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PETER says:


There was of course also a connection between South Staffs & Shropshire - Minsterley, Shelve & Westbury areas; also atAston.


I am completely amazed at present re the numbers of Cumptons/Compstons with "Wones" included in their names especially the "Edward Wones" ones. I can only wonder if Hannah was almost running out of names for her many children and resorted to naming them after members of her own family. I too, cannot as yet find any mention of an "Archibald" being born and therefore I wonder if he decided just to "adopt" it since at the time it might have sounded imposing?  Hannah Wones (elder sister of Edward Wones - my great  grandfather and wife of William Cumpston - Bath St. Sedgley) - was born in 1833 (May 23rd) and therefore never knew her grandfather (Edward Wones - from  either Cornwall or Yorkshire, certainly from Shropshire) who died close to Sedgley/Woodsetton when his Shot backfired on him - in 1820 and whom we believe was born around 1760 - his age is given as 60 yrs in the local newspaper report of his death.


I therefore believe it possible that Hannah may have named Archibald - "Edward Wones Cumpston" after his uncle/her younger brother and my great grandfather. Obviously, there may be another possibility but this seems the only obvious one at present to me. Also, there is an "Annie Cumpston" - I wonder if she was named after "Annie Florence May" Wones (whom I knew as "Aunty Annie" )- although she was a cousin - being a daughter of Isaac Wones of West Bromwich and actually Rosemary Weir's grandmother.


I must acknowledge my indebtedness to one of my three new cousins found via the internet - Rosemary Weir who has done a tremendous amount of research on the local Wones family and who kindly gave me much of the information on my side of the Wones family.  Roger Wones and Pat Jenkins. two more third cousins, are also interested. I did have some information on the Wones family passed down via word of mouth from my father Edward James Bent (grandson of Edward Wones - Hannahs brother) but the connection with Shropshire/Westbury/Shelve I had no knowledge of and neither did I know that they were all involved in limestone mining/quarrying. I had thought that Edward Wones was a coalminer in his early days until his acumen enabled him to branch out and become a coal-mine "proprietor" leasing at least two mines from the Earl of Dudley, together with limestone quarries and an interest in canal transport.   He made a fortune and became a magistrate at the court in Sedgley- a canny old chap I understand, and in later life lived in some style in a beautiful Georgian country house with extensive land attached, in which I was most privileged to have spent my formative years. It has metamorphosed into apartments and the old carriage drive is now a road, lined with modern private houses & bungalows.





'There don't appear to be many "older" houses there.   Bath Street. Sedgley is within walking distance of where Edward (1760) died and I feel 95% certain that I have managed to identify the remains of the limestone quarry where the tragedy happened - mid way between Sedgley (& Bath St) and a little place called Woodsetton, where many of the Wones family were born - including many of my Wones ancestors'.



'I have also taken photos of Shelve church and the surrounding area where the local Wones & Cumpston families lived ----

[Peter] in the late 1700's and the early 1800's, before the Wones moved to the Sedgley, South Staffs area sometime in the early 1800's.


Also coming shortly are photos of the Wones, Jevon & Cumpston graves at the Baptist chapel near Woodsetton)  - right opposite where I believe one of the local Cumpstons bought a plot of land, close to a cart track leading to Coppice road'.


NOTE to readers:  I am currently scanning the photos sent be Peter to upload to this page.  Glenys  2010

is a good site for the history of Sedgley




Chris is editor of a series of community magazines called VILLAGE VOICE  which circulate in and around the Black Country (including Sedgley).  He also writes local history books including a series called "Tales From A Churchyard" and has asked to include stories from these pages.


2009-06-09  Edna McCoy of Davis California USA wrote to me regarding  Cumpston Wones -


Elizabeth Cumpston b 1769 Shrewsbury who married Edward Wones? Edna is  descended from Simon Wones who may have been brother to Edward.


2010 -02-06  Great news from Edna - more information and some data for us to review.  She writes:


I have been doing family history research for about 30 years.  Connecting with Peter Bent, Rosemary Weir, Roger Wones, and about 15 years ago, Guy Wones, has stimulated a concentrated investigative of my Wones roots.  


I am the great-great-great granddaughter of Simon Wones who immigrated with his family from Yorkshire to Ohio.  Simon was married to Elizabeth Woodrup and other names associated with them are Spence, Pattison, Raper, and Verity.  Most of the towns associated with them are Masham, Ripon, Pateley Bridge, Stonebeck Up, and surrounding areas.  


Simon is said to have been a school teacher/town clerk, but in the United States he, along with his children, became farmers.  One son, John was a Methodist and his son William Raper Wones was also a Methodist minister.  His daughter Edna Louise Wones was my grandmother.  Her daughter was Josephine, my mother.  [Part of message not included here].


Your recent email to me spurred me onto looking deeply at your Cumpston and Wones website.  Two bits of information are curious to me.  It is the part about Martha and Ann Cumpston.  Peter said that I gave him that information, but I cannot find it in my papers.  I will keep looking.


Also, I need help concerning the information about wedding witnesses.  I have that Simon Wones and Elizabeth Woodruff wedding witnesses were Thomas Hobson and Tristam Walker.  What is the source of Simon Wones witnessing Elizabeth Mason and Tristam Walker?


I noticed on Rosemary's chart that Archie was listed with William and Hannah.  I just could not find him in a census with them.  So I started looking at their children and I found in the 1901 census John, Limestone miner, Sedgley, with wife Maryanne and 4 children:

John W H Compston, 16, golf green keeper

E M Compston            11

Daily                         12

A E W Compston         8


I think that AEW Compston, born 1893, is  Archibald Edward Wones Compston and that he learned the golf trade from this brother.


One more bit of information.  William, John's father, was from Cinderhill, Sedgley.  Could  John, listed on same 1871 census with William of Cinderhill, be the John of Cinderhill that you are looking for?

Many thanks Edna for this information - your suggestion does in deed look fruitful.

Birth update!

Exciting news 4th February 2010.  Peter and Edna appear to have solved the problem of where Archie was born.  See the message below on 6th February 2010



The WONES keep cropping up in Horsehouse Parish registers .

Thomas Robinson and Mary WONES were married in Coverham Church in 1814, these are the same persons who were married in Horsehouse in 1825. The cause of these persons being married twice is that at the time of his marriage in Coverham Church Thomas Robinson had a wife living, such wife being at that time married to another person, namely Francis Beck. Elizabeth Robinson widow married Francis Beck 7 September 1808 ,in Bradford, both of the parish of Bradford by Banns, witness John Barker, John Bland.


Elizabeth Beck was buried in Bradford. 21st January 1816 aged 56 yrs. This is the reason why they were re-married in Horsehouse church signed George C Tomlinson, vicar of Coverham and Horsehouse


A Simon Wones was a witness at the marriage of Tristram Walker and Elizabeth

Mason at Coverham 8th October 1789

15th March 1789 Baptism of Jenny d.o. Timothy and Eleanor Wones no place of abode given.

Burial 10th July 1859 Isabella Wawnes 71 yrs of West Scrafton.

Mary Wones born c1756 in Swaledale, possibly at Muker

Simon Wones (farmer/schoolmaster) in the North Yorkshire area - maybe Swaledale, who emigrated to America



Jenny Wones Christening: 15 MAR 1789 Coverham, Yorkshire,

MARY WONES  Marriage: 13 SEP 1825 Horsehouse, Yorkshire,

MARY WONES Marriage: 18 APR 1814 Coverham With Horsehouse, Yorkshire,

MARY WONES OR ROBINSON Marriage: 13 SEP 1825 Coverham With Horsehouse, Yorkshire,

MY WONES Gender: Female Marriage: 31 MAR 1777 Muker, Yorkshire,

Simon Wones  Marriage: 1791 Middlesmoor, Yorkshire, England

8th February 2010


In answer to my query for further information Karen W from the Upper Dales FH Group wrote :


From Minutes of Methodist Episcopal Church - Cincinnati

"Our aged friend and brother, Timothy Wones came to the end of his earthly pilgrimage, on the afternoon of Thursday, July 28 1891 at his home in Springfield Ohio.


Brother Wones was born in Yorkshire, England February 19,

1816 and was the youngest of a family of eleven children. When not yet three..."


Snippet View in Google Books. Page 449, part of a two page obituary.


Title Minutes of the Cincinnati Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Author Methodist Episcopal Church. Cincinnati Conference

Publisher The Conference, 1899

Original from the New York Public Library Digitized Jul 21, 2008


There is also a book called

'An historical sketch of Simon & Elizabeth Wones and their Descendants' Author Creighton Wones, published 1903, 27 pages


Many thanks Karen for responding.

A great story from Peter Bent:


Apparently my gt. grandfather Edward Wones was about to be caned by a schoolmarm for some (probably minor) misdemeanour, to which he took great exception. So he grabbed the cane from said lady's hand, whacked her with it and ran off. He was missing for some days until by chance a member of the family (I think from the Cumpston side and from Ettingshall) was travelling by coach or maybe waggon in the Wem (Shropshire) area - miles  away from Woodsetton, where Edward would have been living at that time and spotted this little figure working in a field - picking potatoes and recognised it as "little Eddy". The news was doubtless passed back speedily and history does not relate how he fared. It does however give an early illustration of the sheer determination of the young lad who later became well known and well thought of in the Black Country area and certainly quite an influential member of the local community. I've often wondered if a kind member of the Cumpston family might have helped "Eddy" escape the wrath of the schoolmarm for a short while, until things quitened down somewhat.


Coppice Baptist Chapel


The following piece can be seen in full at

with photographs.


Extracted from William White's "History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Staffordshire" published in 1851 :

The origins of the congregation go back to the end of the eighteenth century when the congregation met at a house in Bond Street, Coppice, a hamlet in the parish of Sedgley.


Two registers were surrended to the Registrar General. The First. RG4 1868, records the date of birth and the date of the public naming. The entries cover the period 1794 to 1818.


Names on this Register of Births and Namings 1794-1818 , include Cumpson and Wones.


1851 Census Extracts for Sedgley  Folios 51 to 72


record a street called

Cumpston Row.

Kelly's 1896 Trade Directory for the Coseley District




Edward Wones





Cumpston William, farmer & beer retailer, Cinder hill


The full transcription can be seen at

Kelly's 1912 Trade Directory for Sedgley


Beer Retailer   Bath Street

1841 Census Extracts for Sedgley


1/F17/Page 1

Cinder Hill , Part of the Village of Sedgley.

John COMPSTON 35 Miner

Ann 35

Richard 14 Miner

William 10

Naomi 5

Hannah 2