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Hampshire births


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Sep 1868   CRUMPTON  Eliza Mary A    Portsea  2b 404    


Births Sep 1873   CRUMPTON  Philip Frederick A     Portsea  2b 458    


Births Sep 1874   Crumpton  William Henry     Portsea  2b 472    


Births Jun 1876  CRUMPTON  Charlotte Jessie     Portsea  2b 307    


Births Dec 1899   Crumpton  Louisa Alice     Farnham  2a 127    


Births Jun 1902  Crumpton  Mabel Mary     Farnham  2a 142

Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Dec 1854   Cumpsty  James    I. Wight  2b 411    


Births Jun 1858  Cumpsty  Edmund     Isle of Wight  2b 439    


Births Sep 1892  CUMPSTY  William Gordon     Alverstoke  2b 537