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George Cumpston Romaldkirk 1816

BY order of the Court for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors the petition of George Cumpston, late of Romald-Kirk, in the North Riding ofYorkshire-, Victualler, but now a prisoner for debt confined in His Majesty's gaol the Castle at York, in the County of York, will be heard before His Majesty's Justice of The Peace for the said County, either at a General Session of the Peace, or an adjournment, of a General Sessions of the Peace, which shall be first holden next, after the expiratioa of twenty days at the least from the date of this advertisement and that a schedule annexed to the said petitien,,coutaining a list of the  creditors of the said prisoner, is filed in the Office of the said Court, No. 59, Millbank-Street, Westminster,

to which the creditors, of the said prisoner may refer. GEORGE CUMPSTON


Gazette Issue 17116 published on the 5 March 1816. Page 18



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