel John Compston Mary Hanna


7 February 1868 Samuel John Compston Full Age Bachelor Labourer Drumahee George Compston Labourer William McStay Rev Robert Mitchell  

  Ann Eliza Jamison Full Age Spinster   Retarnet James Jamison Joiner Mary Jamison