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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier

Organisation of data in this website

and Main Family Lines

Background to my research.


When I first started researching the name CUMPSTON and its variants, my work was focused in Hull in the North East of England.  Very rapidly I realised that large numbers of CUMPSTONs had lived in Westmorland. Correspondence with researchers in Australia resulted in my being able to offer evidence of our direct relationship, and a subsequent family visitor brought me their family tree which contributed further evidence.  There was a long-standing story passed down through this Australian line of the family that they had originated in Brough, Westmorland,  This query falls into the 'highly probable but unproved' group and remains a high research priority to me.


County Codes


My UK data has on the whole been collected within the traditional County boundaries using the codes created by Dr Colin Chapman. Chapman codes are largely a superset of the ISO 3166-2:GB and BS 6879 codes identifying administrative divisions in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, but covering historical divisions. The exceptions to this emerged as my research expanded, and now include the old Lancashire boundary with Cumberland, which has been particularly problematical, and Cumberland and Westmorland data which has gradually been merged into the more up to date Cumbria boundary.  In addition the file North East includes the old Northumbrian boundaries.  The Midlands are complex and a major headache, and you will find some duplications around Shropshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire boundaries.  I have chosen to duplicate rather than settle the entries in just one county.  Finally 'London' includes a range of data and again duplicates some of the surrounding counties.  If in doubt, please use the search button on the Welcome page and that should show up all entries.


As whole families have been identified over the years, I have given them consecutive county numbers and each person in each generation has been given a unique consecutive number which they carry to death, no matter which county or country they end up living in.  

Whilst the aim of a one name study is to collect the data, and not necessarily to develop individual trees, I have found this a most rewarding part of my research and as more people make contact with me, more trees have been developed.


Occasionally a major breakthrough has been made with a tree which has resulted in two codes being inherited.  To date these have not been merged.  These special identifying codes will appear against their individual entries under the CUMPSTON Lives tab above and any other data within the website.


Where the IGI is mentioned, the data has been taken from the Latter Day Saints website, and although my paper records include all the parents and spouse of each person mentioned these are not yet uploaded to each page - I have 357,000 items yet to include and this will take many many months, so please be patient!  I felt it more important to get the basic information uploaded in the hope that a researcher would recognise it and contact me to clarify their own tree data.


















































Scotland Ancient counties  

ABD Aberdeenshire

ANS Angus

ARL Argyllshire

AYR Ayrshire

BAN Banffshire

BEW Berwickshire

BUT Bute (Buteshire)

CAI Caithness

CLK Clackmannanshire

DFS Dumfriesshire

DNB Dunbartonshire

ELN East Lothian (formerly Haddingtonshire)

FIF Fife

ANS Angus (formerly Forfarshire)

INV Inverness-shire

KCD Kincardineshire

KRS Kinross-shire

KKD Kirkcudbrightshire

LKS Lanarkshire

MLN Midlothian (formerly Edinburghshire)

MOR Moray (formerly Elginshire)

NAI Nairnshire

OKI Orkney

PEE Peeblesshire

PER Perthshire

RFW Renfrewshire

ROC Ross and Cromarty

ROX Roxburghshire

SEL Selkirkshire

SHI Shetland

STI Stirlingshire

SUT Sutherland

WLN West Lothian (formerly Linlithgowshire)

WIG Wigtownshire



ANT Antrim

ARM Armagh

CAR Carlow

CAV Cavan

CLA Clare

COR Cork

DON Donegal

DOW Down  

DUB Dublin

FER Fermanagh

GAL Galway

KER Kerry

KID Kildare

KIK Kilkenny

LET Leitrim

LEX Leix (formerly Queen's)


Wales Ancient counties  

AGY Anglesey

BRE Brecknockshire (Breconshire)

CAE Caernarfonshire

CGN Cardiganshire

CMN Carmarthenshire

DEN Denbighshire

FLN Flintshire



American States have their own pages, with individuals from those states being placed under each State heading.  People not yet identified where I cannot connect them  with a State are to be found under USA Strays.  Where I have found sufficient information about American individuals they have a page under the state most associated with them. Please note this is not necessarily where they were born.


Within the USA certain Government data is available on line and I have included the following:


DD Death Index

Census data - page 1 and page 2

Civil War


World War II Reserve Corps

War Bounty Land Warrants


In addition I have added pages on the following:

Find a Grave


The Organisation of USA Data





My Australian data has been easiest to collect as names are identifiable and most are part of my own family tree.


Data is included under the following tabs


Western Australia

Australian Trees and Census 4 pages.


Because I have a great deal of information about Australian Cumpstons they each have their own pages under the Cumpston Lives Tab [above]





There have been few Cumpstons  made it to live in Canada compared with America and Australia.  Canada now has its own tab with extended pages for some individuals.


Canada General data

Canada Census

Canada Obituaries







I have been careful to note the references where I have collected my data.  In my own family line I have been meticulous in triple- checking information, and feel that it is robust and accurate.


However, the usual genealogical advice must be adhered to - always go to the original records to double check what was actually written, and not just what was transcribed.


Secondly, please check any information you find on this website and contact me with details of mistakes, my own mis-transcriptions, or alternative sources.  I am not precious about my research, and just want it to be as accurate as possible.


When researchers contact me about their own research I always check it against my own information, but on occasions their data is new to me.  When I include it on the site I always add that it is THEIR data and, where they agree, I add a direct email address link.  If you disagree with what is written please do contact me with your alternative version.


Finally, each and every page is a 'work in progress,' and on occasions I will add, alter or remove data to enhance the overall research.  


I may also move pages to ensure they fit in more appropriately with the development of the site, so please do use the tabs on the top of the page for easy navigation.


I welcome your comments.


Glenys Marriott


There is a line of Cumpstones in New Zealand and Jenny has been working with me to expand our information and to clarify queries.


You can check out Jenny's link at John Cumpstone New Zealand