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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier

Edith May [Mabel] Cumpstone of Maypole Cottage Buildwas Birth 1889  Madeley

Bert Cumpstone has kindly provided the details of this death and the family tree associated with it.  He also most generously sent me hard copies of the photos seen here.


Miss Edith May Cumpstone died in hospital on 1st April 1975.  She did not leave a Will and a relative Kenneth George Hayward had been looking after her affairs and applied for Letters of Administration to her estate.  The correspondence with her solicitor in Telford gave an excellent overview of the family tree.




Shrop 5 1/1/2/2/ MARY ANNIE BROADBENT nee Cumpstone deceased. Sister of Edith   May



       Shrop 5 1/1/2/2/1/  Percival John Raymond Nephew of Edith May deceased.  

       Birth Sep 1908  Wellington, Sh.  6a 696.  Marriage Mar Q. 1932  Shifnal  6a 1095

       Shrop 5 1/1/2/2/2/ Marjorie Alice Niece of Edith May deceased.  Birth Mar Q 1915

       Newport S.  6a 1279 Marriage Dec Q 1933 to  Lewis  Newport Sh.  6a 1703


Shrop  5 1/1/2/3/ Herbert Edgerton Cumpstone Brother of Edith May

1904 married Lillian Poole [parents William Cumpstone &  Alice Bradbury] 31-Dec-04



        Shrop 5 1/1/2/3/1/     Francis Edgerton Cumpstone nephew of Edith May

        Shrop 5 1/1/2/3/2/ Cumpstone Francis William b. 1872 Wrockwardine C006622/

        William Alice Bradbury 26 Coy. 7Bn Imperial Yeomanry went to USA with brother

        Bert christened IGI 14 Jul 1872.  Stottesden Atcham 8 yrs census 1881 Jun Q

        1872 1899-1902 37336 Private 26 yrs  Soldiers of the Queen in 2nd Anglo Boer

        War 1906 Wellington Salop 6a 1579 Marriage Free BMD Dec Q 1906

        In 1975 at 1495 South Main Street Cheshire Conneticut 06410  Conneticut USA

        nephew of Edith May


        Shrop 5 1/1/2/3/3/   Charles Gordon Cumpstone  nephew of Edith May

        Shrop 5 1/1/2/3/4/  Melbourne Cumpstone  nephew of Edith May


Shrop 5 1/1/2/4/ Ernest Edward Cumpstone deceased.  Brother of Edith May deceased.

     Married Elizabeth Ballard Glamorgan Yeomanry cavalry then Welsh Regiment

    1874 Shiffnal 6a 632 Birth Free BMD Jun Q 1874.  1881 Stottesden 6 yrs

     scholar census 1881.  Marriage Jun 1897  Merthyr T.  11a 906.  SEE PHOTO 1 of

     their engagement & 2  at Cwm Liwydrew Farm now Cwm Darren Parc, [house is

     demolished];  also photo 12 at Cadfan's wedding.



      Shrop 5 1/1/2/4/1/ Ernest Idris Cumpstone 77 yrs nephew of Edith May

 <<<<1898 Llantrisant 11a 568 Pontypridd [who married Elizabeth Griffiths] birth Jun

      Q.   Marriage Mar 1926  Merthyr T.  11a 913.  Joined Glamorganshire Yeomanry

      [Cavalry] but transferred to the Welsh Regiment [Infantry].  His story is recorded in

      the Welsh  Regiment Museum Cardiff Castle and here  with a photo.  He died aged 96

      yrs.  See also photo 5.


       Shrop 5 1/1/2/4/2/ Cumpstone Nicholas William [known as Nick] 74 yrs nephew of

       Edith May.  1901 Merthyr T 11a 719 [who married Olwyn May Matthews] birth Sep Q

      1901.  Marriage Dec 1923   Merthyr T.  11a 1548.   See photo 3, Nick aged 12 in

       1913,  ambulance  driver at Fochriw Pit.  Photo 4 Nick is the driver - far right,

       holding   the whip - of a horse drawn trip to Gilwern, aged 14.


       Shrop 5 1/1/2/4/3/ Cumpstone Bertie 72 yrs nephew of Edith May 1903 Merthyr

       T 11a 742 [who married Anne Maud Owen] birth 29-May-1903.  Marriages Mar

       1928     Merthyr T.  11a 898 See photo 7 Bert and Anne Maud with young Bert,

        1940,  at No. 6 Council Houses.  Bert junior is my research colleague.  Photo 8

     shows  Bert Senior with his sister Lydia [below] and photo 12 at Cadfan's wedding.


      Shrop 5 1/1/2/4/4/ Cumpstone Lydia Mary 70 yrs Niece of Edith May

      1905 Merthyr T 11a 755 [who married Frank Chaplin] birth Jun Q 1905 died

      2003 aged 98 yrs. Had been a nurse, nursing sister and midwife.  She photos 8/ 9 &



      Shrop 5 1/1/2/4/5/ Cumpstone Arthur 67 yrs nephew of Edith May 1908 [who

      married Gwynfil Curtis] birth 13-May-08.  Marriage Jun Q 1939 E. Glamorgan  

     11a 1973 See photos 6 with Bert and Fiat Hearse  1925 and wedding photo 11 with

     Jack Golding [best man, killed in WWII] and Gwynfil's sister.


      Shrop 5 1/1/2/4/6/  Cumpstone Margaret Alice Niece of Edith May

      Birth Dec 1910   Merthyr T.  11a 736  Marriage Jun 1935  to William H. Jones

      E. Glamorgan  11a 1984


      Shrop 5 1/1/2/4/7/ Cumpstone Tegwedd 63 yrs niece of Edith May  Birth Jun 1912

      Merthyr T.  11a 1493  [who married Eric Slade] birth 1912 - see photo 12 for Pauline

      Slade - ? their daughter Marriage Mar Q 1937 E. Glamorgan  11a 1458


      Shrop 5 1/1/2/4/8/ Cumpstone Cadfan 56 yrs nephew of Edith May [who married

      Joyce Evans birth 1919].  1941 age 22 invalided out RAF.  Birth Mar 1918   Merthyr T.

      11a 1361.  See photo 12 for their wedding.


Shrop 5 1/1/2/5/ Cumpstone Percy Herbert brother of Edith May Free BMD Jun Q 1878.

      Shiffnal 6a 652.  1881 census Stottesden Atcham 2 yrs. Married Rachael Lewis] Dec

     1913  Merthyr T.  11a 1402



      Shrop 5/1/1/2/5/1/  Cumpstone Brinley nephew of Edith May

      Birth Mar 1915  Merthyr T.  11a 1679

    Shrop 5/1/1/2/5/2/       Cumpstone Graham nephew of Edith May

      Birth Dec 1925   Merthyr T.  11a 1242  


Shrop 5  Beatrice Ellen Beech nee Cumpstone sister of Edith May

      1883 Cleobury Mortimer 6a 572 Birth Free BMD Sep Q 1883.  1907 Madeley 6a

      1359 24 yrs Marriage Free BMD Dec Q 1907



      Lawrence Beech nephew of Edith May

      John Egerton Beech nephew of Edith May Births Mar 1911  Madeley  6a 561

      Herbert William Beech (deceased)  nephew of Edith May

      Births Jun 1916   birth Madeley  6a 1011


                    Children of Herbert William

                    Robert Gordon Beech great nephew of Edith May

                   Jean Maureen Beech great niece of Edith May

                   Sandra Elizabeth Beech great niece of Edith May

                   Michael Thomas Beech great nephew of Edith May


Shrop 5  Gertrude Hayward nee Cumpstone deceased sister of Edith May deceased.  1885 Tenbury 6c 264 Gertrude Alice Birth Free BMD Jun Q 1885.  1906 Burton 6b 435   Birth Free BMD. Jun Q Marriage Free BMD Mar Q 1909


       Kenneth George nephew of Edith May  Birth Dec 1913   Walsall  6b 1342

        Douglas  [deceased]

                  Children of Douglas

                Judith Helen  great niece of Edith May

                 Neville Douglas great nephew of Edith May


Shrop 5/ Frank Cumpstone deceased.  Brother of Edith May. Died without issue


Shrop 5/ Rossie [Rose Clarice] Jeffreys nee Cumpstone no living issue.  Sister of Edith May.  1892 Madeley 6a 582 Birth Free BMD Dec Q 1892.  Married 1919 Madeley 6a 1787 Jeffreys  Free BMD Sep Q 1919

1 son Gordon Clarence killed during Second World War.  Unmarried no issue.  1440434 Sgt. Gordon Clarence Jefferys served with 90 Squadron RAF.  One of the gunners on Stirling Bomber no. EH 937, WP-S which took off from RAF Wratting Common, Cambridgeshire for a raid on Berlin.  As a result of enemy action the plane crashed into the IJsselmeer, some 15 kms east of Marken,  Holland.  Gordon was killed with 6 other crew members.  His body was later washed ashore on the Dutch Island of Urk.  He was buried at Amersfoort [Oud Leusden] General Cemetery in Plot 13 Row 9 Grave 186.  







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Maypole Cottage Buildwas is near Ironbridge Telford

1891 census for Edith's family


Edith M Cumptone Age: 2

Relation: Daughter


Father's Name: William

Mother's Name: Alice

Gender: Female

Where born: Little Wenlock, Shropshire, England


Civil parish: Little Wenlock

Ecclesiastical parish: St Lawrence Registration district: Madeley Sub-registration district: Madeley


Household Members: Name Age

William Cumptone 50

Alice Cumptone 43

Percy H Cumptone 13

Bertie E Cumptone 9

Beatrice E Cumptone 7

Gertrude A Cumptone 6

Edith M Cumptone 2






The photo above includes a good range of Cumpstone relatives


Back row:

Ernest Cumpstone, Douglas Cumpstone, Cadfan [groom] Joyce Evans [bride] Gerald Evans, Billy Cumpstone, Mr Evans [bride's father].


Front row:

Elizabeth [Ballard] Cumpstone, Enid Cumpstone, Evans sister, Mary Cumpstone, Pauline Slade, Evans Sister, Dora Cumpstone, Mrs Evans [bride's mother].

30 September 1939 Accident   Mrs. E. Cumpstone, wife of Mr. Ernest Cumpstone,  >>>>>>>> Aelybryn, was knocked down by a lorry at Dowlais on Saturday. She was removed to Merthyr General Hospital.

Photos with kind permission of Mrs Hill.


1440434 - Rear Gunner- Sgt. Gordon Clarence Jeffreys - RAFVR - Age 22 - KIA

of Buildwas, Shropshire, UK - Plot 13. Row 9. Grave 186

first buried - General Cemetery Urk ( Z 5553 ) Grave 612 Deep 1

- reburied 18 Jul 1947 - Amersfoort (Oud-Leusden) General Cemetery "Rusthof" - CWGC ref. 2620345

born 4th Qtr. 1920, district Madeley, County Shropshire, UK.

Son of Mr. Richard T. Jeffreys and Mrs. Rose Clarice Jeffreys

(née Cumpstone), district Madeley, County Shropshire, UK.  His mother ( b. 1892 ) died late 1922. Gordon stayed at the family home in the charge of his aunt Edith Mabel Cumpstone.


The paternal grandmother of Norman Beech is Beatrice Ellen Cumpstone, sister of 'great aunt' Rose and Edith 'Edie'

- info via Norman Beech - 07 Aug 2009



I was delighted to hear from

Teunis Schuurman WWII researcher from The Netherlands who updated his website address above and corrected some place names - thanks for writing Teunis!

Do check out his website.

GM June 2011.