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Births Mar 1899 Compson Annie Elizabeth   Stockport 8a 37

Births Jun 1912  Compson Margaret  Swift  Bucklow 8a 355

Births Sep 1913 Compson George E Swift  Bucklow 8a 374


Births Jun 1854  COMPSTON Alice   Stockport 8a 3

Births Sep 1892  Compston Harriet   Macclesfield 8a 119

Births Mar 1909 Compston Clarice   Birkenhead 8a 311

Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page

Births Mar 1912  Compston Olga  Holland Macclesfield 8a 279

Births Mar 1918  Compston Malcolm R  Walsh Macclesfield 8a 167

Births Jun 1918 Compston Lily Oldfield Macclesfield 8a 154

Births Dec 1923 COMPSTON Elsie  Sandham Ashton 8d 764

Births Dec 1927 Compston Jack  Sandham Ashton 8d 936

Births Mar 1937 Compston Peter Hoole Macclesfield 8a 215

Cheshire births, deaths & burials


Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Dec 1847 CRUMPTON Eliza Anne  Wrexham 27 246

Births Dec 1851 Crumpton Samuel   Congleton 19 74

Births Mar 1853  Crumpton Joseph   Congleton 8a 267

Births Jun 1855 Crumpton Richard  Congleton 8a 226

Births Dec 1857  Crumpton Arthur  Congleton 8a 233

Births Dec 1898 CRUMPTON Elsie   Birkenhead 8a 527

Births Sep 1903 Crumpton Chrissie  Birkenhead 8a 549

Births Dec 1905  Crumpton Simeon   Ashton 8d 467

Births Mar 1909
Crumpton Arthur  Ashton 8d 528
Crumpton Arthur   Ashton 8d 628

Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page  

Births Jun 1912  Crumpton John H  Lewis Runcorn 8a 406

Births Jun 1913 Crumpton Albert  Tromans Ashton 8d 892

Births Dec 1913  CRUMPTON ELEANOR  LEWIS Runcorn 8a 376

Births Jun 1916 Crumpton Dorothy M  Lewis Runcorn 8a 357

Births Sep 1917 Crumpton Oliver M Lewis Runcorn 8a 287

Births Sep 1919 Crumpton Reginald V  Lewis Chester 8a 511
Crumpton Rowland S  Lewis Chester 8a 511

Births Jun 1924  Crumpton Joan E  Lewis Chester 8a 547

Births Dec 1926 Crumpton Edith  Hales Ashton 8d 952

Births Sep 1927 Crumpton Lewis  Nantwich 8a 488

Births Jun 1930 Crumpton Vera A  Lewis Nantwich 8a 512

Births Mar 1931 Crumpton Betty D  Davies Stockport 8a 34

Births Jun 1933  CRUMPTON Phyllis Hales Stockport 8a 34

Births Sep 1934 Crumpton Jack  Hales Stockport 8a 35

Births Sep 1919 Crumpton Reginald V  Lewis Chester 8a 511


Surname First name(s) District Vol Page

Births Jun 1861 CUMPSTY Thomas Wirral 8a 454

Births Mar 1863 CUMPSTY Mary Elizabeth Birkenhead 8a 432

Births Mar 1871 Cumpsty Thomas Henry Birkenhead 8a 469

Births Mar 1873 CUMPSTY Mary Louisa Birkenhead 8a 515

Births Sep 1875 CUMPSTY Harry Haythornthwaite Birkenhead 8a 505

Births Jun 1878 Cumpsty Joseph Altrincham 8a 209

Births Sep 1886 Cumpsty Charles Edwin Wirral 8a 478

Births Sep 1894 Cumpsty Wilfred Gosford Birkenhead 8a 559

Births Mar 1900 Cumpsty William Macclesfield 8a 145

Births Sep 1903 Cumpsty William Travis Wirral 8a 457

Births Dec 1905 Cumpsty George Eric Wirral 8a 399

Births Jun 1906 Cumpsty Lillie May Bucklow 8a 194

Births Sep 1906 Cumpsty Stanley Wirral 8a 461

Births Sep 1908 Cumpsty Leonard Wirral 8a 452

Births Jun 1909 CUMPSTY Frank Bucklow 8a 201

Births Mar 1910
CUMPSTY Beatrice Irene Wirral 8a 409
CUMPSTY Ernest Wirral 8a 407

Births Dec 1910 CUMPSTY Hilda Bucklow 8a 146

Surname First name(s) Mother District Vol Page

Births Mar 1912
CUMPSTY Kathleen M Stacey Wirral 8a 825
CUMPSTY Margaret M Brown Wirral 8a 830

Births Mar 1913 Cumpsty Eileen Wallace Bucklow 8a 301

Births Mar 1915 Cumpsty Caroline M Brown Wirral 8a 810

Births Mar 1928 Cumpsty Roy Y Yarwood Bucklow 8a 269

Births Dec 1928 Cumpsty Pauline Barson Bucklow 8a 258


Quarter Surname First name(s) District Vol Page  

Births Jun 1862  CUMPSTON John   Ashton 8d 392

Births Mar 1881  CUMPSTON John   Stockport 8a 71

Cumpston deaths

Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page

Deaths Dec 1879 Cumpston John 38 Chester 8a 270

Deaths Sep 1880 CUMPSTON Eliza 1 Stockport 8a 52

Deaths Sep 1894 Cumpston Fred 0 Stockport 8a 40

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