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This page is for Peter Bent who is researching the following:


1833 Gornal Nr Dudley Wones Hannah married William Cumpston  birth 1833

William Cumpston and Hannah Wones married on the 8th of November 1853 at St. Martin's Church, The Bullring, Birmingham. Hannah Wones was the first born child of John Wones (born Minsterley, Shropshire 1804 and Nancy Wones - formerly Naylor - married at St.Peter's Church, Wolverhampton in 1832)

William Cumpston & wife Hannah of Sedgley, South Staffordshire are shown on the Staffordshire page.


Peter feels that this "Hannah" was formerly Hannah Wones, elder sister of his great grandfather Edward Wones.  Hannah was the mother of Archibald Compston the golfer


Peter says 'It is surprising that they married such a distance away from their home territory - William's home presumably was in the Sedgley area as was Hannah's - she was born just down the road in Woodsetton - as were almost all the children of John & Nancy Wones. Now Hannah's father, "John Wones" (born Minsterley) was the son of Edward Wones (born around 1760 - we think!) - the man who married Elizabeth Cumpston at Shelve, nr Minsterley, Shropshire on the 14th July 1784.


The Wones and the Cumpston's of Shropshire/South Staffordshire were closely tied together by marriage (Edward Wones & Elizabeth Cumpston, Shelve 1784 and William Cumpston and Hannah Wones, St Martin's in the Bullring, Birmingham 1853)


I have a feeling that there might have been a slight antipathy to the marriage of William Cumpston & Hannah Wones from both families - despite their closeness - goodness knows why and hence they got hitched well away from their home area. I do not know of any connection that Hannah Wones might have had with central Birmingham - and unfortunately no one is around to tell me now!


John & Nancy Wones' grave is in a small graveyard belonging to a Baptist chapel close to Woodsetton (very near Sedgley, South Staffordshire) and right next to it is the grave of Richard Compston (died 28th July 1885 - aged 38 years)- the year being a little unclear and also of his wife Sarah Compston (died April  -  1883/7 - a little unclear & the date in April has worn away - aged 64 years.) Also buried in the same grave is Mary Cumpston (died December 13th 1870, aged 13/15 years - unfortunately her age at death no longer being very clear).'


In the same graveyard there is also the grave of Mary Lloyd Jevon, who died in her 20's  who was Peter's grandmother Eliza Wones, mother.


So three important threads of his family are all buried in this very small graveyard belonging to a Baptist Chapel - very close to both Sedgley and Woodsetton.


Edward Wones (born 1760 was blown up not far away in 1820) was buried in Sedgley at All Saints Church Cemetery, but we do not yet know where his wife Elizabeth (nee Cumpston) was buried.  Peter says he does not know whether she died in the Minsterley/Westbury area of Shropshire. She was one of his great, great, great grandmothers and grandmother of his great grandfather Edward Wones.




Was it likely that the Benjamin Cumpston/Compston - lead miner of Shrewsbury, was Elizabeth [Wones] Cumpston's brother.


See Edna's update on page 2

Anne Cumpston, who was mentioned as the "only child of the parish" of Shelve, together with a Martha Cumpston.

Edna McCoy has been in touch with a suggestion about our golfer's birthdate [Archie Compston]



The WONES keep cropping up In Horsehouse Parish registers


Thomas Robinson and Mary WONES were married in Coverham Church in 1814, these are the same persons who were married in Horsehouse in 1825. The cause of these persons being married twice is that at the time of his marriage in Coverham Church Thomas Robinson had a wife living, such wife being at that time married to another person, namely Francis Beck.

Elizabeth Robinson widow married Francis Beck 7 September 1808, in Bradford, both of the parish of Bradford by Banns, witness John Barker, John Bland.

Elizabeth Beck was buried in Bradford. 21st January 1816 aged 56 yrs.  This is the reason why they were re-married in Horsehouse church signed George C Tomlinson, vicar of Coverham and Horsehouse


A Simon Wones was a witness at the marriage of Tristram Walker and Elizabeth  Mason at Coverham 8th October 1789


15th March 1789 Baptism of Jenny d.o. Timothy and Eleanor Wones no place of abode given.


Burial 10th July 1859 Isabella Wawnes 71 yrs of West Scrafton.


Mary Wones born c1756 in Swaledale, possibly at Muker


Simon Wones  (farmer/ schoolmaster) in the North Yorkshire area - maybe Swaledale, who emigrated to America




Jenny Wones Christening: 15 MAR 1789 Coverham, Yorks,


MARY WONES  Marriage: 13 SEP 1825 Horsehouse, Yorks,


MARY WONES Marriage: 18 APR 1814 Coverham With Horsehouse, Yorkshire,


MARY WONES OR ROBINSON Marriage: 13 SEP 1825 Coverham With Horsehouse, Yorkshire,


MY WONES Gender: Female Marriage: 31 MAR 1777 Muker, Yorkshire,


Simon Wones  Marriage: 1791 Middlesmoor, Yorkshire,


See more about this Tree and information from Edna



They had 13 children only seven survived to adulthood


Mary Elizabeth COMPSTON

Births Mar 1869   Dudley  6c 97

(married George Marsh - successful butcher in Sedgley, nr Dudley) Marriages Jun Q 1899

 Dudley  6c 196    Marsh  George Church    




John COMPSTON Marriage Mar Q 1884 to Partridge  Marianne  West Bromwich  6b 936


Births Jun 1865   Compston  Edward Wones     Dudley  6c 85

and his marriage Sep Q 1885   Dudley  6c 85  to Rachel Morgan


Births Mar 1872   COMPSTON  Frank     Dudley  6c 102


Births Jun 1876   COMPSTON  Annie Wonce     Dudley  6c 80    



  + 7 others

To try and identify these I have included all the births to COMPSTON in Dudley after 1853 when William and Hannah married:


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page  Births Dec 1855  

Compston  Sarah    Dudley  6c 94    


Births Mar 1860  COMPSTON  John     Dudley  6c 93    


Births Dec 1861  COMPSTON  Hannah     Dudley  6c 90    


Births Mar 1864  COMPSTON  Thomas William     Dudley  6b 108    


Births Jun 1865  Compston  Edward Wones     Dudley  6c 85    

see his details in 1911 and his son Edward Leonard COMPSTON


Births Mar 1868   Compston  William Henry     Dudley  6c 66    


Births Mar 1869   Compston  Mary Elizabeth     Dudley  6c 97    


Births Mar 1872   COMPSTON  Frank     Dudley  6c 102    


Births Jun 1873  Compston  Alice     Dudley  6c 103    


Births Sep 1874  COMPSTON  Alice     Dudley  6c 107    


Births Jun 1876   COMPSTON  Annie Wonce     Dudley  6c 80    


There is a gap of 8 years here which suggests that the following were not siblings of the above.

Births Jun 1884   Compston  Sarah May     Dudley  6c 73    


Births Sep 1884   Compston  John William H     Dudley  6c 71    


Births Mar 1886   COMPSTON  Joseph Nayler     Dudley  6c 76    


Births Jun 1887  Compston  Edward Leonard     Dudley  6c 84    linked to Ruth


Births Dec 1888   COMPSTON  Daisy     Dudley  6c 61    


Births Mar 1890   Compston  Edith May     Dudley  6c 102    


Births Sep 1890   Compston  William     Dudley  6c 91    


Births Dec 1890   Compston  Joseph Wones     Dudley  6c 63    


Births Dec 1891   Compston  Hannah Wones     Dudley  6c 95    


Births Sep 1893  Compston  Edwin Howard     Dudley  6c 79    


Births Jun 1895   Compston  Lilian May     Dudley  6c 90 see her in 1911 with her father Edward Wones COMPSTON and brother Edward Leonard


Compston  Sidney     Dudley  6c 80    


Births Jun 1897  Compston  Arthur John     Dudley  6c 85    


Births Dec 1897   Compston  Mary Phyllis W     Dudley  6c 74    


Births Mar 1899   Compston  Amelia     Dudley  6c 94    


Births Mar 1900  Compston  William George     Dudley  6c 99


In her tree there are the following:



1856 Cumpston John born

1859 Cumpston Joseph  birth

1863 Cumpston Samuel  birth

1867 Cumpston Edward birth

1870 Cumpston Mary birth

1873 Cumpston Frank    birth

1876 Cumpston Alice birth 1876




Surname  First name(s)  Age  District  Vol  Page  

Deaths Sep 1837  COMPSTON  Mary    Dudley  18 216    


Deaths Sep 1838   Compston  Joseph     Dudley  18 194    


Deaths Mar 1864  Compston  Thomas William     Dudley  6c 65    


Deaths Sep 1865  Compston  Richard     Dudley  6C 38              


Deaths Dec 1868  Compston  William Henry  0  Dudley  6c 37       b. 1868


Deaths Mar 1873  Compston  Sarah  17  Dudley  6c 65                  b.1856


Deaths Jun 1873   Compston  Alice  0  Dudley  6c 53                    b. 1873


Deaths Dec 1877   COMPSTON  Sophia  67  Dudley  6c 59           b. 1810


Deaths Mar 1878  Compston  Annie  1  Dudley  6c 58                     b. 1877

Compston  John  72  Dudley  6c 47                                               b. 1806


Deaths Jun 1883  Compston  Sarah  64  Dudley  6c 33                  b. 1821


Deaths Jun 1884   Compston  John  24  Dudley  6c 43                   b. 1860

Compston  John  24  Dudley  6c 48                                                b. 1860


Deaths Dec 1890   Compston  Joseph Wones  0  Dudley  6c 41    b. 1890


Deaths Sep 1896  Compston  Sarah Alice  5  Dudley  6c 38            b. 1891


Deaths Dec 1900   Compston  Samuel  39  Dudley  6c 49                b. 1861


Deaths Mar 1912   Compston  William  80  Dudley  6c 97               b. 1832


Deaths Dec 1912  Compston  Hannah  79  Dudley  6c 72                 b. 1831


Surname  First name(s)    District  Vol  Page


Marriages Mar 1840   COMPSTON  Mary    Dudley  18 313    


Marriages Dec 1862   Compston  John     Dudley  6c 146    


Marriages Dec 1873   Compston  Ann     Dudley  6c 275    


Marriages Jun 1882   COMPSTON  John     Dudley  6c 126    


Marriages Sep 1885   COMPSTON  Edward Wones     Dudley  6c 85    


Marriages Jun 1890  Compston  Samuel     Dudley  6c 208    


Marriages Jun 1899  Compston  Mary Elizabeth     Dudley  6c 196    


Marriages Jun 1909 COMPSTON  Joseph Naylor     Dudley  6c 110    


Marriages Mar 1912  Compston  Hannah W  Osborne  Dudley  6c 92    


Marriages Dec 1912  Compston  Elizabeth H  Rudge  Dudley  6c 195





The Rate Collector Mr Compston reported difficulty in collecting the rates from soldiers' wives.  He said there were 94 soldiers's wives who were householders.  Fourteen had paid the rates in full and five had paid in part.  The amount outstanding in respect of soldiers' rates was approximately £25.  of the 94 soldiers' wives he had ascertained that there were six with no children, fifteen with one child, twenty eight with two children, twenty five with three children, eight with four, five with five, three with six and four with seven.  He had visited most of them, and in many cases they absolutely refused to pay the rate.  Some said they could not pay, while others said they could not be made to pay.


The clerk said that if these people were excused wholesale, there might be difficulty with the auditor, who was extremely strict.  He would certainly surcharge the members of the Council.  The Local Government Board had issued no fresh instructions for guidance in this matter, and the rule was that each case must be dealt with on its merits, the only ground for excusing the rates being poverty.

It was resolved to hold a special meeting of the Council on Monday evening next to consider each case on its merits.




Mortgage  DX59/8  21 July 1846

These documents are held at Wolverhampton Archives and Local Studies



1. Daniel Hughes the younger of Sedgley, brickmaker

2. John Cumpston of Cinderhill in the same parish, miner.

Plot of land in the parish of Sedgley in front of the public cartway leading to the Coppice Chapel with three messuages built there.

To secure £120


SEE ALSO PAGE 2.  Peter Bent has done an enormous amount of work on this tree and I feel it is important to give voice to his thoughts and findings on his WONES / CUMPSTON relatives.


We also have new pages on Edward Leonard COMPSTON pages 1 from Ruth Brandreth and 2 from Jan.  There are 3 entries for him and his family in the end column. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>