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Herbert Fuller Bright Compston 1867-1931

1/3/8/1867 Barnsley Compston Herbert F son of John Milton Compston & Catherine Dean birth

Herbert is part of the Lancashire Tree 1.



1/3/8/  Item 182. H. F. B. Compston, The Magdalen Hospital, 1917.

From: 'References', Survey of London: volume 25: St George's Fields (The parishes of St. George the Martyr Southwark and St. Mary Newington) (1955), pp. 131-136.






1/3/8/ 1871 Leeds Census RG10/4556 5 Beckett Street Compston Herbert F 4 years

see full census entry column 1

1/3/8/ 1881 Census Langport Somerset RH11/2382 The Mance Somerset Compston Herbert F 14 years scholar


Parents of Herbert:

1/3/ 1828 Rochdale Compston John Milton son of Samuel and Sarah born 1828 9 Jan.  Husband of Catherine Dean

1828 Rochdale Providence Chapel High St Independent Compston John Christened IGI28 Jan 1828

[Baptism  Lancashire  RG4_1153]

Herbert wrote a number of books:


Thomas Coram, churchman, empire builder and philanthropist -  1866- Includes bibliographical references Coram, Thomas, 1668?-1751 Published in 1918, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (London) (Herbert FB Compston MA)



This sketch was outlined in a lecture delivered before the Theological Society of King's

College, London, in October, 1917, and repeated in a revised form in November, at  public meeting of the Ladies' Association of the Royal Colonial Institute. The subject clearly evoked interest, and many of my hearers expressed a hope that the lecture would be published. In the form in which it now appears it has been possible to enlarge

considerably the scope of the work; and several documents are now printed for the first time. Readers of Brownlow will see that I am much indebted to his — or rather Brocklesby's — summary ; but I have, where possible, had recourse to original documentary and other sources, and my aim has been to use the available material in such a way as to give a comprehensive view of Coram's career as fully as it can, with our present knowledge, be traced'.


The work was begun as an introduction to a study of the Annals of the Foundling Hospital, on which I subsequently embarked in co-operation with Mr. Keginald H. Nichols,

Secretary to that great Charity. For the latter task the material is so abundant that we shall be able to give but little space to the founder's life. This may perhaps be allowed to justify the separate work now published, only a small portion of which is directly concerned with the Foundling.


I wish to thank the Governors of the Foundling Hospital for their kind permission to search in the archives, and to reproduce pictures. Mr. Nichols has given much valued help of various kinds; and I am also indebted, to Rev. Dr. Whitney, Dr. A. P. Newton, Rev. Claude Jenkins, Rev. Dr. Hodges, Rev. M. Taylor, Rev. W. N. Willson, Mr. J. Paul de Castro, Mr. H. S. Liesching, Dr. H. S. Bennett, and Rev. Canon Myers.


If this little work finds its way to America I hope that some admirer of Coram there may add to our knowledge of the man and his work by making use of material probably available at Boston. H. F. B. COMPSTON. March, 1918.



Athenseum [Two reviews, — 'Mr. Compston's history of the Magdalen Hospital is a useful and very necessary contribution to one aspect of social history. It is simple, unprejudiced, and scholarly -a model for a work of reference on a difficult and diffuse subject."


Church,Times. — 'Mr. Compston has done his work carefully and well. We have seldom read a more interesting narrative, for he has made diligent search into long-forgotten deeds and documents and discovered much matter which throws a light upon the men and manners of those times.


English Historical Review.— "The story of the Hospital is edifying, and it has been well done by Mr. Compston." 


Hospital. — " With a wealth of detail and richness of collateral illustration . . . Mr. Compston pilots us through a century and a half of institutional history, taking care that the history is accompanied throughout by a sufficiency of description of contemporary manners and events to make the whole doubly interesting. To institutional readers the history of the Magdalen is well worthy of study, but in the form in which it is presented it can easily attract and hold the attention of a much wider circle of readers."


International Journal of Ethics.—" ... the work is written well and with great care and detail, it is magnificently printed, and it is altogether of very great interest and value."


The Magdalen hospital : the story of a great charity -  1866 - Includes bibliographies and index Magdalen hospital (London, England); Published in 1917, Society for promoting Christian knowledge (London) with foreword by the Most Reverend the Archbishop of Canterbury with 20 illustrations.


Lessons on Celebrities of Hebrew Story By Rev. H. F. B. COMPSTON and Rev. H. A. LESTER. (London Diocesan Sunday School Manuals.)

LONGMANS, GREEN & CO. Price Is. 6d. net.


For elder scholars in Sunday Schools. Preachers also will find it of use.  Favourably noticed in Church Newspapers, Diocesan Magazines, Tinus  Educational Supplement, Sunday School Times.


HERE BEGINNETH A Study in the Hebrew Scriptures.  ("English Churchman's Library" Series.) A. R. MOWBRAY & CO. Price Is. 3d. net.  EXTRACTS FROM PRESS NOTICES.

Commonwealth. — " ... an altogether admirable introduction to Old Testament Studies along the three parallel lines of History, Literature, and Doctrine. ... It deserves a wide circulation among the laity."


Church Family Newspaper. — "A masterly piece of work."

Church Times. — "A scholarly, discriminating, and reverent piece of work."

Guardian. — "The vivid and interesting chapter on the Hebrew Language is a distinctive feature in this little treatise. The whole has the air of having been written with enjoyment, and it is therefore sure to give enjoyment to its readers."


Indian Churchman. — " Professor Compston writes in an eminently clear and interesting manner, and he has the great merit of awakening in the reader a desire for more extended study."


Record [The reviewer criticizes the author's "higher critical " standpoint, but says'] — " From its peculiar point of view, however, and with its necessary limitations. Professor Compston's book is excellent ; and we hope that his interesting account of the Hebrew language will induce some of his readers to take up its study."


Times Literary Supplement. — "An excellent introductory manual."


1/3/8/  1931 DEATH

Headington Buckinghamshire Compston Herbert Fuller Bright 64 years son of John Milton Compston & Catherine Dean death free bmd Mar Q 1931 (13.1 1931)


Herefordshire Monumental Index : Bredwardine BDN/*148 COMPSTON HERBERT FULLER BRIGHT  Bredwardine BDN/(002)

1/3/8/  1891 census Headingley RG12/3709 12 Midland Road Headingley Leeds Compston Herbert F 24 years [son of John Milton Compston  & Catherine Dean] theology student

1/3/8/ 1901 Census

Herbert F B Compston  Head  Lambeth, London Married  aged 34 years, clergyman Church of England, living on own means, working at home.  ?????? Lecturer examiner.  With his daughter Rosemary M aged 9 months.  His wife Rose C. was with her parents at Bank House Tattenhall, Cheshire, with her sons Paul aged 4 born Bournmouth and Robert JO aged 3 born Farnham Surrey.

Herbert is included in The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge [Dictionary    edition] Creator(s): Schaff, Philip (1819-1893)  Print Basis: Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House, 1953


Ref :3, [7861]203










THE text adopted in this edition is that of the late

Dr. Driver's Hebrew transcription in the Appendix to the Introduction of his Notes on the Hebrew Text . . . of the Books of Samuel, 2nd edition, 1913, by the kind

permission of the Delegates of the Clarendon Press, Oxford.


The Moabite (Phoenician) re-transcription has been made from the above-mentioned text. This feature of the present edition new in such works may, it is hoped, be of use to persons beginning the study of Semitic palaeography. It should be noted that the type used represents a more or less standardized Phoenician

script, and is not a facsimile of that of the Inscription,

several letters of which (e.g. y, k, q, s, t) represent a

more ancient fashion of writing.


I wish to acknowledge indebtedness to Dr. Driver's

translation and commentary, Dr. W. H. Bennett's The

Moabite Stone (1911), and the Tafel in Smend and Socin :

Die Inschrift des Konigs Mesa von Moab (1886).


H. F. B. C.

Jan. 22, 1919.



 U.K., City and County Directories, England Middlesex


1902 Kelly's Directory, Southern Districts and

 1926 Kelly's Directory


Compston Rev Herbert Fuller MA 113 Rosebery Road  Muswell Hill London N10

Herbert Fuller Bright Compston is a very distinctive name and Judith and I are trying to understand the relevance of his names.  There are just 3 people recorded on Ancestry with similar names - albeit middle and surnames.  It is interesting that Andrew died in Barnsley, where Herbert was born.


Andrew Fuller Bright born abt 1832  died in 1881 Barnsley Yorkshire - West Riding   aged 49.  WAS HE KNOWN TO THE COMPSTON FAMILY?


 Jane Fuller Bright died  1846 Plomesgate Suffolk  


 Herbert Andrew Fuller Bright  died 1861 Wangford Suffolk




Felicity wrote to me about her grandmother



Compston ancestors



A Compston descendent here: John Compston 1828 - 1889 (Herbert Fuller Bright's father) had a daughter Anne H who married a man with a hat shop in Rotherham called George Miller. Their daughter Katherine (Kit) Miller married Frederick Ernest Horseman (son of a farmer) and they emigrated to Australia. Their daughter (my grandmother) was Marie (Mollie) Compston Horseman who married William Longford Power. Their son was Roderick Packenham Power who married Elizabeth (Binkie) Langtry Stafford and had me Felicity (Felix) Ann Power.




On 18th April I heard from Peter Sheilds



Fuller Bright enigma



I congratulate you on publishing your researches. I am a grandson of Elsie Mary SHIELDS (nee COMPSTON) 1890-1981, and thus a great-grandson of his Honour Judge John Albert COMPSTON and a great-great-grandson of Revd. John Milton COMPSTON. It is tempting to assume that Andrew Fuller Bright was Herbert's godfather.  


This page tells us he came from Suffolk, married in 1856 and had children in Suffolk and Essex, and White's Directory for  1863 has him as a Grocer in Great Coggeshall in 1863 and the family were still in that part of the world in the 1871 census.


So if he is 'our man' I don't know how an Essex grocer was already known to ex-grocer Revd Compston as early as 1866 when Herbert was born.


Peter Shields


Many thanks Peter for adding this to the story - another challenge to try to sort out!

DEATH  All England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 Herbert Fuller Bright Compston


Probate year 1931 13 Jan 1931 Death Place: Oxford, Oxfordshire, England


BIRTH Rosemary Marion Compston 25 Jul 1900 DAUGHTER OF Herbert Fuller Bright Compston and Rose Constance Compston Brixton Hill St Saviour Lambeth



All England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 results for Rose Compston


Rose Constance Compston probate year 1941 died 20 Aug 1940 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England

1871 census 5 Beckett Street LEEDS.


Herbert F B Compston

Age: 4

Estimated Birth Year: abt 1867

Relation: Son

Father's name: John Compston

Mother's name: Catherine Compston

Where born: Barnsley, Yorkshire,

Civil parish: Leeds

Ecclesiastical parish: St Mary

Town: Leeds Registration district: Leeds Sub-registration district: North Leeds

ED,  59 Household schedule number: 47 Piece: 4556 Folio: 152

Page Number: 8

Household Members: Name Age

John Compston 43

Catherine Compston 44 wife b Wigan

Mary Jane Compston 18 dau governess b. Preston 

Hampden D Compston 16 son commercial clerk b. Inskip

Clara S Compston 14 dau b. Inskip

Milton J Compston 12 son b. Bramley

Anne H H Compston 10 dau. b. Bramley.

John A Compston 9 son b. Barnsley

Catherine E Compston 7 dau. b Barnsley

Herbert F B Compston 4 son. b Barnsley

Florence E B Compston 9 Months b. Leeds

Ellen Grimshaw 34 visitor b. Barnsley


UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960

Name: Herbart F B Compston and his wife Rose

Age: 60 Port of Departure: Durban, South Africa

Arrival Date: 25 Apr 1927

Port of Arrival: Southampton, England Ports of Voyage: Cape Town Ship Name: Armadale Castle Shipping line: The Union Castle Mail Steamship Company

Official Number: 118350