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Guild of One Name Studies

The Guild of One-Name Studies is the world's leading organisation for one-name studies.

A one-name study is a project researching facts about a surname and all the people who have held it, as opposed to a particular pedigree (the ancestors of one person) or descendancy (the descendants of one person or couple).


The Guild is a charitable organisation dedicated to promoting the public understanding of one-name studies and the preservation and accessibility of the resultant information. Founded in 1979 in Britain, the Guild has members all over the world, and is widely recognised as a centre of excellence in one-name studies.


The Guild brings together those with an interest in one-name studies and other forms of surname study (such as DNA projects). Many members register a surname so as to embark on a Guild-recognised one-name study and coordinate world-wide activity in studying the surname.


Only one person may register a specific surname, but membership of the Guild is open to all with an interest in surname studies, and is not restricted to those who wish to register a name.


Members agree in writing to the following two commitments:


1  To collect all references to  their registered name or names on a worldwide basis, and strive towards the goal of establishing a substantial body of worldwide data, in particular for countries where the name is relatively significant and where sources are readily available. A study restricted to one country, part of a country, or the descendants of a particular individual, does not meet our criteria.


2. To deal with all reply-paid enquiries and emails received relating to your registered surname(s).


You can learn more about the Guild of One Name Studies at:



Guild of One Name Studies

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