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[Graham] Neil Cumpston

Graham Neil CUMPSTON Emeritus Professor


University of Adelaide

MB BS, Adelaide 1958

MRCP 1967  FRACP 1973


Consultant Cardiologist


Neil Cumpston was born in 1935 when his father, Dr Lancelot Graham Bowser Cumpston was the Dwellingup Medical Officer later to be appointed to the Royal Perth Hospital as Consultant Anaesthetist from 1938 until 1968. His mother (Dr Rosalie Gollan), was one of the first female Obstetricians in Perth.


Cardiology became his passion from his first residency at the RPH as RMO to Dr Thomas Cullity.  In 1961 he left Australia for London to train under Professor John Goodwin and Dr Aubrey Leatham, returning to Perth in 1965.


He was appointed Assistant Physician in Cardiology to the RPH and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children in 1968 and set about driving Cardiology forward and was the first to implant a Transvenous Pacemaker which in those days often lasted only six days!  After a sojourn in Cleveland with Dr Mason Sones Jr. in 1970 where Coronary Arteriography originated he returned to RPH to introduce the technique, enabling the establishment of Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery here.


After being astounded to read of Coronary Angioplasty in the Lancet in 1978 he travelled to Zurich to witness this technique and was responsible for introducing it to the RPH in 1980.  Meanwhile he was Head of Cardiology from 1977-83 and had leadership roles in the State Committee of the RACP, Board of the National Heart Foundation and the Laboratory Advisory Committee of the RPH and was a Councillor for the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand from 1991-1997.  He was President of the Milligan Society 1988-1991 at the time it became known that his Canadian cousin, Freda Weaver (nee Cumpston) was related to Dr William Milligan, the Royal Perth Hospital's first doctor.


Although Neil started as very much a Clinician he later became a true Interventional Cardiologist as well.  He was also involved in the Busselton Population Studies.  He was author of many scientific papers and was invited onto the Editorial Board of "Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions" and later was appointed a Trustee of this Society, the only Australian ever in both roles.


His other interests include the Royal WA Historical Society.  He played regularly in Veterans Hockey until 1984 and Hobie Cat sailing, representing Australia.  Other interests are Maseratis, oenology, genealogy and cycling.  He is also a lover of classical music.


In Adelaide Neil met and then married Beverley Anne Greig in 1959.  In Neil's own words his marriage to Beverley was the "The best thing that ever happened to me".  On his retirement from the Hospital that he loved and served he was appointed Emeritus Consultant Cardiologist in 2001 ending a continuous period from 1938 to 2000 with a "Cumpston" on the RPH Clinical Staff.


Source: Royal Perth Hospital

graham neil cumpston

Family reference:

Westmorland 12


Dating to 1756 Lancelot Cumpston born in Brough, Westmorland.  Married Elizabeth Bowser.


Louis Philipe Cumpston married Catherine Annie Cowell.  The family left Liverpool for Australia in 1877.

Author: G N Cumpston


The following list includes some of the articles written by Graham:


Electrocardiograms in the Busselton population Authors: K J Cullen, B P Murphy, G N Cumpston


Australian and New Zealand journal of medicine. 09/1974; 4(4):325-30. Successful removal of an intramural fibroma of the heartAuthors: G K Lane, J R Warren, G N Cumpston


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Authors: R R Taylor, F A Gibbons, G D Cope, G N Cumpston, G C Mews, P Luke


The American journal of cardiology. 11/1991; 68(9):874-8. Letter: A method to ensure a normal distal pulse after brachial arteriotomy Authors: G N Cumpston


American heart journal. 06/1975; 89(5):679-80. The prevalence of coronary heart disease and associated factors in an Australian rural community

Authors: T A Welborn, G N Cumpston, K J Cullen, D H Curnow, M G McCall, N S Stenhouse


American journal of epidemiology. 06/1969; 89(5):521-36. Electrocardiograms and 13 year cardiovascular mortality in Busselton study

Authors: K Cullen, N S Stenhouse, K L Wearne, G N Cumpston


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The American journal of cardiology. 12/1996; 78(10):1172-5. Short and long-term results of coronary angioplasty in patients over 75 years

Authors: M Richardson, M R Pitney, F Gibbons, G D Cope, G N Cumpston, G C Mews


Australian and New Zealand journal of medicine. 03/1994; 24(1):55-60. Q waves and ventricular extrasystoles in resting electrocardiograms. A 16 year follow up in Busselton study

Authors: K Cullen, K L Wearne, N S Stenhouse, G N Cumpston


British heart journal. 12/1983; 50(5):465-8. Insulin resistance as a major determinant of increased coronary heart disease risk in postmenopausal women with Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Authors: R M Stoney, K O'Dea, K E Herbert, G Dragicevic, G G Giles, G N Cumpston, J D Best

Diabetic medicine : a journal of the British Diabetic Association. 07/2001; 18(6):476-82.

Dr Neil Cumpston, MBBS(Adel), FRACP, FSCA&I - Cardiologist

Neil is a Consultant Cardiologist and has clinical sessions at CVS. He has a 30 year background in cardiology and 20 years in the cardiology specialty of angiography.


Neil trained at the Universities of Western Australia and South Australia completing his residency at Royal Perth and Princess Margaret Hospitals. Neil spent time in the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps and then traveled to the United Kingdom where he worked as Physician and Registrar at Brompton, Hammersmith and St. George’s Hospitals. Neil completed his cardiology fellowship at both Sir Charles Gairdner and Royal Perth Hospitals, continuing in Cardiology at Royal Perth Hospital. Neil completed a National Heart Foundation fellowship in coronary angiography at the Cleveland Clinic. and returned to the Royal Perth Hospital where he was the first to implant a transvenous pacemaker (the only nuclear powered pacemaker in Western Australia). Neil also performed the first coronary arteriogram and introduced coronary angioplasty into Western Australia. Neil followed on to establish coronary ablative ultrasound (intraoperative) and was the first to perform percutaneous ablative ultrasound coronary angioplasty in Australia.


Throughout his career, Neil has been at the forefront of angiography and intervention, has written many papers and articles, and has lectured in many countries around the world on the cardiology specialty of angiography and intervention.


Neil is an avid bike rider, loves traveling the world with his wife and dining out with his wife and friends.

The Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand




This document represents the views of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand. The guidelines were approved by the Board of the CSANZ on 4th April,2008.

This paper was originally development by Drs Neil Cumpston and David Breiger as two separate policies which have been revised and amalgamated. The revision was co-ordinated by A/Prof Andrew MacIsaac, with members the CSANZ Interventional Council, and Dr Leo Mahar with members of CERC.


Dear Committee Member

The next meeting of the Shire of Peppermint Grove Works and Finance Committee will be held on 14th July 2008 in the Council Chambers, 1 Leake Street, Peppermint Grove, commencing at 5.00pm.

Graeme K Simpson

Chief Executive Officer

8th July 2008



Dr Neil Cumpston will address the Committee on the upgrading of the Right of Way that runs in an easterly direction from the eastern boundary of the Cottesloe Central Shopping Centre.

Taylor RR, Gibbons FA, Cope GD, Cumpston GN, Mews GC, Luke P: Effects of low-dose aspirin on restenosis after coronary angioplasty., Am J Cardiol, 68: 1991, 874-878

The University of Western Australia 26th March 2007

The uniform of new graduates, black gown and mortar board, tends to make them all look

alike.  But 15 gowned and capped graduands will stand out from the crowd at the Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences graduation ceremony on Thursday night.  These men are all close to 70 and will be accepting degrees in Medicine and Surgery from UWA.  They are the original students from the first two cohorts to go through WA’s new medical school when it opened in 1957. But in the first two years, the students had to go to Adelaide for four years of their six-year course. When they

completed their studies, it was as graduates of the University of Adelaide.

As part of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Science’s 50th anniversary celebrations, these now mostly retired doctors are finally getting their degrees from UWA. They will be admitted to the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery ad eundem gradum. This means they are graduates from another university admitted to the same degree at this university.

Caps and gowns towards the end of a working life by Lindy Brophy

Graduating again: Neville Hills, Neil Cumpston, Bill Finnucane, Gordon Baron-Hay, Robin Spence, Ian Hislop and Leo Marzo


There is a good photograph at

Neil is a cousin of Pelo and related to Elly Smith.

He is married to Beverley.

8th February 2010.  I was delighted to receive an email from Neil offering to share his research.  Welcome to the CUMPSTON research group Neil!