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Hopton Wafers page 3

HALL COLLECTION  Reference 1578  Covering dates 18th-19th Centuries  Held by Shropshire Archives  Extent 5 Series

[no title]  1578/1/3/1-2  5 & 6 March 1821 These documents are held at Shropshire Archives



Copy lease and release - reconveyance

1. The Rev. Joseph Corbett of Longnor Hall, lately called Joseph Plymley Archdeacon of Salop in the Diocese of Hereford

2. The Rev. Thomas Rocke, Tenbury, Worcs, Clerk, and Ellen his wife

3. George Dansey Pardoe, Hopton, Clerk;  Henry Lloyd, Ludlow, gent; Trustees of the settlement on the marriage of Ellen Rocke & Thos [...] Rock

4. Sarah Jenner of Lower Phillimore Place, Kensington, Middx, spinster

5. The Rev. John Glasse, Pencomb, Herefs, and Susannah his wife, formerly widow of Nicholas Lechmere Charlton of Ludford, Esq.; George Turberville of Hanley Castle, Worcs, Clerk ; (Sus. Glasse & Geo Turberville are executors of the will of N.L. Charlton


6. James Compson, Cleobury Mortimer, Esq., surviving executor of the will of Susannah Pardoe, spinster


7. William Dansey late of Ludlow, now of Yatton, Aymestry, Herefs, gent.

8. Edward Collins Dansey of Ludlow, Lieut. R. Navy

9. George Henry Dansey, Ludlow, gent.

10. John Dansey, Ercall Park, gent

11. Emma Dansey, Ludlow, widow

12. Edmund Lechmere Charlton, Ludford, Esq., eldest son & heir of N.L.Ch

13. Dansey Richard Dansey, Easton, Herefs, Esq.

14. George Anderson, Ludlow, gent

Whereas Dansey Dansey (formerly Dansey Collins, father) of Ludlow, gent, at the time of his will was entitled, subject to incumbrances to proper and tithes in the lease and release of 24 & 25 March 1793 and 25 & 26 March 1799. By his will of 7 April 1777 he gave to his son Dansey Dansey all his property in the parishes of Little Hereford, Ashford Carbonell, Burghall and Brinsop (except the farm called Bleathwood in Little Hereford) subject to payment to his daughters Ellen (now Rocke) Betsy, Matty and Nancy of £3 payable at 21. Bleathwood to his wife Ellen for her widowhood, then to son Dansey Dansey subject to payment of £30 a year to the testator's wife for the rest of her life. Dansey Dansey, the father, died in 1777 and his will was proved in the P.C.C. By lease and release of 8 & 9 May 1788 between Dansey Dansey, son (1) Richard Dansey, youngest son of the testator (2) all the property in the will left to Dansey Dansey except a house (Jn Powell) in Little Hereford was conveyed to Rd Dansey, subject to sums secured by mortgage and bond and debts of the father, in a schedule below, with interest, and to an annuity of £100 to Martha Dansey, widow, since dead, and the interest of Ellen Dansey in Bleathwood and to £12,000 left to Ellen Rocke and her sisters.

By lease and release of 24 & 25 March 1793 between Richard Dansey (1) N.L. Charlton (2) James Kinnersley, gent (3) for securing to N.L.Ch. £8,000 and interest, Rd D. conveyed to N.L.Ch. the Manor of Brinsop; the capital messuage called Brinsop Court with buildings and land (Jn Williams), a cottage and garden (Bridgett West) and cottage (late Jn Stephens), coppiees called Cannon Park Coppice, Merry Hill Sallow Coppice and Barnage, all in the parishes of Brinsop and Burghill, Herefs (853 acres 3 roods 30 perches).

All tithes of corn, grain and hay and other tithes in the parishes of Brinsop and Burghill.

To N.L. Charlton subject to a proviso for redemption.

Recital lease and release of 25 & 26 March 1799 between Rd Dansey (1) Joseph Corbett (then Plymley) and the Rev. James Ingram (2) in pursuance of an agreement for providing for the debts of Rd Dansey in the [...] schedule

Conveyance of the messuage and farm and lands - Upper House Farm (then then late Edw. Callow); a messuage and farm called New House Farm ( [...] ther or late Thos Smith); a messuage and garden and orchard with lands ( [...] ther or late Wm Bradley); a piece of land once in 3 (then of late Rd Pugh); James Ingram died in 1813 leaving his co-trustee Joseph Corbett.

Bargain and sale of 20 April 1814 enrolled, between Dansey Rd Dansey (1) Ellen Dansey (2) Joseph Corbett (3) Robert Pemberton, gent (4) Rd Griffiths, gent (5) and 2 recoveries suffered Easter 54 Geo III (1814) pursuant to an agreement in the bargain and sale, 1 recovery for Herefs and 1 for Salop property - all property discharged from the estate tail vested in D.Rd D. and limited to the use of Jos. Corbett on trusts declared by the release. As to Bleathwood, discharged from the estate of Ellen Dansey, to the intent she (now decd.) might receive thereout an annuity of £400 for life in lieu of her life estate under the will of Dansey Dansey the father - the the use of Robt Pemberton for 100 years to secure the annuity. The rest of the premises in the bargain and sale to the use of D.Rd D. and his heirs forever.

Betsy Dansey and Nancy Dansey, 2 of the daughters of Dansey D., father, died under 21 unmarried and their legacies went to theirs sisters, Matty who married Joseph Corbett and Ellen Rocke who first married Geo Pardoe and after his death Thos Rocke. Matty Corbett died in 1812 and the legacy of £3,000 plus £3,000 by survivorship were paid to (or given up by) Joseph Corbett by Rd Dansey in the lifetime of Matty.

By indenture of 12 December 1799 between Thos Rocke (1) Ellen Pardoe, widow (2) James Kinnersley (decd.) (3) being the settlement before the marriage of (1) and (2) £9,000 due to her charged on the premises was assigned to (3) on trusts. The interest of £6,000 to be paid to her for her life, and at her death he was to pay it with interest to her 9 children by Geo Pardoe, and £3,000 was for her use and appointment.

By indenture of 13 Dec. 1799 between Ellen Pardoe (1) Rd Dansey (since decd.) (2) (2) requested (1) to discharge the manors etc. intended to be sold from payment of £9,000 which she agreed to do as sufficient was left to pay it, i.e. the manors of Ashford Jones, Ashford Carbonell and Huntingdon in the parish of Ashford Carbonell, and all property in the parish of Ashford Carbonell.

James Kinnersley's will 12 Dec. 1791 leaving all trust estates to his wife Lucy Marion K. and her heirs, whom he made sole executrix. He died on 4 March 1804 and his will was proved in the P.C.C. on 9 Jan 1808 Lucy M.K.'s will 18 Aug. 1812 giving her nephew Geo Dansey Pardoe and Wm Lloyd, gent., all her freehold, copyhold, leasehold and personal estate on trusts and she made them her executors.

G.D. Pardoe proved her will 13 Nov. 1813 in the P.C.C.

Indenture of 1 March 1814 between Wm Lloyd (1) Rev Thos Humphreys, Peregrine Fury Lowe and Ellen Lucy his wife, Rev Rd Powell and Maria his wife, Anna, Hester, Isabella and Emma Pardoe, spinsters (2) Geo Dansey Pardoe (3) Wm Lloyd renounced the executorship and never acted in the trusts and disclaimed the property.

Indenture of 12 May 1817 between Ellen Rocke (1) G.D. Pardoe (2) Wm Lloyd (3) Geo D. P. and Hy Lloyd (3). Recital £6,000, part of the £9,000 with interest due on the residue of the property and on trusts declared by indenture of 12 Dec. 1799; G.D.P. wished to be discharged as personal representative of Lucy M.K. from the trusts of £6,000 but was willing at the request of Ellen Rocke to become trustee in his own personal character with Henry Lloyd, and Ellen Rocke agreed to appoint the trustees of £6,000 and interest. This was done. Assignment of £6,000 to Wm Lloyd on trust to assign the same to G.D.P. and Hy LL.

By indenture endorsed on the last, 13 May 1817 between Wm LI (1) Ellen K.(2) G.D.P. and Hy LI (3) Wm LI assigned to G.D.P. and H.LI £6,000 with interest and the security on trusts in the indenture of 12 Dec. 1799

Of the several debts in the schedule, as in the release of 26 March 1799, and in the release of 9 May 1788, the several following sums with interest have been paid:- £3,000 due on mortgage to Nicholas Donithorne; £2,250 due on mortgage to Major William Dansey; £500 due on bonds to Edward Bayley, £40, £20 and £40 due on notes to the representatives of Daniel Bromley, to Mrs Horton and to Mr Thomas Owen, and £2,000 part of £5000 in the schedule stated as then the amount of other 3 pieces of land (then or late Edw. Lee, Esq.); a messuage and farm (late Cheeses and then Edw. Prees); a messuage and farm - New House Farm (then of late Jn Poulter); a messuage and farm - Bryampton Farm (Jn Watd); a messuage and farm called Bleathwood (Wm Harper); several pieces of ground (late Rd Dansey, Jn Ward, Edw. Mason) which pieces & Bleathwood Ellen Dansey is entitled to for life; 2 pieces (then or late Benjamin Maund); a piece (then or late Rd Parker); a messuage and farm with lands called Waston Farm (then or then late Edw Mason); a piece (then or then late Joseph Benbow); a piece of land (then or then late Jn Griffiths); a messuage and farm and blacksmith's shop (Thos Penny); a messuage and farm called Dillo's Farm (Edw. Oseland); a messuage and lands (late Carriers then Jn Powell); a messuage, garden, orchard (Jas Parker); piece - Barley Acre (Wm Harper); a capital messuage or mansion house - Easton House and farm (147 a) (Rd Dansey) and several cottages gardens and orchards (tenants named); half a cottage and garden (Eliz. Cooke) which capital and other messuages and farms etc. are in Middleton, Easton and Bryhampton in the parish of Little Hereford, Herefs. Allotment of Rd Dansey on a common - Bleathwood Common - in the parish of Little Hereford allotted to Rd Dansey; Coppice - Bleathwood Coppice in Little Hereford; a piece of land called Lampers Corner (Edw.Prees); a piece of land called Loonds (Edw. Looke); 3 pieces (Sam. Downes); Peas Croft (Jn Yapp); cottages, gardens, orchards (Ann James, Wm Evans, Francis Roden, Michael Carrier); 2 coppices called Whitmore Coppice and Incham Coppice (Rd Dansey) all which pieces etc. are in Ashford Carbonell. Chief rent of £3 10s from the estates in Ashford Carbonell On trust to sell the premises and apply the money to pay off mortgages and to pay Rd Dansey £300 a year; residue to pay debts.

Leasehold property to be held in trust for Rd Dansey and his heirs. Rd Dansey granted to Jos. Corbett and Jas Ingram the Manor of Brinsop, the capital messuage and farm and 2 cottages (Jn Williams), Lords Meadow (Wm Watkins) several cottages and gardens (Overseers of the Poor of the parish of Brinsop), coppices - Badnage, West Hill Vallets, Woodwards Common Park, Merry Hill and Sally Coppices (Rd Dansey) all in the parishes of Brinsop and Burghill and all the tithes from Grange Cobbertt in the parish of Brinsop, the estate of Thomas Andrew Knight, Esq.

Messuage and farm in the parish of Brinsop (Wm Watkins) and the Vicarage lands in the parish of Brinsop (Sam.Clarke) and chief rents from the estates in the Manor and parish of Brinsop, to Jos.C. & Jas I. on trust by mortgage and rents and selling timber to raise money to pay debts and subject thereto in trust for the use of Rd Dansey forever. Once the debts are paid then the premises unsold or not mortgaged are to be conveyed to the use of Rd Dansey discharged from the annuity of £200 being the rest of the annuity of £300 payable to Dansey Dansey the son for life by the bond of Rd Dansey, the whole of which is determinable at his death.

No sale or mortgage was made

N.L. Charlton's will of 14 Feb. 1806 not devising estates held by him in trust; residue to wife, Susannah, now S. Glasse, Geo Turberville and Somerset Davies (since decd); Geo T. and S. Glasse executors. Codicil 5 Jan. 1807. He died leaving Edm. L. Charlton his eldest son and heir - 27 April 1807 will etc. proved in the P.C.C.

Rd Dansey's will 31 March 1813 leaving to his wife, Emma Dansey, an annuity of £300 for her life and a legacy of £100 and to his 4 sons Wm D., Edw Collins D., Geo Hy D and Jn D. £24,000 equally between them at 21, except Jn whose share at 25, interest at 5% to be paid to them from the testator's death. All legacies, including £100 to Emma D. have since been paid. Rd D. gave to his eldest son Dansey Rd Dansey all his property in the parishes of Brinsop, Burghill and Little Hereford Herefs. and Ashford Carbonell, Ashford Jones and Huntingdon, Salop with the stock. If D.Rd D died without issue, then to the testator's son Wm D. Rd D. died leaving his widow Emma, and 5 sons who have all attained 21, and on 26 April 1814 his will was proved in the P.C.C. [...] debts of Rd Dansey due on bonds, notes, etc., and £3,000, part of £9,000 due to Ellen Rocke (then Pardoe) by will of Dansey Dansey, the father, thereby settled to her use, had been paid but the remainder of the debts etc. consisting of £4,000 then due on mortgage to Sarah Jenner, £8,000 then due on mortgage to Nicholas Lechmere Charlton, £1,000 then due on mortgage to Susannah Pardoe (Miss Pardoe), £1,350 due on mortgage to George Forester, Esq., £6,000, the rest of the £9,000 due to Ellen Rocke by will of D. Dansey, the father, being the whole of her now claim under that will, and £3,000 rest of £5,000 of which £2,000 has been paid, still remain due with arrear of interest on the sums.

Susannah Pardoe died about June 1802. Her will of 29 May 1802 appointed James Compson and Thomas Pardoe (since decd.) executors who proved it in the P.C.C.

Dansey Richard Dansey desires to pay off the debts (except the annuity of £300 left to Emma Dansey) which now affects the manors, messuages tithes, lands etc. in the indentures of 24 & 25 March 1793 and 25 & 26 March 1799 on having the premises released therefrom and reconveyed to the uses. D.Rd D. desires the property in the indentures of 24 & 25 March 1793 with a view to an intended sale thereof to be released from the annuity of £300 to Emma Dansey by the will of Rd Dansey to which she agrees.

D.Rd D. at the request of Ellen Rocke, paid £6,000 to Geo D.P. and Hy [...] Ll. as trustees in discharge of the £6,000, residue of £9,000, all interest having been paid to date, and D.Rd D. has paid £4,000 to Sarah Jenner in full discharge of the mortgage sum of £4,000 to which she is entitled as in the schedule to the indenture of 26 March 1799; and D.Rd D. has paid £8,000 to Jn Glasse and Sus. his wife and Geo Turberville in discharge of the mortgage sum of £8,000 to which Sus.G. & Geo T. are entitled as executors of N. Lech. Charlton decd. on security of indentures of 24 & 25 March 1793.

£1,000 due on the mortgage to Sus. Pardoe is secured on other estates not in the indentures below, and James Compson as surviving executor is satisfied with the security of such other estates and has agreed to release the hereditaments from the £1,000 & interest.

£1,350 so due on mortgage to Geo Forester with all interest has been paid off by D.Rd D; and the £3,000 being so much of £5,000 forming the final article in the schedule as still remaining due with interest has been paid off by D.Rd D. and bonds and notes etc. of which the £3,000 consisted have been wholly given up to D.Rd D.

In consideration of the several payments of Jn Glasse and Sus. and Geo Turberville as acting executors of N.L. Charlton, mortgagee, and Edm. Lech. Charlton as his heir and Jos. Corbett as surviving trustee under the indenture of 26 March 1799, have at the instance of D.Rd D. agreed to release and reconvey hereditaments in indentures of 24 & 25 March 1793 and 25 & 26 March 1799. D.Rd D. had paid £2,000 to each of his brothers, Wm Dansey, Edw. Collins Dansey, G. Hy Dansey and Jn Dansey in part discharge of their shares in £24,000 bequeathed by the will of their father, Rd Dansey. D.Rd D. has with the assent of Wm, Edw C, Geo Hy and Jn D. by 4 bonds of even date with these secured to his 4 brothers £4,000 in discharge of the rest of their share in the £24,000 and interest at 5%.

So in consideration of £6,000, interest having been paid to or relinquished by Jos. Corbett in the lifetime of Matty Corbett and of £3,000 to Ellen Rocke and in consideration of £6,000 to G.D.P. & Hy [...] LI. which Ellen Rocke admits in full for £6,000 due, in consideration of £4,000 paid to Sarah Jenner; in consideration of £8,000 paid to Jn Glasse and Sus. his wife and Geo Turberville and in consideration of £1,350 paid (due to Geo Forester), except the £1,000 due to James Compson, the 4 sums of £2,000 each paid and 4 sums of £4,000 secured by bond to the 4 Dansey brothers, the recipients release the premises and convey the manors, houses, lands, tithes in the counties of Salop and Hereford in the indentures of lease and release of 24 & 25 March 1793 and 25 & 26 March 1799 to Dansey Richard Dansey and his heirs freed from the incumbrances, to George Anderson for the life of D. Rd D. in trust for him to prevent any future wife of D. Rd D. from being entitled to dower from the premises after the death of D. Rd D. to his heirs forever.

Schedule of debts.