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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier

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Family Tree Continued from page 1:


Children of George Lidgett CUMPSTON and Ann Bolton continued

5       John Lidgett Cumpston Born 1856 Emerald Hill Vic reg no 1086 (I have 20 Mar 1855) Died 30 Mar 1856 Emerald Hill Vic reg no 2395 aged 1 yr


6      Samuel Bolton Cumpston Born 20/9/1857 Emerald Hill Vic reg no 8673 (I have 20 Sep 1847) Died 1929 Mal E Vic reg no 5896 aged 70 yrs Married 1879 Vic reg no 2948

       Spouse Mary Ann Salmon who died 1940 St Kilda Vic reg no 11601


       1       Marion Bolton Cumpston Born 1880 Sandridge Vic reg no 12985 Died 1931 Mirboon Vic reg no 15626 aged 51 yrs

       2       Henry Smith Cumpston Born 1882 Sandridge Vic reg no 5355

              Died 1883 Sandridge Vic reg no 3210 aged 13 mths

       3       Alma Burn Cumpston Born 1883 Sandridge Vic reg no 19640

              Died 1962 Heat Vic reg no 14795

       4       Eleanor Cumpston Born 1885 Port Vic reg no 27926

              Married 1908 Vic reg no 7832R Spouse Henry Edwin Quick

       5       Wesley Lidgett Cumpston Born 1888 Box Hill Vic reg no 801

              Married 1913 Vic reg no 3876 Spouse Louisa Agnes Quested

              Died 1958 St Kilda Vic reg no 11109 aged 70 yrs (f. William Quested, m. Agnes Davies)

       6       Vera Easter Cumpston Born 1890 Box Hill Vic reg no 913

       7       Effie Grace Cumpston Born 1894 Port Melbourne Vic reg no 14732.  Married Effie Grace was Wesley Lidgett's favourite sister----she married Ernest LePage in 1922. [Thanks to Jill Bray for correcting this information]  Jill also stated that her aunt, Effie Victoria Cumpston Berry was named after her, she was born 1 March 1921, and married Roland Berry in 1943. Roland died in 2001. Auntie Effie lives in Nowra, NSW. and was recently visited by Maeva Galloway.  [Effie and I corresponded early in 2002 about our research.  GM.]


       8       Marjorie Iris Cumpston Born 1899 Port Melbourne Vic reg no 29132

             Married 1922 Vic reg no 12542 Spouse Herbert James Johnson


7       Elizabeth Cumpston

       Born 8 September 1859 Emerald Hill Vic

       Died 19 December 1859 Emerald Hill Vic reg no 7261 aged 14 wks


8       Martha Hannah Cumpston

       Born 1859 Emerald Hill Vic reg no 2084 ( I have 11 Feb 1862)

       Died 1859 Emerald Hill Vic reg no 8560 aged 10 mths ( I have 10 Nov 1862)




George Lidgett Cumpston  (My 1st Cousin 4 x removed).

Birth 12 March 1821 Hull Sculcoates.  Christened 12 December 1821 Holy Trinity Hull.

Occupation - Boat builder/shipwright.  Boarding with Watson Cumpston in the 1841 Census.

1852 Emigrated to Australia.

Died 1897 Ardale Vic reg no 87 aged 75 yrs (father William Cumpston, mother Jane Lidgett)

Spouse Ann Bolton  Birth 18 July 1818 York Married 23 July 1845 Hull.

Died 1878 Vic reg no 1569 aged 58 yrs

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