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England marriages page 2 continued

The following in colums 5 and 6 are marriages abstracted from the IGI, but not including those names submitted by Members of the LDS.  Column 7 includes marriages from 1916



1752 THOMAS COMSTON  29 OCT 1752 Saint Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire,



THOMAS CUMPSTON 23 FEB 1798 Saint Nicholas, Liverpool,  ELLEN BLAND


1828 THOMAS CUMPSTON  19 NOV 1828 Saint Peter Church Street, Liverpool,



1826 Joseph Compston 06 NOV 1826 Blackburn, Lancashire, Mary Jepson


1883 ELLEN COMPSTON   22 SEP 1883 Blackburn, Lancashire, father GEORGE COMPSTON married JOHN WHALLEY  


1848 GEORGE COMPSTON 30 JUL 1848 Rochdale, Lancashire, father Robert; married NANCY GREEN


1880 Elizabeth Compston  12 APR 1880 St Mary'S, Kirkdale, Lancashire, father Robert; married William Henry Jackson


1881 Mary Ann Compston 30 MAY 1881 St Mary'S, Kirkdale, Lancashire, father Richard; married William Matchett


1688 JANE COMSON 26 JUL 1688 Heckington, Lincoln,



1719 ANNE COMSON  21 DEC 1719 Ulceby (By Barton), Lincoln, FRANCIS WINDE


RICH CUMPSON 03 JUN 1680 Grantham, Lincoln,  



Johannes Koomson -

23 MAY 1709 Willoughby, Lincoln,  


Judith CUMPSTONE 25 JUL 1822 Market,Raisin,  Lincoln,


Emma Compson  24 JUN 1880 Bucknall, Lincoln,


ANN COMPSON 16 APR 1789 Saint Martin In The Fields, Westminster, London,


ANNE COMSTONE 02 FEB 1657 Saint Margaret, Westminster,


SARAH COMPSON  14 JUN 1858 Saint James, Westminster, London,


JAMES CUMSON 13 NOV 1691 Saint Katherine By The Tower, London,


 HENRIETTA MARY COMPSON -  18 OCT 1868 Saint Bartholomew The Great, London,


JAMES COMPSON 22 DEC 1800 Saint Clement Danes, Westminster,


MARIA ANN COMPSON -   11 FEB 1833 Saint Bride Fleet St, London, London,


CHARLES HENRY COMPSON -  16 AUG 1868 Saint Bartholomew The Great, London,


RICHARD COMSON 08 SEP 1685 Saint James Dukes Place, London,


ANNE COMSON 02 APR 1627 Saint Dunstan In The East, London,


Ellen Orianna Compson  1830 St. Marylebone, London, England


 MARY COMPSON 27 OCT 1811 Saint Anne Soho, Westminster, London,


JOHN COMPSTON  19 OCT 1840 Old Church, Saint Pancras, London,


MARY ESTHER COMPSON 03 MAR 1810 Old Church, Saint Pancras,


JOSEPH COMPSON 26 MAY 1782 Spitalfields Christ Church, Stepney, London,


Ann Comson  18 JUL 1750 Westminster, London,


Ellen Orianna Compson - 1830 St. Marylebone, London, England


EMILIEN COMSON  18 FEB 1682 St Clement And St Clement With St Edmund, Norwich,



JACOBNS COMPSON 22 OCT 1660 Saint Mary In The Marsh, Norwich, Norfolk,


Robert John Orton Compston About 1919 Norwich, Norfolk,


DOROTHY CUMSON  21 NOV 1829 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne,


JANE CUMSTON  14 FEB 1835 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne,


MARY CUMSTON - Marriage: 26 FEB 1802 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne,


ELIZABETH COMPSON 03 FEB 1834 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne,


SARAH CUMSTON  03 DEC 1838 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne,


CHARLES CUMPSON OR CUMSTON -  03 JUN 1839 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland,  


JOHN CUMSTON 18 AUG 1806 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne,


MARY CUMSTON 26 FEB 1802 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne,


CUTHBERT COMSTON OR CUMPSON  31 MAY 1778 Earsdon By North Shields, Northumberland,


DOROTHY COMSTON OR CUMPSON - 31 MAY 1778 Earsdon By North Shields,


CUTHBERT COMSTON 31 MAY 1779 Earsdon By North Shields,


DOROTHY COMSTON 31 MAY 1779 Earsdon By North Shields,


JOHN CUMSTON 18 AUG 1806 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne,


CATHARINE CUMPSTON  08 FEB 1808 All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne,


Joseph Compson 24 APR 1883 Christ Church, Tynemouth, Northumberland,


Elizabeth Compson  24 DEC 1883 Christ Church, Tynemouth, Northumberland,


Martha Compson 31 AUG 1811 Cleobury Mortimer, Shropshire, England


MARY ANN COMPSON 21 SEP 1784 Hopton Wafers, Shropshire, England


ELEANOR COMPSON  08 AUG 1740 Whitchurch, Shropshire, England


JOHN CUMPSTONE 11 APR 1829 Saint Alkmund, Shrewsbury Shropshire,


JAMES EDWARD COMPSON  15 MAY 1818 Ludlow, Shropshire,


JAMES COMPSON 13 NOV 1779 Condover, Shropshire, England


JONATHAN CUMPSTON 04 SEP 1834 Saint Chad, Shrewsbury, Shropshire,


FRANCIS CUMPSTON  01 FEB 1768 Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England


GEORGE KOMSON  18 APR 1630 Woolstaston, Shropshire, England


Martha Compson 31 AUG 1811 Cleobury-Mortimer, Shropshire,


ELIZABETH COMPSTON  14 JUL 1784 Shelve, Shropshire, England


MARTHA CUMPSTON  27 AUG 1784 Shelve, Shropshire, England


William Cumpston 23 MAY 1881 Dawley-Magna,  Shropshire, England


Martha Compson 31 AUG 1811 Cleobury,Mortimer, , Shropshire,


Francis Cumpston 01 FEB 1768 Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England


COLUMN 7 Marriages from 1916


Record Name Spouse Surname Date of Registration District County (inferred)


 Olive Cumpston John H Mealing  Jul-Aug-Sep 1916 Wolverhampton  Staffordshire    


 Edward Cumpston Henrietta Purvis  Jan-Feb-Mar 1917 West Derby  Lancashire    


 Thomas Cumpston Florence Horscroft  Apr-May-Jun 1918 Abingdon  Berkshire    


 Marie D L Cumpston Fred D Barker  Oct-Nov-Dec 1920 Pancras  Middlesex    


 Samuel A Cumpston Nancy Maddox  Apr-May-Jun 1920 Wolverhampton  Staffordshire    


 Frederick R Cumpston Kempston  Oct-Nov-Dec 1921 Walsall  Staffordshire    


 Edith M Cumpston John W Bradley  Apr-May-Jun 1922 Pancras  Middlesex    


 Maud E Cumpston Ebenezer W Hall  Oct-Nov-Dec 1923 Hartlepool  Durham    


 Doris E Cumpston Harold Farmery  Apr-May-Jun 1925 Sculcoates  Yorkshire - East Riding    


 Joseph W Cumpston Jessie Barlow  Apr-May-Jun 1927 Sculcoates  Yorkshire - East Riding    


 Winifred E Cumpston Richard Grant  Jul-Aug-Sep 1927 Walsall  Staffordshire    


Hannah L Cumpston Kendrick  Apr-May-Jun 1928  Walsall Staffordshire  Volume Number: 6b  Page Number: 1662  


 Joel A Cumpston Olive Vass  Jul-Aug-Sep 1928 Walsall  Staffordshire    


 Charles G Cumpston Astrid Walford  Jul-Aug-Sep 1929 Kensington  Middlesex    


 Owen Cumpston Mary A Walters  Jul-Aug-Sep 1931 Pontypridd  Glamorgan    


 Yane P G Cumpston Walford  Jan-Feb-Mar 1933 Marylebone  Middlesex    


 Annie M Cumpston George Hughes  Apr-May-Jun 1934 Wrexham  Denbighshire    


 Hilda Cumpston Whyndham Beynon  Oct-Nov-Dec 1935 Hammersmith  London    


 Thomas L Cumpston Dorothy J Williams  Apr-May-Jun 1938 Wolverhampton  Staffordshire    


 Ada G C Cumpston Ernest N Knight  Apr-May-Jun 1942 Wolverhampton  Staffordshire    


 Glyndwr T Cumpston Clara Ruscoe  Jul-Aug-Sep 1942 Manchester  Lancashire    


 Margaret J Cumpston Ronald Haywood  Jul-Aug-Sep 1943 Walsall  Staffordshire    


 Olive Cumpston Harold Wilcox  Jul-Aug-Sep 1944 Northwich  Cheshire    


 Dorothy M Cumpston George M Merrett  Jan-Feb-Mar 1946 Manchester  Lancashire    


 Edna M Cumpston Gordon W Willis  Jul-Aug-Sep 1947 Manchester  Lancashire    


 Ronald F Cumpston Joyce D Elt  Jul-Aug-Sep 1948 Martley  Worcestershire    


 Florence M Cumpston John Cox  Jul-Aug-Sep 1949 Oxford  Oxfordshire    


 Jean Cumpston Austin J Barrow  Apr-May-Jun 1949 Hull  Yorkshire - East Riding    


 Eileen H Cumpston Fearnley  Jul-Aug-Sep 1950 Manchester  Lancashire    


 Harold Cumpston Margaret E Allen  Jul-Aug-Sep 1951 Coventry  Warwickshire    


 Catherine S Cumpston Trevor Jones  Jul-Aug-Sep 1952 Pontypridd  Glamorgan    


 Olive M Cumpston Alan Thorpe  Apr-May-Jun 1952


 Joyce D Cumpston Peter W Hill  Apr-May-Jun 1953 Worcester  Worcestershire    


 Astrid C M Cumpston Peter C Hopcroft  Apr-May-Jun 1954 Westmorland North  Westmorland    


 Jean Cumpston Francis J Green  Apr-May-Jun 1954 Surrey North Eastern  Surrey    


 John A Cumpston Phillis L Simpson  Oct-Nov-Dec 1955 Walsall Staffordshire


 Patricia Cumpston Brian Beck  Oct-Nov-Dec 1955 Hull  Yorkshire - East Riding    


 Ronald F Cumpston Florence M Kenyon  Jul-Aug-Sep 1955 Watford  Hertfordshire    


 Jane P J Cumpston Timothy Poole  Jul-Aug-Sep 1956 Hendon  Middlesex    


 Rosemary V A Cumpston Giedroyc  Jul-Aug-Sep 1958 Marylebone  Middlesex    


 Ursula T J Cumpston Jones  Jan-Feb-Mar 1963 Hendon  Middlesex    


 Leonard Cumpston Iris Carr  Jan-Feb-Mar 1964 Wallasey  Cheshire    

COLUMN 8 Marriages from 1916 continued:


 Michael J Cumpston  Christine Thomas  Jul-Aug-Sep 1965 Pontypridd  Glamorgan    


 Frederick D Cumpston Patricia Phillips  Jul-Aug-Sep 1966 Birmingham  Warwickshire    


 Michael R Cumpston Helen Davison  Apr-May-Jun 1967 Lichfield  Staffordshire    


 Thomas G Cumpston Morman? correct?  Jan-Feb-Mar 1968 Stafford  Staffordshire    


 Terrence Cumpston Marlene Rasmussen  Jan-Feb-Mar 1969 Pontypridd  Glamorgan, Mid Glamorgan    


 Helen L Cumpston Robert Wall  Oct-Nov-Dec 1973 Wellington  Shropshire, Somerset    


 Elaine A Cumpston Robert M Flacks  Jul-Aug-Sep 1974 Manchester  Lancashire    


 Maria L Cumpston Robert Melia  Jan-Feb-Mar 1974 Walsall  Staffordshire    


 Michael R Cumpston Caroline Wall  Jan-Feb-Mar 1974 Wellington      


 Allan Cumpston Jayne Williams  Oct-Nov-Dec 1975 Pontypridd  Glamorgan    


 Angela Cumpston John Davies  Jul-Aug-Sep 1981 Pontypridd  Glamorgan    


 Ronald F Cumpston Sheila J Rees  Apr-May-Jun 1983 Henley Oxfordshire    


 Frederick D Cumpston Gillian D Onions  Oct 1984 Walsall  Staffordshire    


 Joseph W Cumpston Hilda Johnson  Dec 1986 Beverley    


 John Cumpston Suzanne Smart  Jul 1992 Pontypridd  Glamorgan    


 Julia Cumpston Paul T Johnson  Feb 1992 Stafford  


 Mark R Cumpston Elsbeth A Hurrell  Mar 1993 New Forest  Hampshire, New Forest    


 Ann Cumpston Craig G Baker  Jul 1994 Ogwr  Mid Glamorgan    


 Paul Cumpston Susan S Shipley  Sep 1994 South Glamorgan  South Glamorgan    


 Tracy A Cumpston Stephen P Massey  Sep 1996 High Peak  Cheshire    


 Emma L Cumpston Nicholas D Walton  Jul 1999 Birmingham  Warwickshire    


 Ann Cumpston Richard G Miles  Jun 2002 Glamorgan  Glamorgan