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Edmund Leach COMPSTON Settle b 1870 d. 1945 son of Samuel and Mary Ann


Edmund Leach Compston Born: 1870 in Settle, Yorkshire, England   Volume: 9a Page: 13 Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep Q 1870

There is a birth in 1868 and death of Mary Leach COMPSTON in Reading Berkshire.  Was she connected with this family?


Surname  First name(s)  Age  District  Vol  Page

Deaths Sep 1869   Compston  Mary Leach  1  Reading  2c 216  

The Family then moved to Lancashire:


1871 England Census Edmund Leach Compston  AGE 9 Months Estimated Birth Year:

abt 1870 Relation: Son

Father's Name: Samuel Compston  Mother's Name:  Mary Ann Compston


The following entry is odd as he was born in Settle - see 1911 census and birth data:


Where born: Summerscal, Lancashire, England Civil parish: Radcliffe Ecclesiastical parish:  St Thomas  Lancashire ED, 1 Household schedule number: 61 Piece: 3961

Folio: 9 Page Number: 12


Household Members:

Name Age

Samuel Compston 28 Born c 1843 died Dec 1933 aged  Haslingden  8e 120

Mary Ann Compston 25

Edmund Leach Compston 9 Months

Annie Wooler 10



1881 England Census Ed.Leach Compston Age: 10 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1871


Father's Name: Samuel Compston Mother's Name: Mary Ann Compston


Where born: Settle, Yorkshire, England


Household Members: Name Age

Samuel Compston 38 medical practioner unreg. born Radcliffe

Mary Ann Compston 35 housewife born Settle

Ed.Leach Compston 10 scholar born Settle

Emily Compston 9 scholar born Radcliffe Births Mar 1872 Bury  8c 537

Lizzie Compston 1 born Radcliffe


Civil parish: Higher Booths  Lancashire Street Address: Swinshaw Registration district: Haslingden Sub-registration district: Rossendale ED, 2 Piece: 4132

Folio: 54 Page Number: 43


1891 England Census Name: Edmund L Compston Age: 20 Estimated Birth Year:

abt 1871 Relation: Son


Father's Name: Samuel Compston Mother's Name: Mary A Compston


Where born: Settle, Yorkshire, England


Household Members: Name Age

Samuel Compston 48 homeopathic practitioner [not registered] born Radcliffe

Mary A Compston 45 born Settle

Edmund L Compston 20 born Settle medical student

Emily Compston 19 born Radcliffe

Lizzie Compston 11 scholar born Crawshawbooth


Civil parish: Higher Booths Ecclesiastical parish: All Saints Town: Crawshaw Booth Lancashire Registration district: Haslingden Sub-registration district: Rossendale ED, 2 Piece: 3349 Folio: 49 Page Number: 40







1901 England Census Name: Edward L Compston Age: 30 Estimated Birth Year:

 abt 1871 Relation: Head  Where born: Settle, Yorkshire, England


Spouse's Name: Elizabeth Compston 

Household Members: Name Age

Edward L Compston 30 Medical surgeon practitioner

Elizabeth Compston 36 born Salford

Flora E Compston 2

Margery Compston 9 Months

Sarah A Bennett 28 general servant

Amelia Hartings 18 nurse


Civil parish: Rawtenstall Ecclesiastical parish: Crawshaw Booth St John  Lancashire  Registration district: Haslingden Sub-registration district:  Rawtenstall ED, 6  Household schedule number: 216 Piece: 3846 Folio: 133 Page Number: 33



1911 England Census Edmund Leach Compston Age in 1911: 40 Estimated Birth Year:

abt 1871 Relation to Head: Head Birth Place: Settle, Yorkshire, England


Household Members: Name Age

Edmund Leach Compston 40 married 16 years

Elizabeth Compston 47 wife born Manchester

Flora Ellis Compston 12 school born Crawshawbooth

Marjorie Compston 10 school born Crawshawbooth

Margaret Rayner 26 servant from Bolton Abbey


Civil parish: Rawtenstall Lancashire  Street Address: Crawshawbooth Rawtenstall Marital Status: Married Occupation: Physician And Surgeon Registration district:  Haslingden Registration District Number: 471

Sub-registration district: Rawtenstall ED, institution, or vessel: 05 Piece: 24699


England & Wales, FreeBMD Death Index: 1837-1915

Edmund Leach Compston

Date of Registration: Apr-May-Jun 1855

Registration district: Bradford

Yorkshire West Riding Volume: 9b Page: 75



England & Wales, FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915

Edmund Leach Compston

Date of Registration:

Jan-Feb-Mar 1845

Registration district:

Bury Lancashire Volume: 21

Page: 353


Was this his grandfather?

UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 Record for Edmund Compston

UK Incoming Passenger Lists, 1878-1960 Southampton, England > 1924 > August > Olympic

Aged 54 physician returning to Springhill, Cloughfold, Manchester.  The entry shows his last country of permanent residence as England which is then crossed out and USA added.


compston edmund 1924 southampton arrive Olympic


England & Wales, Death Index: 1916-2005 Edmund L Compston Birth Date: abt 1870 Date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1945 Age at Death: 75 Registration district: Lancaster Volume: 8e page: 758


England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1915

Edmund Leach Compston to Elizabeth Ellis date of Registration: Jul-Aug-Sep 1894 Registration district: Prestwich  Volume Number: 8d Page Number:582


Deaths Mar 1937   Compston  Elizabeth  73  Haslingden  8e 141

Marriages Sep 1902   Compston  Emily     Haslingden  8e 288

England & Wales, Marriage Index: 1916-2005

Flora E Compston Spouse Surname: Hanson

Date of Registration:  Jul-Aug-Sep 1923

Registration district: Haslingden Lancashire Volume Number: 8e Page Number: 399



England & Wales, Marriage Index: 1916-2005

Marjorie Compston Spouse Surname: Mitchell

Date of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec 1927 Registration district:

Haslingden Lancashire Volume  number 8e Page Number: 295



England & Wales, FreeBMD Marriage Index: 1837-1915

Lizzie Compston Date of Registration: Jan-Feb-Mar 1909

Registration district: Haslingden Lancashire Volume Number: 8e Page Number: 206  



This is what they say:


'On the second postcard on the link to Burnleyin the great war there was a picture of the Printworks club [I think]. J.C. Smith [John Charles] husband of Lizzie Compston was foreman mechanic at the Loveclough printworks at the time of her death in 1912. When I followed up the Swinshaw connection [1880's] for Samuel, in the same group of dwellings there were two labourers at the printworks, so clearly a longish running concern. Are there any photos of the Printworks and where was it actually located?'


'Samuel and edmund were my great uncles and I have a picture of Edmund when he was a small boy.. are you people related to them??? I'm in the USA his brother John sailed here in the 1800s'


'I have matched up the renumbered house data with the 1:2500 maps. One of my original queries related to "Westview" which appeared in the 1899 Medical Register as the address of Dr. Edmund Leach Compston. That is synonymous with 981 Burnley Road, Samuel Compstons address in the 1901 census. So it looks like Samuel's son started his practice at his fathers address and that is why Samuel is described as "a Dr's pharmacist and dispenser. " This is given additional credence by the remark of the current owner who had heard that a long time ago it had been a doctors Surgery.


However by the 1901 census Edmund Leach Compston was resident at 579 Burnley road. That is missing from the numbering sequence on the map and from its possible location I would guess that by 1901 Edmund was resident in Lilac House. According to the Medical Register he was certainly there by 1907.


 Finally I tracked down Springhill. This was Dr Edmund Leach Compstons residence from 1927 and where Samuel was moved to in his terminal illness. Springhill is a complex of cottages, a gatehouse and a large house North of thr junction of Dobbin Lane with Newchurch above the Cloughfold Gasworks.'


'I was interested to read your conversation re Springhill House. I have lived there since 2001, and have the full set of deeds. Indeed, Dr Compston did live here from 1927, and if you are interested, I will have a closer look at the deeds for more detail.'


'Samuel can be traced by his magnificent beard and glasses. So he appears with Carnegie and standing to attention at the Royal visit. But Dr Edmund Leach Compston I have no photo of. Although I do know he described a cut on his nose as an identifying feature when he travelled to New York in the 1920's as its on his embarkation details.'

*Compston, Edmund Leach (Owens). Born June 29.. 1870, at Settle, Yorks.

M.B., Ch.B., (2nd class Honours), 1893.

In general practice. Senior St. John's Ambulance Surgeon.


Lilac House, Crawshawbooth, Rawtenstall, Lancashire.

compston springhill higher cloughfold late 19 c li

Springhill House. Dr Compston lived here from 1927,  

This photo was posted on the Rossendale on line web site and I would love to hear from either the person who posted it or relatives of this family.

1894 CoMPSTON, Edmund Leach, M.B., Ch.B.Vict. ; Crawshawbooth, Manchester.

"The Journal of the British Homoeopathic Society"

THE LONDON GAZETTE, 3 JANUARY, 1983. *As Serving Brothers

Edmund Leach Compston, M.B.

The Journal of the British Homoeopathic Society (Volume 2) ISBN-10: 0217087663


' On Thursday, February 1, 1894, Edmund Leach Compston, M.B., Ch.B.Vict., West View, Crawshawbooth, Manchester, having been duly nominated, was elected a Member by ballot. '

Edmund Leach Compston (undated) Reference  


Physical Description 1 file


Biographical History

MB ChB Manch Vict 1893.


Compston studied at Owens College Manchester. He was a general practitioner in Rossendale, Lancashire, and was officer in charge at the Auxiliary Military Hospital in Rawtenstall during the First World War. Compston was a member of the British Homeopathic Society.

ELGAR: Electronic Gateway to Archives at Rylands

There is an excellent piece about Samuel and Crawshawbooth at


'Later writings that I have come across also rely heavily on these sources, and they played a substantial part in a series of thirteen articles by local councillor Samuel Compston of Crawshawbooth, published in the Rossendale Free Press, a local weekly newspaper, between September 1904 and January 1905. [1] Compston was inspired to research and write his articles following the presentation of a book of 255 tunes to Rawtenstall library by Moses Heap, born in 1824 and essentially 'the last of the Layrocks'. It had taken him fourteen and a half years to copy out the tunes. Compston interviewed Heap and as many people with Larks of Dean connections as he could track down, to produce a work that remains definitive to this day.'


PROVIDENCE UNITED METHODIST Free Church, Loveclough Grave No. 90

1) Mrs Lizzie SMITH  Daughter of Samuel and Mary Ann Compston  Mon, May 13,1912  32  1880  wife      

2) Mr J C SMITH          Head      

3) Mr Samuel COMPSTON  Justice Of The Peace, Ex Mayor of Rawtenstall. And Husband of Mary Ann  Mon, Nov 13,1933  91  1842  Father In Law      

4) Mrs MaryAnn COMPSTON  Wife Of Samuel  Mon,Sep 5,1927  81  1846  Mother In Law      

(Source: Cemsearch-UK permission Oct/05)