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Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Mar 1861
COMPSTON David Cirencester 6a 317
COMPSTON Decima Witney 3a 578

Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page

Births Mar 1930 Compston Muriel A Fair Stratford 6d 1247

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Dec 1902 CRUMPTON Alfred Frederick Bristol 6a 126

Births Jun 1903 CRUMPTON Doris Evelyn Bristol 6a 185

Births Dec 1904 CRUMPTON Arthur Ernest Bath 5c 454

Births Jun 1905 Crumpton Sidney Herbert Bristol 6a 114

Births Sep 1907 CRUMPTON Arthur Charles Bristol 6a 125

Births Sep 1910 CRUMPTON Julia M Bristol 6a 1[56]9

Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page

Births Mar 1912 Crumpton Norman W Wheeler Bristol 6a 201

Births Sep 1913
CRUMPTON Donald H T Withey Bristol 6a 236
CRUMPTON Louisa Warren Bristol 6a 338

Births Sep 1914 Crumpton Herbert T Hooper Bristol 6a 308

Births Mar 1915 Crumpton Osmond F Wheeler Bristol 6a 263

Births Jun 1916 Crumpton Reginald P Cugley Bristol 6a 251

Births Dec 1916
Crumpton Irene E Warren Bristol 6a 250

Births Dec 1917 Crumpton Reginald J Warren Bristol 6a 206

Births Mar 1919 Crumpton Dennis B Warren Bristol 6a 226

Births Sep 1919 Crumpton Iris M Wheeler Bristol 6a 190

Births Dec 1920 Crumpton Charles E V Parsons Bristol 6a 389

Births Dec 1921 Crumpton John E Parsons Bristol 6a 55

Births Dec 1922 Crumpton Maurice I Warren Bristol 6a 259

Births Mar 1923 CRUMPTON Mary E Parsons Bristol 6a 327

Births Jun 1924 Crumpton Lihah F Warren Bristol 6a 310

Births Sep 1924 Crumpton Doreen M Hicks Bristol 6a 246

Births Dec 1925 Crumpton David T A Hicks Bristol 6a 188

Births Dec 1926 Crumpton Peter Warren Bristol 6a 264

Births Mar 1928 Crumpton Jean E Warren Bristol 6a 275

Births Jun 1930 Crumpton Tessa Warren Bristol 6a 261

Births Mar 1934 Crumpton Douglas W Perkins Bristol 6a 186

Gloucestershire births

Births Sep 1859 CUMDEN Alfred Clifton 6a 73

Births Jun 1861 CUMDEN Ann Catherine Clifton 6a 91

Births Jun 1863
CUMDEN Ellen Clifton 6a 79
CUMDEN Ellen Clifton 6a 79

Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Jun 1862
CUMPSTON Mary   Thornbury 6a 174

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