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Watson Cumpston death cert Trinity House Hull lloyds ship Voilier withernsea pier

Australia tree number 1 page 1


1       Ann Easter Cumpston ref YER 3/2/1/1/ Born 23 September 1847 London St. George England Died 20 July 1939 E Malvern Vic reg no 6974 aged 91 yrs

Married 1873 Vic reg no 2749 Spouse 1 George Dobson Hall Married 23 Sep 1973 Emerald Hill Melbourne Vic.  86/30446.  Son of George Hall and Jane Graham, born 1845 Newcatle upon Tyne England.  Died 1884 at sea travelling from New Zealand to Melbourne.

Spouse 2 John William Rosier Married 1890 Victoria Australia son of James Rosier and Elizabeth Watson. Orthopedic boot maker / chiropodist Born Redford England 16 July 1846 and died 28 Jan 1934 in East Malvern Victoria.


            1  Ann Jane Hall

                Born 1874 Sandridge Vic reg no 12102 Died 1875 Sandridge Vic reg no 8814 aged 11 mths

            2  George Henry Hall born 29 Dec 1876 Oamaru New Zealand

            3 John Samuel Hall born 26 August 1867 Oamaru New Zealand d 12 Jan 1882 Oamaru NZ.

            4.  William Thomas Graeme Hall born 9 August 1882 Oamaru NZ died 16 October 1961 2 Princes Street, Glen Waverley.  Married Mary Ethel Hessey 21 Dec 1909 St George Cathedral West Melbourne Victoria, daughter of George Hessey and Maria Dixon, she was born 18 September 1879 Melbourne Victoria and died 6 April 1946 at 45 Martin Road Geln Iris buried in Springvale Crematorium.  His occupation was  Upholsterer with the Railway company.  Their children were

                     a. Graeme George Hall b 17 october 1910 died 10 Sept 1971 [there are other dates different to these].  He married Marjorie Loveday WOLK 7 Feb 1942 in Sydney daughter of Emil WOLK and Dorothy MAAD; she died 1976 in NSW.  They had a daughter Penelopy Joyce Hall born 12 March 1946 who married John Berry 16 May 1968.

                     b.  Marie Ethel Hall born 12 November 1912 died 9 July 1984 she married Joseph Reginald Peters 6 February 1948 and he died 24 December 1961.  They had a son John William Reginald Peters born June 1953.

                     c.  William John Dobson Hall born 24 Jun 1917 Victoria died 16 Jan 1997 Myrtleford Victoria.  He married Iris Gladys Williams 17 April 1943 in East Melbourne Victoria, daughter of Harry Williams and Rose Coggins.  She was born 22 Aug 1920 in Parahran Melbourne and died 18 jan 1995 in Myrtleford Victoria.  William was a market grower of vegetables and bred stud poll Hereford cattle.  Their children were

                               i Mavis Hall born 15 November 1944 Camberwell

                               ii Margaret Denise Hall born 24 February 1949 Malvern Victoria

                               iii Pamela hall born 12 April 1952 Victoria married John Bishop.  [Personal note on file.]


2       Mary Cumpston Ref. YER 3/2/1/2/

       Born 14 February 1849 Wapping London England  Died 7 November 1861 Emerald Hill       Vic reg no 8602 aged 12 yrs


3       Jane Foster Cumpston Ref YER 3/2/1/3/ Born 21 June 1851 Limehouse London    England  Died 14 May 1890 Footscray Vic reg no 7269 aged 38 yrs

       Married 20 September 1870  Vic reg no 2671  Spouse John William Rosier


       1       John George Watson Rosier (I believe the 'Watson' name refers to my 5x great grandmother Millisint WATSON Born 1872 Melbourne Vic reg no 18018  Died  29 March 1965 [More Vic reg no 6765] aged 92 yrs Married 1894 Vic reg no 2020  Spouse Helen Graham Whittington who died 1954 Essendon Vic reg no 1432 aged 82 yrs (father WA Whittington, mother Helen   Graham Cameron)


              1       Helen Jane Easter Rosier  Born 1897 Footscray Vic reg no 11122

                     Married 1941 Vic reg no 15771 Spouse Stanley Nedwell.  They had a daughter Marjorie Nedwell.

              2       Beatrice Annie Watson Rosier Born 1899 Footscray Vic reg no 10555

                     Married 1925 Vic reg no 838 Death 1981  Spouse James Edmund Hall 1925 son of Albert Hall and Amelia Shappard.  He was born 1899 and died 1971.  They had 2 children.

              3       Greta Isobel Rosier Born 1900  reg no 19062 Died 1969 Park Vic reg no 7177 aged 68 yrs Married 1922 Vic reg no 9825 Spouse Edward Vivian Gilbert Kettle

Died 1950 Melbourne Vic reg no 10418 aged 57 yrs (father Edward Kettle, mother Harriett Anne Blackburn).  They had two chidlren Joyce Laura Kettle and Ruby Vivian Kettle.

       2       Samuel Arthur Rosier Born 1875 Melbourne Vic reg no 10835

              Died 1955 Chel Vic reg no 5022 aged 79 yrs Spouse Lillian Hart Ballard


              1       Stanley Charles Rosier Born 1901 Camberwell Vic reg no 1436

                     Married 1927 Vic reg no 9952 Spouse Amy Wyld

              2       Geoffrey Arthur Rosier Born 1907 South Yarra Vic reg no 6223

                     Married1932 Vic reg no 1411 Spouse Frances Muirel Euden (Eudey)

       3     Albert William Rosier  Born 1877 Melbourne Vic reg no 23589

              Died 1955 Park Vic reg no 8956 aged 78 yrs Married 1899 Vic reg no 2395

              Spouse Alice Mabel Lord


              1      John McGregor Rosier Born 1900 South Yarra Vic reg no 14467

                     Married 1921 Vic reg no 11876  Spouse Vera Harriett Eldridge Denness

              2       Alice Maie Rosier Born 1902 Armadale Vic reg no 7292

              3       Millicent Foster Rosier Born 1904 Armadale Vic reg no 7302

                     Married 1928 Vic reg no 10278 Spouse Ernest Ianson

              4       Albert William Rosier Born 1905 Prahran Vic reg no 20930

                     Died 1942 Malvern Vic reg no 835 aged 36 yrs Married 1930 Vic reg no 2604             Spouse Eva Danson (Lanson)

              5       Jessie Easter Rosier Born 1908 Armadale Vic reg no 23968

              6       Clifton George Rosier Born 1911 Malvern Vic reg no 29979

                     Married 1940 Vic reg no 1411 Spouse Emily Rose Sullivan

       4       Beatrice Elizabeth Ann Rosier Born 1879 Vic reg no 24459

                Died 1880 Vic reg no 7783


4       George William Cumpston YER 3/2/1/5/  Born 1855 at sea en route to Australia reg no 1087 ( I have birthdate as 28 May 1852)  Died 1932 ( I have date of death as 17 November 1931) Mel E Vic reg no 2551 aged 79 yrs.  Married 29 May 1876 Vic reg no 1616 Sandridge Port Melbourne.  Spouse Elizabeth Newman (Neuman) daughter of John Garrard Newman and Eliza born 22 November 1851 in Barking Essex England; she was a pioneer in Kindergarted teaching.  Died 1932 Camberwell Vic reg no 2614


       1       Amy Ann Elizabeth Cumpston Born 7 Jul 1878 Sandridge Vic reg no 19015.  Death 28 December 1925 New York.

       2      John Howard Lidgett Cumpston and see his tree here  Born 1880 South Yarra Vic reg no 28833X1904  Marriage 2 Jan 1908 Gladys Maeva Walpole Fremantle St John's Church of England    Death 9 October 1954

       3      Fletcher Cumpston Born 10 Mar 1882 Melbourne Vic reg no 122879

              Died 20 Nov 1882 St Kilda Melbourne Australia Vic reg no 122879

       4      Annie E Cumpston Born 4 Jan 1884 Sandridge Vic reg no 5447

       5      Stanley George Cumpston Born 1 Feb 1887 Boxhill Vic reg no 865

              Died 12 Jan 1890 Boxhill Vic reg no 593 aged 2 yrs




Ref. YER 3/2/

William George CUMPSTON

was the second son of my 4th great grandparents William and Millisint Watson. (ref YER 3/)

 (My 3rd Great Grand Uncle)

Christened 26 January 1798 Holy Trinity Hull

26 November 1815 Witness at Thomas's wedding


Married Jane Lidgett 21 December  1819 St Mary's Sculcoates, Hull

Jane Lidgett's parents were George and Jane Foster



1831, Directory entry Terrington's Entry, Blanket Row Hull


Directory entry 1834 and 1836 Humber Pilot and Sacked as Humber Pilot


Death 30 March 1836 Skitter Creek Hull

(The story of William's death is recorded in my book)

George Lidgett Cumpston

Ref. YER 3/2/1/

George Lidgett Cumpston  (My 1st Cousin 4 x removed).

Birth 12 March 1821 Hull Sculcoates.  Christened 12 December 1821 Holy Trinity Hull.

Occupation - Boat builder/shipwright.  Boarding with Watson Cumpston in the 1841 Census.

1852 Emigrated to Australia.

Died 1897 Ardale Vic reg no 87 aged 75 yrs (father William Cumpston, mother Jane Lidgett) Spouse Ann Bolton  Birth 18 July 1818 York Married 23 July 1845 Hull.

Died 30 March 1878 Vic reg no 1569 aged 58 yrs

Cyclopedia of Victoria. J. Smith. 1903-05. The Cyclopedias that were published for most states of Australia around the beginning of the 20th Century are a vast resource of historical and biographical information on the state concerned - the people, towns, industries, professional, commercial and social institutions and much more.


Mr John Rosier was one of the founders of the friendly society in Melbourne.  He has been identified with all matters relating to the progress of trade.  He was married in 1872 to Jane Foster CUMPSTON, daughter of the late George Lydiard Cumpston who died in 1890, leaving three sons living.

Mr Rosier afterwards married Ann Esther, a sister of his late wife.  He is a Freemason, and a Past Master of the King Solomon Lodge, his mother Lodge.  Mr A W Rosier son of Mr J Rosier, was born in Melbourne in 1878.  He was educated locally and afterwards joined his father in the present business.

I have written to

Debbie Gordon

2646 Avenue C

Council Bluffs, IA 51501

United States 9th September re the research she is undertaking as follows:


'I am researching the Lidgett family from Nottinghamshire, England. Many of the Lidgett's from Nottinghamshire  and Lincolnshire imigrated to South Africa, Australia and America. Nathan and Mary Ann (Crossley) Lidgett arrived in America December 1849. Prior to imigration to America in 1849 the Lidgett name could of been "Liggett".


I am trying to find information on George and Mary (McIntosh) Lidgett. George, born and died in England, he was a sea captain, Mary was born in Scotland, died in England. They had 10 children: George b. 1767 married Ruth Mayfield, Sarah who married James Wright, William b. 1767 married Mary Lowthorp, Jane who married William G. Cumpston,  Robert, John (could be Nathan's father), Mary who married John Leggatt, Elizabeth, Anne who married Samuel Hancock and Easter.