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Hopton Wafers page 2

 SRO 1045/353-54  24 and 25 March 1813 These documents are held at Shropshire Archives


1. James Compson of Cleobury Mortimer esq, eldest son and heir and also devisee named in the will of Thomas Compson late of Hopton Wafers esq deceased

2. Wilson Aylesbury Roberts of Bewdley esq, a trustee in whom a joint estate for life is vested with James Compson of certain tithes arising out of the farm to prevent the wife of James Compson having dower

3. William Childe of Kinlet esq and William Lacon Childe esq, eldest son and heir

4. Edward Burton of Shrewsbury esq

5. Edward Cludde of Orleton esq

Compson has contracted for the sale in fee simple of the Heath late the estate of Thomas Compson his father and also for the sale of tithes which James lately purchased of William Harry Earl of Darlington and Henry Viscount Barnard his son and their trustees, and as to which Roberts is a trustee.

Consideration: £3471.13.6


SRO 1045/350-351  25 and 26 May 1790 These documents are held at Shropshire Archives



1. Sarah Aston of Newton in the parish of Stotesdon widow of George Aston late of the same gentleman deceased, Samuel Peach of Seisdon in the parish of Troysil co Staffs gentleman, and Thomas Aston of Ludlow malster devisees in trust under the will of George Aston

2. Thomas Compson of Hopton Wafers esq

Recital of will of George Aston (SRO 1045/347) Consideration: the trust and £1200

Lease and release of a messuage (formerly Thomas Rushbury, afterwards Thomas Cheese, afterwards John Smith) called the Heath, 2 gorsty pieces below the house (40a), 4 pieces formerly inclosed out of common (35a), the Ox Leasow (6a), meadow adjoining Kinlet Park (6a), meadow adjoining (7a), two parcels rough ground adjoining the Park (7a), the Old field, in Bardesley between the common highway leading to Kinlet Park and a messuage (formerly Samuel Wharton, afterwards - Holley, now Elizabeth Potter widow) all in Stotesden (lately Benjamin Hughes, now Thomas Compson), to use of Thomas Compson, his heirs and assigns

Covenant that the property is not encumbered

Signatures:- Sarah Aston, Samuel Peach, Thomas Aston

Witnesses:- Joseph Smith, J.D.Wightwick

 SRO 1045/459  

24 September 1762 

These documents are held at Shropshire Archives



Copy will of John Meysey clerk, Rector of Rock. He gives his wife Katharine Meysey for widowhood an annuity of £120 clear out of property in co Salop, with power of distress; if she marry again, the annuity is to sink into the Shropshire estate for the benefit of the heirat law

He devises all his property in Salop and other property to which he was entitled before the death of his brother Francis Meysey esq and the reversion of the estates descended to him at the death of his late Uncle Edward Boylston deceased and those in co Worcs which came to him on the death of Francis, to James Compson of Cleobury Mortimer and his brother in law Samuel Hill of Worcester esq on trust after the death of the testator's wife to raise £2000 to answer a legacy of £1000 which he gave his wife power to dispose of at her decease upon the express condition that she do not marry again, and to answer legacies of £200 apiece which he gives after the death of his wife to his nephew and niece John and Ann Watkins, his niece Mary daughter of his late brother Thomas Meysey decd and his niece Ann daughter of his sister Malpas, payable without interest at age 21; and to answer legacies of £100 after the death of his wife given to his sister Malpas and cousin the Rev. Ralph Lingen. He charges these legacies on the Shropshire estates.

The property to which he was entitled on the death of Francis and those he has purchased since, to use of his wife Katherine for life, after to use of his nephew Charles Watkins and his heirs and assigns

The property which came to him from his uncle Boylston, subject to the estate for life of his widow Ann and after the death or remarriage of the testator's wife, to use of his nephew Richard Watkins his heirs and assigns for ever

Any other property to use of Charles Watkins his heirs and assigns, to whom he devises the plate, linnen, Household goods and furniture belonging to his deceased brother Francis at the time of his death or appertaining to his late dwellinghouse at Shakenhurst, subject to the testator's wife's option of taking part of the plate for her own use for life to remain and go along with the Shakenhurst estate as heir-looms. He gives his wife £100 in money to be paid as soon as possible after his death and all household goods, furniture, plate and linen, stock, cattle and chattels belonging at his death to the parsonage house and glebe farm of the Rock and also such of the household goods and furniture at his house at Shakenhurst as are his own, in contra distinction to what were his late brother's, which he has purchased since he came to dwell there. He gives her all arrears of tithes of the Rectory of the Rock and of rent of his own estate called Willetts' and his other copyhold estates and the little freehold estate lying in Bayton purchased of William Houghton, which shall be due. He gives his wife her watches, rings and her own and his jewels and wearing apparel, with his manuscripts and such of his printed books as she shall chuse for her own reading and the use for her life of such of his plate as she shall make her option of and give her note for the forth-coming of at her decease. These bequests are in lieu of the provision made in their marriage articles

He gives the poor of Rock £20, the poor of Bayton £10 and the poor of Mamble £10, to be disposed at discretion of the executors

Residue to his nephew Charles Watkins his heirs executors administrators and assigns.

Nephew Charles Watkins and wife to be joint executors

Witnesses:- Thomas Hill, William Skillicorne, W. Romney

Proved PCC 5 June 1764 by the two executors named

Copy checked with an attested copy 4 February 1780 by Thomas Webb junior, Thomas Hayley

 SRO 1045/355  25 March 1813  These documents are held at Shropshire Archives



1. James Compson of Cleobury Mortimer esq, eldest son and heir and devisee in the will of Thomas Compson late of Hopton Wafers esq deceased

2. Edward Burton of Shrewsbury esq

Bond in £6943.7.0 for performance of covenants in the lease and release of 24 and 25 March instant and to indemnify the Childes from demands by Thomas Compson the son his executors or administrators, or by the trustees of the will of Thomas Compson the father respecting his son; and that the estate is discharged from claims by James Compson's wife or by Thomas the son or any person claiming under them

Signature of James Compson

Witnesses:- W.A.Roberts, Samuel Baker, Slade Baker

SRO 1045/349  1 May 1790  These documents are held at Shropshire Archives



Sarah Aston of Newton widow of George Aston late of Newton gentleman deceased recites her husband's will now proved by Thomas Aston and releases her claim to dower by a quitclaim to Thomas Compson his heirs and assigns of all right in the messuage (late John Smith) called the Heath and lands (described)

Signature of Sarah Aston

Witnesses:- Joseph Smith, J.D.Wightwick

SRO 1045/462  24 and 25 March 1779  These documents are held at Shropshire Archives


1. Thomas Compson of Hopton Wafers esq, brother and heir to James Compson late of Cleobury Mortimer esq decd who survived Samuel Hill late of Worcester mercer deceased, devisees in trust of the will of John Meysey clerk, late Rector of Rock deceased

2. The Rev. Richard Watkins, Rector of Rock, clerk and John Broome of Stanford co Worcs gentleman devisees and trustees in the will of Charles Watkins Meysey late of Shakenhurst esq decd

3. Edward Wall of Neen Sollers gentleman and Sarah Pugh of the parish of Hopton Wafers widow

Recital of will of John Meysey (SRO 1045/459) Charles Watkins inherited and took the name Meysey

Recital of his will (SRO 1045/461) Katherine widow of John Meysey continued unmarried and so was entitled to dispose of the £1000 which after her decease was paid to her brother and executor Thomas Hill. The other £1000 has also been paid according to the will, so that the trusts of the Shropshire estate are satisfied

Watkins and Broome sold to Wall and others property of John Meysey afterwards of Charles Watkins Meysey in the parish of Milson, and to Sarah Pugh and her heirs a messuage and small farm in Cleobury Mortimer

Consideration: 10s. Copy Lease and release by Compson of the property in Cleobury Mortimer (late Mr Charles Holland, Thomas Lowe, Walter Tolley, Mary Bevan, Richard Mailard, Mr John Baxter, Mr Florry, Henry Piper, Francis Hattam and the overseers of the workhouse) and all Charles Watkins Meysey's property in Cleobury Mortimer, and also property in Neen Sollers and Milson, to Watkins and Broome in trust, as to the messuage etc in Milson to use of Edward Well his heirs and assigns, as to a messuage and farm in Cleobury Mortimer (Richard Mailard) to use of Sarah Pugh her heirs and assigns; as for the rest of the property except Shropshire Meadow and land specified in the codicil, to use of Watkins and Broome upon the trusts mentioned in the will

Witnesses:- James Compson, William Morris, James Brasier, John Pershouse,

Copy attested 13 December 1779 by Thomas Webb, Thomas Hayley



SRO 1045/352  1 June 1790 These documents are held at Shropshire Archives

1. Thomas Aston of Ludlow maltster

2. Thomas Compson of Hopton Wafers esq

3. William Barnsley of Trysull co Staffs gentleman

Recital of lease and release (SRO 1045/350-351) and mortgage 25 May 1790

(1) Sarah Aston, Samuel Peach and Thomas Aston

(2) William Barnsley

Consideration: £2000 property in Newton as described

Covenant by Thomas Aston to produce a deed in his custody dated 20 April 1774

i. George Aston of Wrickton gentleman

ii. William Bates of Bridgnorth currier

A covenant to levy a fine, which concerns both properties Signature of Thomas Aston

Witness:- Joseph Smith

SRO 1045/345  20 April 1774 These documents are held at Shropshire Archives


1. George Aston of Wrickton in the parish of Stotesdon gentleman

2. William Bates of Bridgnorth currier

Consideration: docking all estates tail, and 5s Attested copy deed to lead the uses of a fine to be levied on a messuage in Newton in the parish of Stotesdon (formerly George Aston gentleman deceased, father of George Aston party, now of Thomas Aston); another messuage (formerly John Rushbury deceased, afterwards Thomas Cheese, now John Smith) known as the Heath, with lands (as before) to use of George Aston party his heirs and assigns Witnesses:- John Colinge, junior, James Price

Copy attested 8 March 1790 by T. Bennion, William Wellings, clerks to Mr Smith, attorney, Bridgnorth

Acknowledgement by Thomas Aston that the original deed is in his custody to justify the title of other premises not sold to Thomas Compson of Hopton Wafers esq, and covenant to produce it.

Signed by Thomas Aston, 26 May 1790

Witnesses:- John Baxter, Joseph Smith


SRO 1045/139  22 May 1729 These documents are held at Shropshire Archives


1. Thomas Cheese of the Heath in the parish of Stotesdon yeoman, Henry Wheeler of Meaton yeoman and Anne his wife and John Wheeler of Meaton yeoman, son and heir of Henry

2. William Edwards of Cleobury Mortimer vicar Consideration 5s

Bargain and sale of a messuage in Little Meaton now in occupation of Henry Wheeler, for the term of one year to the intend that Edwards may be in actual possession of the premises and enabled to take a grant of the reversion Signatures of Thomas Cheese, Henry Wheeler, John Wheeler, mark of Anne Witnesses:- J. Compson, Thomas Wheeler, William Fox

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