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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier

Effie [Cumpston] Berry

Effie and I started corresponding in May 2001 after being put in touch with each other by the Archivist in the Hull Archives, who had been doing paid research for both of us.


She wrote from her home in Nowra and told the story of her family as recounted here.

Square brackets are mine [  ] and notes in gold refer to her comments.

' My great great grandfather was William Cumpston who married Jane Lidgett on 21 December 1819.  I have a copy of their marriage certificate sent to me by the Church Warden of St Mary's Lowgate.  The Certificate does not have a date of birth or give names of parents.............


I am so excited to hear that William is in your tree.




I will tell you what I know about the descendants of William and Jane.


George Lidgett born 10 March 1821, died 1897, married Ann BOLTON on 23 July 1845, at Kingston upon Hull.  [Ann Bolton b 1820 York d 1869]



They sailed to Australia arriving in 1852 with 3 daughters accompanying them and a son born before arrival.  [George William Cumpston].




My grandfather Samuel Bolton CUMPSTON was born 20 September 1857.  3 other Australian born children died young.  Also, a daughter from England died here in Australia too.  So they  brought up 2 daughters and 2 sons out of 9 children.


To get back to William and Jane.........Emma Dry Cumpston christened 1828,





Jane Foster born 1825





and William Henry Lowthorp born 2 September 1830.





Jane Foster appeared in the 1851 census living with the BURTON family ... perhaps because her brother and wife were on the way to Australia.




I remember that the researcher located Emma 23 and Henry aged 20 living with Jane their mother in a lodging house during the 1851 census.  I have a death certificate for Jane dated 1860.  


As for William Henry Lowthorp, someone told me his son, William Henry migrated to Canada where he had a son Alfred Lidgett Cumpston.




My maiden name is Effie Victoria Cumpston.  My father Wesley Lidgett Cumpston had 6 sisters, his favourite being Effie Grace.  I grew up in Melbourne Victoria.  My grandfather Samuel Bolton CUMPSTON was a methodist Local Preacher and the secretary of the Melbourne Total Abstinence Society.  His wife held public roles in National Council of Women, and the Women's Christian Temperance Union.


In 1958 my husband and I moved to Jervis Bay NSW due to the navy wishing to resume their occupation of the little bit of Australian Capital Territory on the coast, 100 miles south of Sydney.  The Royal Australian Naval College had been built there in 1913, but was transferred to Flinders Naval Depot Victoria in 1928 to save expense.  My husband was in charge of the science (teaching) department from 1941 to his retirement in 1973.  We enjoyed an idyllic situation of beautiful scenery and climate for the 14-15 years we were there, retiring to live in nearby Nowra in 1973.


My grandfather's brother, the one born at sea, had a large family, one of whom Howard, became famous as the Federal Director-General of Health. [DR. JHL CUMPSTON]


I used to hear or read of him all through my childhood.  He brought up his large family in Canberra.  The rest of us in Melbourne did not keep in touch. ............One of Howard's daughters, Dr Ina Mary CUMPSTON has started correspondence with me lately I am glad to say.  We are both equally interested in forging ahead with the Family Tree.  Her father wrote a book about early days in Australia to do with his life long work in Health - some chapters brought in bits of family history like when his father, as a baby, arrived in Melbourne.  His father and his father's brother, my grandfather, were equally involved in local preaching for the Methodists.  They each lived in Box Hill, a suburb of Melbourne for many years, but the pages that may be of interest to you are about the people that Jane Lidgett was descended ........


They go back to the 1st Earl of Kingston!  The name Pierport comes into it in the early 1700s.  An Elizabeth Pierport born about 1750 at Throsby Park Newark Notts.

[see my notes in the left column.  I believe that Effie meant Thoresby Park].

She married William Foster of Sutton.  They had several children including Jane Foster, born 1767, who married in 1790 George Lidgett, a Humber Pilot who drowned.  They had 11 children including Jane, born 1793 who married my William in 1819.  Another child John born 1800 started a shipping line, married Ann HYATT.  A daughter Ann born 1839, became Ann BUDGETT and lived until at least 1925 during which time she became known to Howard and his family.


Howard had found it of great interest to know a few details about Jane Lidgett prededing her marriage in 1819, but like me, he was unable to trace the forebears of William.


In one of my letters from Dr Ina Mary [CUMPSTON] recently, she sent me a photo of the church in Brough-under-Stainmore where the CUMPSTONs were christened, married and buried centuries ago.  No headstones unfortunately.   There is a plain two story building standing in a field, called Cumpston House.  Her father used to say that the CUMPSTONs came from Cumberland...........[ my big challenge!]


My notes referring to Effie's comments re 'Pierport'


Henry de Pierrepont, son of the last-named Sir George, married Frances, daughter of Sir William Cavendish and "Bess of Hardwick." The second son of this marriage, Robert de Pierrepont, was said by Thoroton to be not more distinguished for his fortune, which was ample, than for the endowment of his mind. He was educated at Oxford, and in 1601 represented Nottingham in Parliament. Charles the First, in the third year of his reign, raised him to the dignity of Lord Pierrepont of Holme-Pierrepont, in Nottinghamshire, Viscount Newark, and soon afterwards Earl of Kingston.


The Earl of Kingston was accidentally killed near Gainsborough on the 3Oth of July, 1643

I was able to confirm that we were directly related and that William the Humber Pilot was in my tree.

EY/3/2/ Lidgett Jane married William G Cumpston daughter of Jane Foster b 1767  and George Lidgett b 1767  d 8.9.1808


1860 EY/3/2/ Sculcoates 9d 87 4 William Place Raikes Street Drypool Hull Cumpston Jane Lidgett aged 66 widow of William G Cumpston death cert 1860 reg 29 Aug

1841 EY/3/2/1/ Sculcoates HO 107 1232/9 Princess Row  Princess Street, Mason Street Hull  Cumpston George Lidgett age 20 boat builder boarding with Watson cCumpston Census 1841 census


1853 EY/3/2/3/ Hull 9d 279 Cumpston Emma Dry aged 25 married Robert Goodison Mar Q 1853


1861 EY/3/2/4/ Bermondsey RG 9/323 3 Woolfe St Bermondsey Cumpston William Henry Lowthorp 31years and his wife Mary Ann Bachelor occupation cooper journeyman census 1861


1868 EY/3/2/4/ 4 Princes Terrace Adelaide Street Hull  Cumpston William Henry Lowthorp age 37 after 12 months in Her Majesty service in Crimean - death


1871 EY/3/2/3/ Holy Trinity RG10/4793 p 4 45 St Luke Street Hull Goodison Emma Dry age 42  widow housekeeper census 1871


1871 EY/3/2/2/ Holy Trinity RG10/4793 p 4 45 St Luke Street Hull  Cumpson Jane Foster age 44 single bedmaker census 1871


1874 EY/3/2/3/ Myton sub district 9d  MYT/76/230 Cumpston Emma Dry 46 death 1874

The following additional data is from my records:


Year tree no. Parish/ sub Ref Address Place Surname First name Age Partner parents Occupation data source Year

George was baptised  on 12th March 1821 and again on 12.5.1821.  My reference YER 3/2/1/


EY/3/2/2/ Sculcoates Holy Trinity C107481 Hull Cumpston Jane Foster christened 16 Apr 1828

1828 EY/3/2/3/ Sculcoates Holy Trinity C107481/8648 Hull  Cumpston Emma Dry [who married Robert Goodison] daughter of William G Cumpston & Jane Lidgett Christened 16.4.1828

1831 EY/3/2/4/ Sculcoates Holy Trinity C107481/10657 Hull William Henry Lowthorp Cumpston [ who married Mary Ann Bachelor] son of William G  Cumpston & Jane Lidgett christened 1831 8 Sept

1851 EY/3/2/2/ Sculcoates Holy Trinity HO 107/2362 Hull Cumpston Jane Foster aged 23 single census 1851

1851 EY/3/2/4/ Hull Cumpston William Henry Lowthorp aged 20 [who married Mary Ann Bachelor Bermondsey 1d 112 Dec Q 1852 ] employed as a cooper census 1851

Wesley Lidgett Cumpston 

Electoral Year: 1914

State: Victoria

District: Fawkner


Wesley Lidgett Cumpston gender 1919 Victoria Yarra city  


Wesley Lidgett Cumpston gender 1924 Victoria Yarra city  


Wesley Lidgett Cumpston gender 1931 Victoria Yarra city  


Wesley Lidgett Cumpston gender 1936 Victoria Balaclava city

GOOD NEWS 8th February 2010


Maeva Galloway visited in Nowra, Effie Berry, the sister of Lennard Cumpston.


She had  photos of Wesley and Samuel. Her daughter in law Lesley Berry was with her and Maeva will now keep in email contact her - she is married to Effie's son Roger.


I hope that Effie will send copies of her photos so that they can be added to this page.