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Essex births

Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Dec 1897   Cumpston  Charles Graham    Edmonton  3a 330

Charles Graham Cumpston Electoral Year: 1926 Parliamentary Division: Hendon County or Borough:


Charles Graham Cumpston Electoral Year: 1936 Parliamentary Division: Hendon County or Borough:




Edmonton All Saints Church

All Saints, Edmonton, Essex


Births Sep 1903   Compson  Ethel Blanche    Billericay  4a 692    


Births Jun 1905   Compson  Violet May     Billericay  4a 674   


Births Sep 1907   Compson  Ernest     Billericay  4a 659    


Births Dec 1911   Compson  Alan H  Greenfield  Billericay  4a 1205    


Births Dec 1925  Compson  Edwin W  Gladwell  Colchester  4a 1232    


Births Mar 1929   COMPSON  Joyce L  Gladwell  Maldon  4a 1248    


Births Mar 1933   COMPSON  William G  Gladwell  Maldon  4a 1152    



Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Sep 1912  COMPSTON  Margaret J  Spear  Braintree  4a 1674


England & Wales, Marriage Index:



Margaret J Compston




Spouse Surname:






Date of Registration:


Jul-Aug-Sep 1944




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Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  


Births Sep 1891   Crumpton  Frederick Edward C    Romford  4a 384    


Births Sep 1894   Crumpton  Ruby Maud     Romford  4a 403    


Births Dec 1895  Crumpton  Edith Florence     Edmonton  3a 321    


Births Mar 1897  

Crumpton  Stephen William     Edmonton  3a 375    

Crumpton  Violet May     Edmonton  3a 379    


Births Mar 1898   Crumpton  George William J     W. Ham  4a 263    


Births Jun 1900  

Crumpton  Charles Thomas F     W. Ham  4a 254    

Crumpton  Susan Alice     Edmonton  3a 398    


Births Sep 1902  Crumpton  Herbert Alfred G     W.Ham  4a 95    


Births Jun 1903  CRUMPTON  Thomas Taylor     Edmonton  3a 572    


Surname  First name(s)  Mother  District  Vol  Page  


Births Jun 1912  

Crumpton  Henry  Scott  W.Ham  4a 303    

Crumpton  Mary A E  Larkin  W.Ham  4a 90    


Births Dec 1912   Crumpton  Grace M  Redfern  W.Ham  4a 263    


Births Jun 1914   CRUMPTON  Lily  Scott  W.Ham  4a 391    


Births Sep 1916  Crumpton  Elsie V  Cole  Edmonton  3a 1076    


Births Dec 1920  Crumpton  Winifred E P  Townes  Tendring  4a 1426    


Births Dec 1924  Crumpton  Peggy P  Johnson  W. Ham  4a 571    


Births Jun 1925   Crumpton  Florence L  Chalkwright  Edmonton  3a 1034    


Births Mar 1927  Crumpton  Arthur F  Chalkwright  Edmonton  3a 756    


Births Dec 1927  Crumpton  Doris M  Johnson  W.Ham  4a 494    


Births Dec 1930  Crumpton  Ronald D  Chalkwright  Edmonton  3a 884    


Births Sep 1931  Crumpton  Audrey M  Courtney  Romford  4a 772    


Births Jun 1932   Crumpton  Ernest T  Chalkwright  Edmonton  3a 1018    


Births Sep 1933  CRUMPTON  John A H  Johnson  W.Ham  4a 405    


Births Dec 1934   Crumpton  James C  Chalkwright  Edmonton  3a 953    


Births Mar 1935  

Crumpton  Barbara R M  White  W.Ham  4a 287    

Crumpton  Peter G  [CG]odfrey  W.Ham  4a 369    


Births Mar 1936  CRUMPTON  Raymond W J  Chalkwright  Edmonton  3a 1019    


Births Mar 1937  

Crumpton  John F W  White  E.Ham  4a 316    

Crumpton  Peter C  Courtney  Romford  4a 587