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Ina Mary Cumpston

Born 16 Jul 1919

The daughter of JHL Cumpston and Glady Maeva Walpole

Death 12 Mar 2003

Academic Historian on British Imperialism

Author of a number of books.


Ina was my 4 x cousin, once removed.

Papers of Ina Mary Cumpston, 1883-1990 [manuscript]


Manuscript Bib ID 1354932  Format Manuscript  Author Cumpston, I. M. (Ina Mary)


Access Conditions Available for reference. Not for loan.  

Publisher 1883-1990.  Description 18 cm. (12 folders)  


Summary Papers include: 1. Letters from mother, Gladys Maeva Cumpston (nee Walpole), 1947-1973. 2. Photocopies and research material relating to Stanley Melbourne Bruce. 3. Manuscript by Edward Lee on early pioneering days. 4. Letters from father, Dr J.H.L. Cumpston, 1947-1954. 5. Other family papers and newsclippings, 1949-1990. 6. British official document regarding ratification of League of Nations treaties, ca. 1936. 7. Letters written by Margaret Walpole to her mother, and Mrs Walpole, on board the S.S. Pathan, London to Sydney, June to August 1883. 8. Eleven letters (1948-1954) from Dr J H L Cumpston to his daughter, Mary, including his research on Sturt, Mitchell and Gregory and allusions to people and events in Canberra, ending with the 1954 Royal Tour.  Further papers: 9. Transcript of an interview by Cumpston of Lord Garner. 10. Papers from Lloyd Wilmot regarding the development of Australia's Department of External Affairs from 1901-1979.  


Biography/History Daughter of Dr J.H.L. Cumpston, grand daughter of Margaret Walpole. Author of "Lord Bruce of Melbourne" (Melbourne, 1989).  

Notes Manuscript reference no. : NLA MS 8390.  



IM book cover

Letter to the Times, Friday August 13, 1976; pg 13; Issue 59781; col B.



Reader in Commonwealth History

Birkbeck College

University of London

Malet Street, WCI dated July 30





A leading article in The Times on July 9 contained these words: "The Commonwealth barely survived Rhodesia".  What do they mean?


The date of the Rhodesian unilateral declaration of independence was 1965.  The activities of the Commonwealth Secretariat founded in 1965 have been continuous.  The Commonwealth Prime Ministers in 1965 agreed to set up the Commonwealth Foundation, which by 1971 had helped among other activities to bring into being 12 new Commonwealth-wide professional associations.  In 1971, 28 Commonwealth Governments were contributing funds to the foundation.  In 1968 the Association of Commonwealth Universities had a membership of 182 university institutions.  Did the Rhodesian issues fundamentally affect the work of the Commonwealth Institute, the Commonwealth Institute, the Commonwealth Association of Architects, the Royal Commonwealth Society, the Commonwealth Education Conferences or the Agricultural Bureaux, to mention only a few examples of Commonwealth activity?


Your leader writer should be aware that the Commonwealth Press Union and the Commonwealth Correspondents' Association continued to expand in the 1960s.  In 1970, 23 Commonwealth governments were partners in the operations of the Commonwealth Telecommunications Board.  There was systematic cooperation in airlines.


In your first leading article of July 29 the word 'survived' again appears in relations to the Commonwealth and Rhodesian issues.  The article refers to the 'good work' which the commonwealth 'still manages to do.  This grudging language is inadequate to recognize the very extensive, if unostentatious and continuing cooperation in the Commonwealth.


Yours sincerely




Article CS218857229

Saturday 25th August 2001 


I spoke and corresponded with Ina in Australia.  We discussed at length the Brough, Westmorland connection from where her father JHL Cumpston stated our Hull relatives originated.


For Governor-General's


The following pupils will  represent their schools at the  farewell function to Then Excellencies The Governor

General and Lady Isaacs, to be held in the Albert Hall by the citizens of Canberra on December 5 next :


Telopea Park, Noel Gamble and

Mary Cumpston


The Canberra Times Thursday 28 November 1935


SYDNEY. Tuesday

The Department of Education today issued a list of honours awarded at the Leaving Certificate Examination.  They include :



John Garrett, Telopea Park Intermediate High School (33rd).

Mary Cumpston, Telopea Park Intermediate High School (45th).


The Canberra Times  Thursday 16 January 1936